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  1. Make The Most of Your G-Spot! Plus, Win a 10 Function Vibrator!

    Lovehoney 10 Function G-Whizz Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

    It's no secret that here at Lovehoney, we're BIG fans of the G-spot.

    We even have an entire section devoted to G-spot Vibrators - sex toys that are specially curved and shaped to seek out the elusive G-spot and make achieving G-spot pleasure a whole lot easier.

    But it must be said that the G-spot can be controversial.

    Located 1-3 inches into the vagina, it can be a tricky spot to locate and stimulate, but there are plenty of techniques and toys you can use to make things easier.

    To help you discover the joys of G-spot play, we're giving away a Lovehoney 10 Function G-Whizz Silicone Vibrator (worth £10.00) to one lucky reader!

    Simply comment below before May 10th to be in with a chance to win.

    Read on for the best G-spot tips from around the web.

    • Can't find your lover's G-spot? There's an app for that! We've had a giggle over this Android app that claims to be the only thing you need "to make happy your wife or girlfriend". I think bringing out your smartphone in the middle of a passionate encounter is probably never a good idea! Would you ever use an app designed to enhance your pleasure? [Sex G Spot The Best Guide - Google Play]
    • Lovehoney Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorLovehoney's range of G-spot vibrators are specifically shaped to stimuate the G-spot. A toy with a curved tip makes it easier to find the hidden pleasure spot, while a vibe that focuses strong vibrations to the tip, like the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (right) tends to get the best response.

      Still ensure how best to use your new toy? We've prepared a step-by-step guide to take you through the process. [How to Use a G-spot Vibrator - Lovehoney]
    • Here's a trend we don't predict seeing across the pond anytime soon. Women in the United States are paying upwards of $1000 to get a collagen injection inside the vagina that makes the G-spot more prominent and easier to stimulate. Would you ever consider having a medical procedure/ plastic surgery procedure to improve your sexual pleasure? [G-Shot For Your G-Spot - Huffington Post]
    1. In our Video of the Week, sex vlogger Laci Green explains everything you need to know about how the G-spot (and P-spot)!

    The winner of a Lovehoney Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator (£29.99) from last week is Silverdrop. Winners will be contacted by email. Remember to comment below for your chance to Lovehoney 10 Function G-Whizz Silicone G-spot Vibrator (£29.99)!

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    Comments (97)

    • Gwen Thomas: May 05, 2013 09:02
      Great competition!
    • Cathy Gordon: May 05, 2013 10:34
      Nice x
    • hannah: May 05, 2013 10:47
      I actually would get that injection, forget botox!
    • Charlet Stephenson: May 05, 2013 10:53
      Excellent competition ... Every little bit helps ;)
    • Gemma: May 05, 2013 11:13
      This is brilliant ^_^
    • Charlotte: May 05, 2013 11:14
      Oooh can I win please? I'm trying to accumulate enough sex toys to build my first house.
    • rach74: May 05, 2013 11:14
      fingers crossed
    • Iliana: May 05, 2013 11:15
      Nice one
    • Samantha Bradley: May 05, 2013 11:16
      Thanks for the competition :) Count me in please!
    • Joanne Bolton: May 05, 2013 11:18
      I never win competitions, but if you don't enter you can't win, so will enter just incase LOL
    • Silverdrop: May 05, 2013 11:26
      G-spot orgasms are the best.
    • Sinead Waugh: May 05, 2013 11:33
      Still eludes me im afraid!!
    • colin gooch: May 05, 2013 11:34
      You guys are great ... n I would love a chance to win this for my wife.
    • Tracie day: May 05, 2013 11:38
      Wow can see some fun with this lol
    • Robyn Clarke: May 05, 2013 11:50
      This looks like fun!
    • hayley: May 05, 2013 11:56
      OOOh please help me find my G-Spot!
    • jon: May 05, 2013 11:57
      This would make a special lady happy :)
    • Kitty: May 05, 2013 12:01
      This looks like a fun toy!
    • adrian: May 05, 2013 12:07
      would be good to share
    • Vale: May 05, 2013 12:53
      It would be a very good toy to have ;)
    • Marie Rebelle: May 05, 2013 13:04
      An injection to make the G-spot more prominent seems just a bit too much to me. Thankfully I have discovered mine and I love stimulating it with toys :)

      ~ Marie Rebelle

    • Anne Thompson: May 05, 2013 13:04
      Great competiton
    • ppd: May 05, 2013 13:08
      I am so jealous of people who can have G-spot orgasms, internal vibrations don't seem to work and my fingers get tired very easily so no luck so far :(
    • Gavin: May 05, 2013 13:18
      I've only started using g spot vibes with my Mrs over the last year, you have to be in the right mood but when totally relaxed and stimulated correctly with a g spot vibe I get soaked! Tip: gravity helps and it's also easier to hit if her legs are tucked up into chest. Have fun and don't forget a towel!!!
    • sarah fleck: May 05, 2013 13:58
      fab comp :-D
    • TheBigGee: May 05, 2013 14:06
      Wow, there's an app for everything these days!
    • Han Solo: May 05, 2013 15:40
      Would've a cracking gift for the day after the competition closes which just happens to be my birthday ;-)
    • fizzy: May 05, 2013 15:58
      I love the videos you come up with on the blog they always make me laugh!
    • Andrew King: May 05, 2013 15:59
      Yay! i could give this to the mrs for her birthday! i reckon she might go a little pink!
    • Jason: May 05, 2013 15:59
      Oooo ooo oo Good vibrations! Dun dun dun de duh Lol
    • LandC: May 05, 2013 16:20
      Ooo. Wouldn't mind that.
      But not the injection...that's just bizarre! Clearly these people have never heard of lovehoney... Would much rather buy a toy from you than inject myself with something that probably hasn't had proper safety trials.
    • Julian Ling: May 05, 2013 16:21
      This would blow a certain girls a good way!!
    • JD McNugent: May 05, 2013 16:25
      I have struggled to find my spot. Somewhat afraid to spend money on a toy that may not get it. Hope to win one and see if it works.
    • sarah: May 05, 2013 16:31
      OOOOOOOO GGGGGGGGG- WHIZZZZZZ , G-spot here i come !!!!!!!!!!!!
    • tre: May 05, 2013 16:49
      I bet this toy is capable of delivering jaw-dropping pleasure.
    • Daimion: May 05, 2013 17:35
      My Mrs would love this
    • Paul: May 05, 2013 17:42
      Fun all the way
    • PS: May 05, 2013 17:51
      Looks good, great contest.
    • Angeldelight: May 05, 2013 17:54
      Ooh yes please xx
    • Lindsay M: May 05, 2013 18:47
      Lovehoney, you guys are so generous! Thank you so much for such great contests. <3 I've got my fingers crossed!
    • kristy brown: May 05, 2013 19:03
      Sounds good!
    • Jenny: May 05, 2013 19:25
      Sounds perfect ;)
    • Nataliejane: May 05, 2013 20:26
      Great comp!!!
    • Michelle: May 05, 2013 21:33
      I love G spot vibes always hits the spot .
    • Michelle: May 05, 2013 21:33
      I love G spot vibes always hits the spot .
    • Ester: May 05, 2013 22:33
      Might be able to give him a day off now
    • Jason: May 05, 2013 23:00
      I need to win this so i can find my sexy lady's G-spot and give her a mind exploding orgasm
    • Michelle Hughes: May 05, 2013 23:06
      This looks interesting perfect to take on our honeymoon :D
    • steve: May 06, 2013 06:15
      It'll save me some work :-)
    • Michelle: May 06, 2013 08:45
      I love G spot vibes always hits the spot .
    • Derek Rennie: May 06, 2013 09:24
      Hmm this would be a good pressie for my wife's birthday
    • Daphne B: May 06, 2013 11:33
      Ooh, I've had my eye on this vibe for a while now!
    • kelly-ann murray: May 06, 2013 13:20
      Ohhhhhh!!! great prize
    • johnny: May 06, 2013 15:42
    • Ruth B: May 06, 2013 16:48
      Sounds fun, count me in.
    • maltedmilk: May 06, 2013 18:43
      Haha! I must download that app! 8-)
    • Kate O'Neill: May 06, 2013 19:10
      Great prize, would love one of these!
    • Hannah Whitling: May 06, 2013 20:14
      Keeping my fingers crossed for this.
    • S Hughes: May 06, 2013 20:45
      Yes Please ;-)
    • Sarah: May 06, 2013 21:57
      Great competition, count me in please :-)
    • Gm: May 06, 2013 22:22
      tee hee! Great prize!
    • samantha john: May 06, 2013 22:36
      ooooo this looks like fun!!!! i want one :P
    • EstherHarshom: May 06, 2013 22:52
      Given that most of my exes struggled to find the clitoris, it's no wonder something more complex than 'front and centre' is so controversial.

      Anything that helps hit it has to be a good invention.

    • dan: May 06, 2013 22:55
      I may not feel lucky right now but maybe she will later!
    • Emma Chamberlain: May 07, 2013 12:38
      Great comp, Thanks
    • Amanda Olley: May 07, 2013 12:42
      What a buzzzing prize, good luck all. good luck everyone.
    • Nat: May 07, 2013 15:09
      Aww this looks amazing! Even if I don't win I might consider buying it. :D Good luck everyone!
    • LA Pi: May 07, 2013 16:02
      Great We would love this
    • Julian: May 07, 2013 16:48
      My girl would love this. We're on the quest for regular squirts :-)
    • Philip: May 07, 2013 18:01
      I could make great use of this!
    • KinkyFuckery: May 07, 2013 20:15
      Me & my G stop are in ! Give us a buzz & we will give you a squirt !
    • JayJay: May 07, 2013 21:24
      Ooooh, I want to try!
    • jodie: May 07, 2013 21:26
      Looks good I'd love a little help to hit her g spot more
    • Spontificate: May 07, 2013 22:07
      Might be fun to try with my wife
    • stacey eastwood: May 08, 2013 02:29
      OMG OMG ohhhhhhh yes! ohhhhhhh yes! MORE MORE PLEASE GIVE ME MORE! you are pressing all the right buttons for me x again again x ;) xxxxx and breath x
    • WildThing: May 08, 2013 07:28
      Everyone likes a bit of g-spot fun!!
    • She'll: May 08, 2013 08:07
      X does not mark the spot! Give me a G please Bob!
    • Stuart: May 08, 2013 09:55
      The wife would really love this ;-)
    • chris: May 08, 2013 14:36
      would love to try this, could be so much fun :)
    • Li: May 08, 2013 18:07
      Thank you for sharing this competition, would love to win :)
    • travelnurse: May 08, 2013 19:39
      That looks nice!
    • James-Dean Summerfield: May 08, 2013 23:07
      Would love to win :)
    • Chris: May 09, 2013 00:37
      Orgasms-a-plenty :)
    • C. Green: May 09, 2013 03:42
      I've never tried a G-spot toy, so count me in on the competition.

      As to the app, yeah, I think that might break the mood a touch...

    • sarah harding: May 09, 2013 13:03
      Ooooh this looks fab!!
    • macho99: May 09, 2013 13:03
      my baby needs a pocket friendly g spot toy! :D
    • Alice: May 09, 2013 13:05
      I only just recently found mine. Well, I didn't, actually, someone else did and OHMYGOD!! So of course, a G-spot vibe is now top of my shopping list. Maybe even the Botox too ;)
    • Blacksilk: May 09, 2013 13:08
      I am trying hard to formulate a decent comment, but I just can't get the idea of a needle going into my G-spot out of my head for long enough. *shudders*
    • Joanne Hanson: May 09, 2013 13:16
      You have to be in it to win it :-) Though if I did I think I'd be winning! Lol ;-p
    • alex rose: May 09, 2013 14:22
      Looks like fun ??
    • PAD: May 09, 2013 17:07
      G - Spot = 'Get there in the end' - Spot ? It takes a lot of patience and communication but worth the time and effort.

      And to think when I was young women used to joke that men could never find the Clit!

    • Kim Sanderson: May 09, 2013 18:28
      Great Contest
    • Fluffbags: May 09, 2013 23:31
      Found my g-spot a few years ago with the help of sex toys and haven't looked back since.
    • LoriandHubby: May 10, 2013 15:40
      I love small vibes... thanks for the giveaway
    • Alex Moore: May 11, 2013 11:36
      Mad for it...
    • Melissa: May 14, 2013 17:49
      oh this looks like a nice little toy x
    • Lynn Doe: May 23, 2013 22:47
      I'm buzzing just thinking about it :)
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