1. Celebrate National Cleavage Day With A Luxury Lingerie Giveaway!

    BlueBella Tatiana Open Cup Bra & Brief Set

    Did you celebrate National Cleavage Day this week? At the end of March every year Wonderbra encourage women the world over put on their lowest cut tops and push-up bras and flaunt their cleavage.

    With the news that the bestselling bra size in the UK has grown from 34B to 34DD in the past two years, we're anticipating seeing plenty of cleavage around this year.

    All the men reading this needn't feel left out - cleavage has several meanings, so if you're sporting a tooth gap or going beltless, you could be celebrating Cleavage Day too!

    To help you celebrate National Cleavage Day, we're giving away aBluebella Tatiana Open Cup Bra & Brief Set (worth £20.00) to one lucky reader.

    This luxurious lingerie set is available from sizes 8 - 18 and frames your, or your partner's, breasts perfectly for optimal cleavage. How do you nab this fantastic prize? Simply comment below to be in with a chance to win.

    Read on below for the breast best cleavage-related news from around the web.

    • It's no secret that most men love boobs - but why? There are several theories about why breasts are so appealing - from genetic reasons, to over-sexualisation in the media. In this article, two (male) scientists strive to figure out the secret behind the attraction to breasts. [Breasts: The Real Reason Men Love Them - Huffington Post]
    • Classic Satin Longline Over Bust Steel Boned CorsetThe onlooker's not the only one who gets enjoyment out of breasts, of course. An extensive survey has confirmed what we've know forever - the nipples are an oft-forgotten source of pleasure. The study of 11 women showed that nipple stimulation affected the brain in a similar way to vaginal or clitoral stimulation. [Surprising Finding In Response To Nipple Stimulation - CBS News]
    • Whatever about cleavage looking good, it can also be damn useful on a night out. No, not for scoring free drinks, but as a safe place for your money, ID or phone. The discontinued Party Panty Bra was designed precisely for this purpose. Hands up who's used their cleavage for handsfree storage? [Would You Put This Between Your Boobs? - Cosmopolitan]
    1. For our Video of the Week we've chosen this clip from QI, which begs the question - what's your favourite word for breasts? Boobs? Tits? Funbags? Cuties? Answers in the comments please!

    The winner of Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg from last week is Tia. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a Bluebella Tatiana Open Cup Bra & Brief Set (worth £20.00)! The winner will be contacted by email.

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    Comments (74)

    • Mark: March 31, 2013 09:23
      Who doesn't love a nice bit of cleavage when the time is right :D
    • Rhiannon: March 31, 2013 10:18
      Cleavage is always in season! Can't wait for the warmer weather so I can show mine off!
    • Mia: March 31, 2013 10:20
      I love the BlueBella Tatiana Open Cup Bra & Brief Set! It's so gorgeous! Would love to proudly flaunt my package around the house with my boyfriend!
    • Tracey: March 31, 2013 10:28
      I love Lovehoney's range of cleavage enhancing bra's/corsets/dresses . . . the list is endless!! The Tatiana Bra Set is definitely a must have by the looks of it! X
    • hayley: March 31, 2013 10:37
      Had my eye on this for awhile just have not gotten round to buy yet lovehoney have far to many thing i want
    • JayJay: March 31, 2013 10:50
      My bazongas (as I call them) are my best asset. Just wish manufacturers would make more stunning (as well as practical) bras in my size.
    • Abots: March 31, 2013 11:07
      I call them boobs or tits, depending on the mood and who I'm talking to.

      The tatiana set is lovely too, I'm sure the other half would have no problems wearing that!

    • LandC: March 31, 2013 11:25
      I call them breasts, tits or boobies - depends on which social situation I'm in! That article was very interesting about why men love breasts. I do agree with their hypothesis over the others.
      Oh my! How did you guys know I'd been swooning over that set for a while now? I love bluebella - definitely having a bluebella party one day. Xxxx
    • truegrace: March 31, 2013 11:26
      We call them boobies when our son is about, boobs or tits normally when he is not
    • CandyLips: March 31, 2013 11:30
      That set is lush, I'd love it! My bf has spent this week playing a game that he took a week off work to play, so I've been in my onsie feeling sorry for getting no sexy time :( that set would snap him out of it quick - he loves my boobs!
      And I love him playing with them. In foreplay I get most aroused by nipple sucking!
    • russ: March 31, 2013 11:34
      Big boobs and cleavage. Love it...
    • S: March 31, 2013 11:39
      I wish I had boobs that were capable of cleavage, maybe I'm just lacking the right underwear!

      For some reason I have a real dislike for the word tits but all other variations are fine, I think my favourite is 'breasticles'.

    • Jade W: March 31, 2013 11:40
      I'm a natural 34dd! My fave word has to be knockers, I don't know why but it make me smile when I hear it. Cleavage is classy, shows you're a woman!
    • Ella: March 31, 2013 12:18
      For terminology, I really like just boobs, or occasionally tits.
    • Paul Sanderson: March 31, 2013 13:12
      Boobs or funbags
    • Kim Sanderson: March 31, 2013 13:12
    • Victoria J: March 31, 2013 13:27
      I love showing off my cleavage, trouble is it's just been too cold!
    • Imogen: March 31, 2013 14:11
      I love good cleavage, just wish I had more of it to show off!
    • WildThing: March 31, 2013 14:43
      I love this outfit! I call them Yabbos - a line from a film i watched once - which always makes my GF giggle!
    • TheBigGee: March 31, 2013 14:52
      That Bluebella set looks great!
    • saucey21: March 31, 2013 15:25
      Boobies , boobs or tits, depending on the situation and mood. love the bluebella lingerie its so sexy. like shoes you can never have too much underwear.
    • Ness: March 31, 2013 15:55
      Awesome Stephen Fry saying 'Titties' ^_^ Made me chuckle!

      One of the breast articles I've read today ~_^

      Sadly I don't have a cleavage really right now, though actually if I lost a bit of weight, one of my bras from Coco did amazing at making my A/B size boobs have one!

      Also lovely lingerie!

    • Mollie: March 31, 2013 16:36
      A day dedicated to boobies... I love it!
    • triso: March 31, 2013 17:53
      Cleavage is always right.
    • john patterson: March 31, 2013 18:41
      love a women's cleavage front or rear
    • matt: March 31, 2013 19:20
      My gf in that would be a very nice package to unwrap ;)
    • Lou22: March 31, 2013 19:35
      That tatiana set looks fab! I've got one of those steel boned corsets and as a b cup it gives me amazing cleavage.
    • Birdyboyuk: March 31, 2013 20:05
      Where do bees get their milk from?

      Boobies!!! :oD

    • oxybeles: March 31, 2013 20:14
      Wow what an amazing looking Bra & Brief set. Bonus that it is BlueBella, we've bought lots and it always seems great.

      My OH has been known to use her assets as a safe haven on a night out. I love seeing her pull money out of there, drives me wild!

    • Jo: March 31, 2013 20:24
      Tantalising Tatiana, will definately be on a winner here, just enough to titilate his senses.....
    • RedCheeks: March 31, 2013 20:45
      Love the Tatiana open cup set and the unusual under-cleavage that it shows :-)
    • chris: March 31, 2013 20:52
      i would love to win this for my wife, she has the best cleavage ever, i cant help but admire the view .......daily :)
    • SelectZen: March 31, 2013 20:57
      Would love to win the Tatiana open cup set for my wife, I know she would love it :-)
    • Rogue: March 31, 2013 21:45
      I love showing a bit of boob and always feel appreciated for it. Can't beat the classic "If you've got it flaunt it". Although it is wonderful having an ample bosom it is a pain being Miss Average Breast Size because it makes it harder to find a bra that isn't sold out of my size!
    • laura: March 31, 2013 22:37
      Gorgeous lingerie....love lovehoney and Bluebella!!!
    • Kirsty_English: March 31, 2013 22:37
      Lovehoney come up trumps with this set as its one that I will probably buy when I don't win it anyway! Im sure my husband would love it too! ;)
    • Pip: March 31, 2013 22:38
      Need to win this as we've worn out the one I bought for valentines...
    • sexy little minx: March 31, 2013 22:45
      What a gorgeous set! Who wouldn't like to win some nice lingerie!
    • emily: March 31, 2013 23:38
      love this set and would love to win it!
    • AcN: March 31, 2013 23:47
      Funny I call them "coconuts" haha...
      Gorgeous and original set by the way !
    • ef: March 31, 2013 23:58
      I'll have to have a late celebration of this with my gf when I next see her.
    • Paula Barton: April 01, 2013 00:15
      Beautiful lingerie , would love to win !
    • Steph: April 01, 2013 00:17
      Love that set...
    • luisa: April 01, 2013 01:10
      love it
    • BedroomBondage: April 01, 2013 08:29
      Cleavage is always good, it's so sexy. I'd love a nice lingerie set to enhance mine.. what a lovely giveaway!
    • nicola mayes: April 01, 2013 13:00
      I think if i owned this set i wouldn't be single for much longer.
      And anything that enhances my ladies is a winner :-)
    • Kevin: April 01, 2013 14:05
      Cleavage; something you can look down on, and approve of at the same time.
    • Martin: April 01, 2013 16:09
      I would love to see my wifes boobs in that Tatiana set. It looks great.
    • Iliana: April 01, 2013 19:18
      booobieees :)
    • violet: April 01, 2013 19:30
      I have that lingerie and can confirm it is absolutely gorgeous!
    • Angeldelight: April 01, 2013 19:36
      I think my cleavage is my best bit (36e) and I would love to show them off to my OH in this set ,he would love it too x
    • Liz9: April 01, 2013 20:13
      Cleavage needs framing in gorgeous lingerie!
    • Sheesh: April 01, 2013 21:29
      its not the words you use its the way you say it, Breasts has a great ring when whispered in her ear, boobs when behind her, and of course tits through gritted teeth.
      But of course actions speak louder than words, say it with sign language >8)
    • KinkyFuckery: April 02, 2013 00:25
      Good bras give amazing cleavage, work wonders giving the eyes across the table a nice view ! I love the word bussom for breast , everyone has got to love abit of a bussom for the pillow : )
    • LibbyLibido: April 02, 2013 01:41
      Bazoomas, bosoms, titties and knockers, who doesn't love a good bit of cleavage? Then again, breasts are still sexy even if they're too small to achieve the coveted line... there's no such thing as too small or too big in my opinion, all boobs are great!
      This lingerie is gorgeous, such a perfect set.
    • PPD: April 02, 2013 12:24
      I like the word titties too! And the set is absolutely gorgeous, definitely perfect to show off a cleavage.
    • Charlotte: April 02, 2013 15:19
      Bit of a boring answer, but i'm going with boobs!
      Lovely set of underwear! very sexy!
    • Scorpius: April 02, 2013 15:19
      This set is gorgeous - would love to win it - would make my Master very happy.................
    • Sinead W: April 03, 2013 10:43
      Ah my cleavage has got me out of (and into) alot of trouble!!
    • M J: April 03, 2013 10:44
      Boons are great, my missus has the best pair eve, but she has condifence issues, she needs to realise she and them are perfect to me
    • Laura: April 03, 2013 10:50
      I love this set! I'm a 32F so finding sexy lingerie to enhance (not smoosh) my girls is a challenge! I'd love to show this off ;)
    • D: April 03, 2013 12:47
      Oh yes those open cups would make me a good present on our first anniversary ;D
    • sarah: April 03, 2013 13:44
      Being a slightly larger lady with a slightly larger cleavage , pretty - sexy lingerie is a must to make the most of my assets ;o) .
    • Fiona: April 03, 2013 13:50
      Wow I am just a B cup my hubby would love to see me in this to unwrap his little b's
    • maltedmilk: April 03, 2013 16:40
      I'm trying to wear more low cut tops, which I never did at one point. I don't have the best cleavage on my little D's but I hear everyone else has been wearing something called a push up bra... Hmmmm... Hehe xxxxx
    • gem: April 03, 2013 17:52
      Love my cleavage had my phone stuck down it today taking some sneaky pics lol
    • Miranda: April 04, 2013 16:33
      I'm rather lacking in cleavage but at least my breasts are nice and perky ;)
    • Sophie: April 04, 2013 23:51
      Haha, that video properly made me laugh!
      You know what they say, if you've got it flaunt it, and I absolutely love showing my cleavage off. I range between a DD and E cup so why the heck not! :P
      I usually just call mine boobs or tits...though when I was younger I did used to call my bra's boobie basket's (how very sexy indeed!)
    • bra: April 05, 2013 03:25
      Sexy Bras
    • Raine: April 06, 2013 16:43
      I've always referred to my breasts as my girls. LOVE the bra & brief set, and your steel boned corset is awesome!! TY!
    • Art: April 06, 2013 18:45
      Much prefer a pretty face to big boobs
    • Andy Turfitt: April 12, 2013 21:14
      More than a handful is a waste...
    • charlene: April 26, 2013 18:10
      boobs or tits would love to win the bra set
    • rag doll: June 01, 2013 23:19
      best Qi clip i have seen in a while and Joe Brandt is great when you get her on to something naughty.

      as for boob cups though i found one once where the nipple was a spout to drink from!

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