1. Wish Lovehoney A Happy Birthday And Be In With A Chance To Win!

    Wish Lovehoney A Happy Birthday And Be In With A Chance To Win!Today is a very special day - it's our 11th birthday!

    This has been a big year for Lovehoney - we released the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection, created the world's most discreet vibrator and sold over 2 million insertable inches!

    To celebrate 11 years of award-winning service, we're giving away a £25 Lovehoney Gift Voucher to one lucky reader! Not only that, but five runners up get a Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator.

    To be in with a chance to win, simply comment below with a birthday message especially for Lovehoney.

    Write us a poem, entertain us with your favourite Lovehoney moment or tell us how you're celebrating to be in with a chance to win.

    We'll be picking our favourite comment on Friday, April 26th so you have an extra week to get creative.

    • Feel like your birthdays are getting a bit too frequent? Don't worry - the more birthdays you have, the better you can expect your sex life to get! That's according to two studies which investigate sexual satisfaction in women over the age of 40 and 60, respectively. Do you think sex gets better as you get older? [Sex Gets Better With Age - Huffington Post]
    • sqweel 2 oral sexHere at Lovehoney, we like to share the birthday love. Once you add your date of birth to your Lovehoney Account, we send you a special discount voucher 2 weeks before the big day, meaning you can treat yourself to as many presents as you want (like the Sqweel 2, right) to ensure your birthday is one to remember.
    • Are you struggling to think of what to get your lover for their birthday? You can either buy a Lovehoeny Gift Voucher, or make choosing a gift easy by making a Lovehoney Wishlist filled with any goodies that catch your eye as you browse the site. Then, simply share it privately with your other half (or, if you're brave, make it public) and let them choose the perfect gift for you. They can have is sent to you directly, even if they don't know your address!
    • Your date of birth could hold the secret to mindblowing sex…if you believe in horoscopes, that is. Even if not, it could be fun to try out the sex position attributed to your starsign. Do you believe in astrology? [Sex Positions For Your Zodiac Sign - iDiva]
    1. In our Video of the Week, Marilyn Monroe shows us the right way to sing Happy Birthday. If you've never seen the original video, like me, it's well worth a watch. I love the hilarious entrance by Ms. Monroe!

    The winners of signed copies of Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come Through by Tracey Cox (£6.00) from last week are Derek, Esther, Noelle, browneyedgirl and Adrian. Winners will be contacted by email. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a voucher to spend on whatever you want!

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    Comments (94)

    • Chris w: April 21, 2013 10:15
      Happy birthday almost in the terrible teens ;)
    • nooky: April 21, 2013 10:17
      i've bought a few things from you and have been really happy wit everything i've bought. thanks for a good service as well. never had t wait too long for my items. thank you
    • Victoria Newman: April 21, 2013 10:22
      On the 26th I will be surprising my mum with a birthday visit from us and our little boy. While he's spending the night having quality time with nanny me and daddy will be having a naughty hotel night :-D
    • Valentina: April 21, 2013 11:07
      Happy Birthday from Italy. Despite the distance you are always a landmark for us who are interested in sex toys! ;)
    • sarah: April 21, 2013 11:14
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVEHONEY keeping people happy since 2002 :-) . Satisfaction every inch of the way
    • Rie Luna: April 21, 2013 11:24
      Lovehoney are speciel - happy birthday to you!
      They bring you lots of adult-fun and love,
      They are kind and sweet,
      when you're in need,
      They smell like sex and flowers
      Oh, so sweet! ^_^
    • steven: April 21, 2013 11:35
      happy birthday hope u have a love honey day
    • Poppy: April 21, 2013 11:41
      Happy birthday! And have a very pleasurable day. Don't eat too much cake... :) x
    • Dawn Street: April 21, 2013 11:42
      Sung to the tune of 'Happy birthday to you'

      Happy birthday Lovehoney
      Please give me your money
      I'll buy loads more sex toys
      And use them 'til I'm runny!

    • Lightningrider: April 21, 2013 11:50
      Advancing the possibilities for all to let rip and have a great time in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, car, truck, great outdoors and anywhere it takes your fancy!
      A very happy Birthday Lovehoney, may there be many more to cum ;-) xxxx
    • ella: April 21, 2013 11:50
      Happy birthday lovehoney, here's to many more :-)
    • DB: April 21, 2013 11:55
      Happy birthday, Lovehoney! Here's to many more years of awesome toys!
    • alex bayes: April 21, 2013 12:18
      Happy Birthday to all of your staff
    • Tracey: April 21, 2013 12:27
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney!!
      Best online sex store i've come across and i can't see myself converting anywhere else any time soon!
      Hope the office celebrations don't cause too many headaches - or dodgy stories ;)
    • Lisa Underhill: April 21, 2013 12:32
      My love life is simply a delight,
      Thanks to the toys on your website,
      So thanks to Lovehoney for what you do,
      & A Very Happy Birthday to you.
    • joanna smith: April 21, 2013 12:38
      Happy birthday love honey!

      I'd love to win the voucher please
      and experiment at total ease
      to win would give the perfect chance
      to try something new, making me dance
      with joy and pleasure and smiles all round
      lemme at it cuz I'm bedroom bound ;-)

    • Steve: April 21, 2013 12:40
      Happy birthday lovehoney here's to another 2 million insert able inches and many many more girth inches as well keep up the great work stay naughty
    • matt: April 21, 2013 12:53
      Happy birthday love honey still young and beautiful... here's to many more years of awesomeness
    • KinkyFuckery: April 21, 2013 13:01
      Happy Birthday to you ! What a fab 11 years you have had here is to many more years of sucess .

      One Lovehoney for the Kinky's pride
      One Lovehoney for the sexy times
      One Lovehoney gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
      One Lovehoney oh I do believe
      One Lovehoney is all we need

    • den: April 21, 2013 13:01
      happy birthday love honey love your site bought a few things off you recently in fact other day great handcuffs love how they extend which makes them different heres to the next thing i buy x
    • Melissa: April 21, 2013 13:48
      Happy birthday, may there be many more! keep up the good work in making everyones sex lives great xxx
    • rach74: April 21, 2013 14:01
      happy birthday Lovehoney, heres to another 11 years of excellent service and products xx
    • Liam Marshall: April 21, 2013 14:17
      Happy birthday :) I remember lovehoney was the the place I got my first sex toy and when it came I was so excited to open it they alway's deliver your items quickly and keep you updated thank's lovehoney
    • Stuart Peet: April 21, 2013 14:22
      Happy Birthday Love Honey from me and the wife ;-)
    • Hazy: April 21, 2013 14:26
      Lovehoney, Lovehoney,
      a perfect way to part with my money,
      I start with a look,
      should I buy a book?
      that could be on holiday, took...

      Lovehoney, Lovehoney,
      should I buy something funny?
      A duck with a dick,
      or a dick on a stick,
      or something else that I could lick?

      Lovehoney, Lovehoney,
      I think I need something runny,
      all slippery and wet,
      so much fun I bet,
      which lube shall I get?

      Lovehoney, Lovehoney,
      Should I get a buzzing bunny?
      I have a ploy,
      I'll buy a toy,
      something that i'll really enjoy.

      Lovehoney, Lovehoney
      you know what is funny?
      to buy from your 'site,
      is my delight,
      you bring me so much pleasure at night.

      Happy Birthday Lovehoney
      now you're eleven,
      please send me back to orgasm heaven.

    • TheOutsider: April 21, 2013 14:33
      Lovehoney; the sexual happiness people,
      sold insertable inches higher than steeples,
      indeed, it was a very big year for them,
      all across the country, people screaming 'Again, again!'

      All of this in just their eleventh year:
      I think that deserves a massive cheer.
      With Fifty Shades and a discreet vibrator,
      that is, of their success, a big indicator.
      Thank them for the pleasure that they bring
      and sit and wait for the next big thing.

    • saucey21: April 21, 2013 14:34
      Happy Birthday lovehoney. i'm so glad you're here you've made my sex life truely a happy one. x
    • rag doll: April 21, 2013 14:50
      tut tut, you're only 11! isn't that a bit young to be teasing all the boys and girls with your insertable inches? god only knows what you'll be like by the time you're 18 if you keep up at the rate you're going!

      And let's just hope all those vibrating toys you keep on your shelves don't all get set off at once or you might just cause an earthquake, i think you better hand them over to me for safeties sake :P

    • kevin heggison: April 21, 2013 15:09
      happy birthday lovehoney and a big thanks for all the fun and pleasure youve given me and the wife great products at great prices, hope you have many more xx
    • LandC: April 21, 2013 15:18
      In the (slightly changed, but she probably would have sung this had you been around longer ;) ) words of Marilyn Monroe :
      Happy birthday to you
      Happy birthday to you
      Happy birthday Sexy Lovehoney
      Happy birthday to you
      Thanks, Lovely Lovehoney
      For all the things you've done
      The sex toys that are fun
      The best service I am certain
      And the way you make us cum ;)
      We thank you so much
      Everybody, happy birthday!

      Would love to win, would buy the most discreet vibrator for my birthday - first holiday abroad with the oh ;), but going with my dad, sister and her oh (don't want to creep dad out on probably our last holiday together!)
      Looking forward to many more of your birthdays :)

    • Michelle: April 21, 2013 16:40
      Pen blwydd hapus si ti
      Pen blwydd hapus si ti
      Pen blwydd hapus Lovehoney
      Pen blwydd hapus si ti

      From a dedicated welsh shopper x

    • jodie: April 21, 2013 16:42
      Happy birthday nearly into your teens
    • Dean: April 21, 2013 17:09
      Happy birthday. Thanks for going miles to deliver inches.
    • cheryl hadfield: April 21, 2013 17:20
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney, hope you have an Orgasmic time celebrating!!!
    • Jayne Davies: April 21, 2013 17:21
      Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with the queen.
    • Katie: April 21, 2013 17:21
      I have bought several things from you and all have been fab!happy birthday xxxxxxx
    • Claire Hall: April 21, 2013 17:21
      I love it when your packages arrive and the PARENTS unknowingly take delivery of my "SECRET" gifts!!! HEHEHEHEHE
    • John: April 21, 2013 17:27
      I was sitting on the sofa, talking to the wife
      She was sat there knitting, our sex life needed spice.
      I'd tried to get her interested, I bought her fifty shades of grey
      But she burnt on the fire, much to my dismay!

      Our sex life needed sparks; a smile, a little joy
      I smiled a cheeky grin: “we need a new sex toy”

      She scowled an angry look; had I lost my mind?
      I reached for the 'net; I knew what I would find!

      I made her look with me; I asked her what she'd like?
      Thousands of things to choose from, all on the same site.

      We looked at the vibrators; the paddles, the whips, the chains,
      The twelve-inch long dildos; the kinky rattan canes,

      I saw her eyes sparkle, she hid it with a shrug.
      Then her eyes widened, when she spied a big butt plug

      She squealed and looked concerned, “where does that thing go?”
      I rolled my eyes and giggled, “you really don't want to know!”

      She asked and looked determined, “I'm really am quite scared.”
      No need to be worried, I joked, the base is rather flared

      I liked the sexy games, such as naughty connect four,
      My wife liked the paddles, to make my rear quite sore,

      We argued over stuff; she'd always been quite mild
      One scent of kinky toys, my wife turned rather wild

      I wanted to inject some passion, I was starting to think twice
      But she smiled and looked delighted, “don't worry about the price!”

      For sex toys on the net, are priced extremely fair
      And while she was on the site, she replaced her underwear

      I had to double-take, I thought I saw it wrong,
      But my wife ditched all her knickers, for one vibrating thong

      The parcel came last week, and I really am quite tired,
      'Cause whips and vibes a plenty, my wife's been quite inspired

      The knittings been forgotten, the jumper's not been done,
      Instead my wife's replaced it, with hours of bedroom fun.

      We spent all day in bed, she's on orgasm 27
      We lost count last night, I think I've gone to heaven!

      My wife and I would wish, we'd really like to say,
      They made our sex life is made better, enjoy your special day,
      With our new sex toys a plenty, I now have a wife to obey
      All thanks to lovehoney, dot-co-dot uk

    • chris: April 21, 2013 17:29
      happy birthday ::)
    • Jamie Lammas: April 21, 2013 17:31
      Happy Birthday :)
    • david: April 21, 2013 17:40
      Happy birthday to Lovehoney! have a good one cuz you make all of us happy
    • david: April 21, 2013 17:44
      Birthday, Birthday, Happy Birthday

      This is a very special day
      Your online shop has filled my life far beyond what words can say
      I give thanks to the Lord for sending you my way
      That's why we celebrate today
      Happy birthday to Lovehoney

    • RedCheeks: April 21, 2013 18:00
      Happy 11th Birthday Lovehoney!

      I've been a happy LH customer for six of those years and hope that there will be many more. I might celebrate by placing an order :-p

    • SelectZen: April 21, 2013 18:51
      Happy 11th birthday. More than a decade old :-)
    • Angeldelight: April 21, 2013 19:38
      Happy birthday lovehoney xxx
    • Hayley: April 21, 2013 19:44
      Wow some of these poems are immense! I can't event compete but what I will say is long live Lovehoney. LH was the first experience of toys I'd ever had which spring boarded into a lifestyle; of which, I couldn't be happier. So thank you LH, and Happy Birthday xxx
    • gem: April 21, 2013 20:04
      Happy birthday lovehoney 11yrs young and still amazing
    • tre: April 21, 2013 20:06
      happy birthday hope u have a lovely day
    • Kat YounG: April 21, 2013 22:05
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney... It gets better every year
    • KDB: April 21, 2013 22:28
      Happy bloomin' birthday!!

      My friends and I had a BBQ last night (believe it or not...) and after a long and fun convo about toys and the rest, I recommended two of them your fantastic website as they're in the market for more stuff!

      You're welcome for that free promo.

      Happy birthday again!!

    • Rogue: April 21, 2013 22:31
      You're looking damn fine for your age! Must be all the sex, they say it keeps you young ;)
    • Cat Lady: April 21, 2013 23:45
      Happy birthday LH! Hope all the staff are doing lots of fun things to celebrate.
    • johnny: April 21, 2013 23:53
      happy birthday!
    • TheBigGee: April 22, 2013 08:13
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney!
      A you sure you just have one birthday a year? Things seem to cum a lot more often with you around!
    • tamalyn roberts: April 22, 2013 13:18
      happy birthday to you!
      11 years of fun,
      thanks so much


    • KinkCouple: April 22, 2013 17:00
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney!

      Congratulations on 11 years of bringing fun and joy l to so many people across the UK.
      You are a shining example of what the sex toy industry should be.
      Long may it continue!

    • Samantha Heap: April 22, 2013 19:28
      Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate with lots of fun and cake! (Can't forget the cake ;p)
    • Roxi Fairbank: April 22, 2013 19:29
      A very Happy Birthday to you! Also would have been my Dad's birthday today!
    • AliMc: April 22, 2013 20:59
      Have a very kinky birthday, Lovehoney!
      After 11 years of fulfilling the sexual wishes of the nation, with hopefully many more to come, you deserve every success :)
    • JayJay: April 22, 2013 21:05
      I really should be tearful
      He's announced "Let's just be friends"
      But Lovehoney makes it easy
      Now I don't have to depend
      On this man that introduced me to the world of lovely toys
      Because I now know I don't need him to make me scream "Oh boy!"
    • HappilyExperimenting: April 22, 2013 21:20
      Happy birthday LH, unfortunately I will be doing a long work shift on your birthday but I will spare you a thought and hope you have many more birthdays to come! :)
    • Sheesh: April 22, 2013 22:44
      If you cant find a way to have a really happy Birthday invite everyone round for a party, im sure someone could come up with some ideas /wink
    • sexy little minx: April 23, 2013 12:50
      Happy birthday Lovehoney!
    • Dean: April 23, 2013 13:46
      Happy Birthday to the only sex toy site I've used for nearly 10 years myself, we have grown up together! Make a wish and blow.... out the candles ;)
    • Lou22: April 23, 2013 14:50
      Happy birthday Lovehoney! :)
      Friday is a sort a anniversary for us ;) so we will be celebrating by having a romantic night in with all our favourite Lh purchases (how to choose!) and having a candlelit meal to toast our favourite toy store x
      Thanks for the fantastic service, from some very happy customers xx
    • PAD: April 23, 2013 15:05
      Woke soft one morning, I let out a little yelp,
      Jumped on-line trying to find some simple help.
      There was Lovehoney who sold all sorts of special things,
      Including what I needed, in the shape of flexible rings.

      When fiancé came home I had to share my little woe,
      I thought the sight of kinky stuff would get the answer No!
      But she looked wide eyed and laughed at some of the gear,
      And agreed to try the little rings, which we ordered without fear.

      By the time the rings arrived along with other bits as well,
      My softness problem had since passed and freed me from that hell.
      So what’s a couple to do, with toys never seen before?
      Quick as a flash we unwrapped the box and double locked the door.

      It is funny how life plays out and the reasons things come by,
      I for one won’t change a thing, in the bedroom I used to be shy.
      My wife is also happy as we use all of our varied stash,
      The experiences and excitement received is well worth all the cash.

      So thank you Lovehoney for introducing us to your range,
      Five years ago I would have sniffed and thought you very strange.
      I raise a glass to celebrate another successful year,
      And many more you shall have, selling super sexy gear.

      Happy Birthday - PAD

    • EstherHarshom: April 23, 2013 15:23
      'The time has come,' Lovehoney said,
      'To talk of many things.
      Of bondage tape, and massage wax,
      And anal beads on strings.
      And all the other lovely toys
      Your local postman brings.'

      'But wait a bit!' the readers cried,
      'It doesn't seem quite right.
      I know we've purchased many toys
      To see us through the night,
      But it can't be eleven years
      Since you set up the site.'

      'I fear it is,' Lovehoney said,
      'Time ever-onward wends.
      And all good things must come to pass,
      And so my poem ends.
      The time has come!' Lovehoney cried.
      'And so shall you, my friends!'

    • SexynShy: April 24, 2013 00:09
      A very happy birthday, may all your wishes come true.
      Besides being older, your class has just grown too,
      along with all the men, who's balls are no longer blue.

      11 years of discreet service has earned you a proud name.
      But doing so means sex will never be the same!
      For every man and woman who has scrolled this site.
      Wait all day for the postman to knock and excite!
      A classy but affordable quality name,
      no wonder my husband has suddenly came!

      To another hundred years of fab sex toys and sex.
      Blow out the candles and your husbands too!
      and send a dirty text,
      to the tiger in your own personal zoo!

      Congratulations on all your success.
      And thank you again for making our lives rich with fantastic sex.

      Happy Birthday Lovehoney!

    • Livvie: April 24, 2013 02:44
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney.
      You're site is amazing and i love live chat help,
      Some of your toys, oh they do make me yelp!
      Having pleasure and fun brings me so much joy,
      especially when i order a new toy.
      I want to thank you for spicing up the deed,
      your site is all anyone needs.
      my bank balance is hurting,
      please give me the voucher so i can do more squirting ;-)
    • Ash: April 24, 2013 14:30
      I'm going to do something that I've never done for anyone else before. I hope my nerves don't get the better of me. It's highly original .. are you ready Lovehoney?

      Okay, eek here goes ..

      'Happy birthday to youu,
      Happy birthday to youu,
      Happy biiirthdayy dear Lovehoneyy,
      Happy biiirthdayy tooooooooo youu!'

      PHEW! I've never sang to anyone before .. ;] <3

    • Leanne Pollitt: April 24, 2013 16:46
      Happy birthday Lovehoney, your lubes are so yummy , your toys are a blast ,
      And your delivery`s fast .
      11 years have gone ,
      We`ve all had some fun ,
      You`ve outbeat the rest ,
      Coz your truly the best.

      Happy birthday

    • christine taylor: April 24, 2013 16:54
      I like to have a Buzzing good time.
      I like to have a giggle
      I like to have a laugh at night
      I like a jolly good jiggle.
      I hate spending lots of money
      So I love you Love Honey.
      You make my dreams come true
      Happy Birthday, I love you!
    • d.r.warman: April 24, 2013 16:56
      Happy 11 birthday we are very happy your in business, your fine products have sure saved our marrige a few times!!! Once again thank you, here's to another 11 years
    • Mick brace: April 24, 2013 17:05
      Happy birthday lovehoney
      Lets make it a sexy one ;-)
    • Arthur: April 24, 2013 18:16
      Happy birthday!
    • Wolf: April 25, 2013 00:55
      Cant do poems, but congrats! Well deserved for a fantastic service all round & so many wonderful toys for me & her... ;-)
    • Julian: April 25, 2013 10:07
      I'm a newcoming customer, but since we've met I've purchased quite a few things and I'm happy to say that "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".
      Happy birthday and hopefully you'll be there at least another 11 years.
    • travelnurse: April 25, 2013 11:10
      Happy Birthday, I am happy to have you in my Bedroom!
    • Kay M: April 25, 2013 20:49
      Happy Birthday to my fave online store
      I shall be helping you celebrate by opening my latest delivery. Mmmm
    • Laura Thorn: April 25, 2013 20:59
      Congratulations on being able to keep it up for so many years!!! I am sure there are many many more to come, from personal experience you sure have kept a smile on my face and I know there are many other very happy customers too :D
    • Nymeria: April 25, 2013 21:20
      Happy Birthday Lovehoney! :)

      Wishing you many more.

    • Tracy: April 25, 2013 22:47
      Happy 11th birthday, Lovehoney! Here's a little Haiku I whipped up to celebrate (and to let you know what your products have done for your customers' lives) ;)

      Another year down
      You aid our awakening:
      A sensual love.

    • Seanish: April 25, 2013 23:01
      Me and my girlfriend would like to say
      Happy Birthday from us in an awesome way
      We're celebrating with you doing lots of cumming
      For your outstanding service and eleven years running

      Happy Birthday Lovehoney crew. We love the fact that you cater for everyone's needs and personal preferences. We have purchased a lpt from you over the last couple of years and have never had a thing wrong with any of it. Keep up the great product ideas. We will be biying again.

    • Noëlle Steegs: April 26, 2013 11:45
      Lovehoney, I'd like to wish you a kinky, sexy, happy birthday! I'm not great at writing poems, but I just wanted to share with you, that I think you really accomplished something unique: ELEVEN years of selling incredible toys, and helping people getting closer to each other by giving great advise. I think you're kick-ass, and because you inspire me as well, I'm going to surprise my lover with a hot blowjob tonight, right after he comes home from work. I the same to all Lovehoney staff: that their partners will be waiting for them tonight, for a night of pleasing, since the staff does it day in and day out, now is their moment! MWAH!
    • Will Bailey: April 26, 2013 11:56
      I think you'll agree that right said Fred knows his shit. As such, I thought I'd refresh your memories as to the quality lyrical content of his (or should that be "the") greatest song ever:

      I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
      So sexy it hurts
      And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
      New York and Japan

      And I'm too sexy for your party
      Too sexy for your party
      No way I'm disco dancing

      And yes, you can read that last part as an anouncement that I can't make it to your birthday party. Have fun though!

    • macho99: April 26, 2013 13:04
      I'll be enjoying a magnum bar for you guys! (No alcohol at home. BOO! LOL)

      Happy Birthday Lovehoney! :)

    • sharon smith: April 26, 2013 13:32
      happy birthday lovehoney
      love the toys,
      hope you keep on having many more happy years
    • Sinead: April 26, 2013 13:38
      I couldn't think of anything to write so please pretend that you're reading something really touching and witty, maybe even wipe away a tear and then look at me and say..."That is so beautiful, i didn't know you could write like that". And if anyone asks to read it, refuse and tell them it's too personal ;) Happy sexy 11th Lovehoney xx
    • rebecca smith: April 26, 2013 14:16
      happy b-day lovehunny xxxxx
    • kelly-ann: April 26, 2013 14:27
      Happy Birthday, Thank you for all the years of pleasure, because without you i doubt i would of arrived at the most fantastic destination... Orgasm ;)
    • Lindsay M: April 26, 2013 19:09
      Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays and hoping that with age the pleasure in your experiences only heighten; as mine have thanks to you, Lovehoney. <3
    • Lovehoney - Alice: April 30, 2013 10:34
      Will Bailey - you just made my Tuesday morning!
    • Laura: May 03, 2013 20:39
      Roses are red, Violets are blue
      Even though this is late I wish happy birthday to you :)
    • Caz: May 05, 2013 20:38
      Lovehoney knows what I need to keep me happy and healthy!

      Happy Birthday and a great big THANK YOU :D

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