1. Internet Retailing Customer Award - We Need Your Nominations!

    Internet Retailing Customer Award - We Need Your Nominations!

    Have you ever been blown away by Lovehoney's service?

    Is our way of making you feel involved and important different to other sex toy companies?

    If your answer is "yes", we need your help!

    The Internet Retailing Customer Award is looking for companies that really make an impact on a customer's experience by doing things that are different to the rest of the industry. They're looking for the things that make the customer go "wow".

    Unlike other awards where we fill in long applications and crunch data, this award relies on YOUR nominations. We'd love to enter this award, and there's no other way than to ask you (nicely!) to nominate us. So…

    1. To nominate Lovehoney for the Customer Award:

      • Create a Vine video*

        Like the one playing to the right - staying anonymous is perfectly OK!

      • It should say: "Lovehoney should win the Customer Award because…"

        Finish the sentence with why you think we should win the customer award - something that makes you go "wow" and that you think sets us apart from everyone else!

      • Then, tweet it to @etail with the hashtag #IRawards.

        We realise how much effort this is, so if you take the time to nominate us we would be incredibly grateful!

    Nominations close on 7th May 2013 - so have your say now!

    If you've nominated us, drop us a line to let us know - whether that's on Twitter, in the comments below on this blog post or over on the forum - as we'd love to watch your Vines!

    *If you haven't heard of Vine - it's a FREE app that allows you to create short videos and upload them to Twitter in one easy step.

    Comments (3)

    • Ashleigh: April 16, 2013 12:19
      I nominated Lovehoney on Twitter :)
    • Cara Sutra: May 02, 2013 10:38
      I nominated you, I have a Vine up which you're copied into on Twitter. :) Good luck! Thoroughly deserved. xxx
    • Lovehoney - Alice: May 02, 2013 11:24
      Thank you Cara!