1. Let's Go Outside For Al Fresco Sex... Plus, Win a Luxury Lelo Vibe!

    Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

    While it's still unseasonally nippy outside, we like to think the sun might be lurking round the corner and it's always good to be prepared!

    What better way to enjoy the sun (when it finally shines) than with sex in a public park - at least, that's what 36% of women think, according to a recent survey!

    A further 73% percent revealed they had sex in a car, while a surprising 11% have had a sneaky play on public transport.

    Have you ever had sex outdoors? This week we're investigating the appeal of al fresco sex, and as usual we've scoured the best of the web for the best tips and tricks to help your sex life.

    To celebrate the change in seasons, we're giving away a Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg (worth £129.99) to one lucky reader. Simply comment below before March 29th to be in with a chance to win.

    This luxury couples vibrator is operated by remote control and works up to a distance to 12 metres, making it the perfect toy for a bit of public fun with your lover.

    Read on below for your chance to be a winner, and for the best sex-under-the-stars advice and information.

    • Lelo's recent poll of 10,000 women from all over the world revealed the top five places women have had public sex, with some great tips for having a quickie without getting caught in the car, at a public park, during your daily commute, at the office and in an airplane. Have you ever had sex in a public place? What are your top tips for getting away with it? [Outdoor Sex Tips - Lelo]
    • One outdoor sex venue that doesn't have a good reputation is the beach. Yes, I know, there's that song, and the delicious drink, but unfortunately recent research has advised against making love on the strand due to potentially dangerous bacteria to be found in sand. Let's face it, the UK weather doesn't allow for midnight skinny dipping, anyway. [Sex On The Beach]

    While experimenting with your partner is all very well and good, it's very important to make sure you know the law. This informative video from TheSite.org breaks down the public sex laws in the UK so you can have fun without getting in trouble.

    The winner of the Lelo Ina Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator from last week is Miranda. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a luxury Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg (worth £129.99)! The winner will be contacted by email.

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    Comments (98)

    • Emma: March 24, 2013 07:02
      Best tip for getting away with sex in public: Keep the moans to a minimum by getting a gag! Works everytime!
    • Ali: March 24, 2013 07:13
      I've had sex outside at a pier once and I have done some foreplay in a cinema and on a train.
    • Ella: March 24, 2013 07:18
      I haven't had sex outside, but I would be interested if I knew the probability of getting caught was really low. So perhaps deep in the woods or an abandoned field would be nice.
    • gem: March 24, 2013 07:18
      Reading this makes me smile to myself thinking of all the fun I've had outside, in the car and odd time on public transport. :)
    • Paul: March 24, 2013 07:53
      The main rule for outdoor sex is to not get caught!! Luckily my partner is quite quiet which reduces the risk, but then that's half the fun isn't it!
    • Kellymichelle: March 24, 2013 07:54
      With the amount of snow around, I can't even think about sex outside at the moment! Roll on the summer
    • Luke: March 24, 2013 09:15
      The risk of getting caught is half the fun.
    • Silverdrop: March 24, 2013 09:30
      Besides don't get caught, there is the second rule of doing it outdoors: Don't do it on the poison ivy.
    • claire turner: March 24, 2013 11:40
      love sex outdoors - the riskier the better ;)
    • Lou22: March 24, 2013 12:17
      Love sex outdoors not a fan of the beach though, sand just gets everywhere!
    • Tracey: March 24, 2013 12:39
      I am yet to experience proper outdoor play :(
      Who knows - my sex mentor may get round to it this 'Summer' (she says with her fingers crossed for both the sex and the weather!!)
    • Hayley: March 24, 2013 14:47
      It's worth reading up on the law and sex outside... it's all a bit confusing and contradictary but basically - don't be an exhibitionist. And don't screw in public toilets - this is actually illegal!!!

      The toy looks amazing for discreet play in a public place. LIKE!

    • hitman: March 24, 2013 14:51
      On a park bench, her sat on my lap, dress draped over our legs, fully engaged, nonchalantly sharing tender kisses staring over Frensham Little Pond on a warm sunday afternoon
    • Imogen: March 24, 2013 15:10
      Never had sex outdoors, usually it's so cold here that I wouldn't even think of it!
    • rach74: March 24, 2013 15:42
      love outdoor sex
    • truegrace: March 24, 2013 16:25
      In the car is always good, all be it a bit cramped!
    • Charly: March 24, 2013 16:33
      Havent really had sex 'out outside' but had a lot of sex in/on cars. In the front seat, on the bonnet, in the boot (that was an interesting one). Also the first time i had sex with my boyfriend was in the toilet of the pub he works in, that felt really naughty. I love the thrill of it, and looking forward to experimenting more, but probably when the weather perks up a bit :)
    • Michelle: March 24, 2013 16:33
      Hate that outdoor sex is illegal it's one of the most thrilling pleasures, especially the risk of being caught! Mind not as fun when you do hehe.

      Must say the vibrating egg looks amazing for some discreet outdoor fun!

    • MissTerryCleavage: March 24, 2013 16:38
      Firstly I want to know where you were when you wrote this blog and it felt like Spring was here as I look out of the window surrounded by snow, there's definitely no spring in my step :(

      Love outdoor sex, the thrill, the risk, the naughtiness all combine to make it awesome fun. Note to self tho, look out for ants when kneeling in a field, those buggers don't half bite ;)

    • Bryan: March 24, 2013 16:38
      Sex in the car is far too over-rated. There simply isn't enough space to have as much fun as you should do and although the gear stick may be an appropriate shape it most definitely ISN'T a sex toy!

      For me, nothing beats a quiet stroll through the woods on a sunny day and letting the mood take you.

    • JayJay: March 24, 2013 16:38
      Maybe my dreams will come true now that I have a more adventurous partner.
    • Mogwai: March 24, 2013 16:41
      I cannot even remotely consider sex outside at the moment - frostbite would be a serious mood dampener...
    • Abots: March 24, 2013 16:42
      Never had sex outside, something we often discuss though, a shared fantasy!

      That review is hilarious, one reason we're scared of trying anything like that is because it'd probably happen to us.

    • Lizzie: March 24, 2013 16:42
      Sex outside is so much fun, have done it a couple of times in a park, nice big park, with some shady trees far enough away from other people and a skirt to cover everything up! So much fun and very thrilling! Can't wait for it to warm up and for us to go out again!
    • Loom: March 24, 2013 16:43
      Never had sex outdoors, such is the shame. Maybe some day! (And definitely not in this weather. I thought it was meant to be spring right now...so much for that!)
    • Julie: March 24, 2013 16:46
      Not really had that much experience of the great outdoors, a couple of encounters in the car/van and the woods. Although I do have very fond memories of a warm spring evening up at a nearby lookout point, being bent over the bonnet of my partner's car. My skirt above my waist while he gave my behind a good taste of a riding crop. Must do that again sometime!
    • KebertXela: March 24, 2013 16:50
      "but it finally feels like spring is here. And what better way to celebrate than with sex in a public park"
      Theres 3" of snow on my chicken coop, and 1/3 of women want to bonk outside.


    • david: March 24, 2013 16:54
      never did it but i like to give it a GO one day
    • Daniel: March 24, 2013 16:57
      I have had quite a bit of al fresco sex with my girlfriend. We have done it while on a walk in a park, in a cinema and in the car.
      Advice that can be given for those who want to also try this would be to wear loose clothing and try to remove as little as possible. No matter how hidden you think you are, there is always the chance of someone wandering along (which is part of the thrill for us).
      You also have to remember that you are in public, I usually get lost in the embrace and when we were in the park we didn't realise someone was nearby until their dog was sniffing at the undergrowth nearby.
      Also I highly recommend using lube as you may not be able to have the longest foreplay you may be used to, although dry humping can be a turn on for a lot of people.
      Happy times people, wish my girlfriend was in the country actually because we would definitely be experimenting in the snow.
    • Bunty Fontaine: March 24, 2013 17:15
      my current lover recently had a tryst outside. we couldn't go back mine that day and while kissing in her car kept being interrupted by my neighbours walking by - I suggested going somewhere I know to continue kissing and the teasing until we found ourselves out of the car, with her bent over the boot being a very bad girl :P
    • LandC: March 24, 2013 17:29
      Now that's one luxury egg for Easter! Am thinking of surprising the oh with a tenga egg hunt this Easter with the multipack but I'm not sure my student budget would stretch that far - am hoping it may be on some offer soon *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*! My oh and I had sex on the hill going down to the beach (couldn't keep our hands off each other because we were too exited about our plans) and then finished up on the beach one night. It wasn't very comfortable on the stones but it was probably better than getting sand everywhere! Nice to know we weren't really breaking the law and no one was around to see us. That review of the we vibe 3 really made me want to try something like that - hopefully with less hilarious consequences though. The lelo your giving away would be perfect for that. Xxx
    • PPD9: March 24, 2013 17:45
      I've had sex in a car before but never outside. I've always wanted to do it on the beach but I've been put off a little by the bacteria thing...
    • George: March 24, 2013 17:46
      Had sex with my girlfriend in a hotel room with the glass doors open to a terrace and public path.
      Not exactly public but still felt exposed, she's definitely more daring than I.
    • PS: March 24, 2013 18:02
      In the sea, in the middle of the day in front of a packed beach in Magaluf. Water was up to our shoulders but we could have been spotted by a scuba diver.
    • Poppy: March 24, 2013 18:35
      I've racked up a good few locations. By far the cheekiest place I've found my self giving into a sly lusty quickly was the back of a arriva bus. Sooooo glad I didn't get spotted although as I left the bus the driver winked at my other half...
    • ady: March 24, 2013 18:38
      Never tried it but the wife has and got caught, maybe i can persuade her to try again with me??
    • Kasumi: March 24, 2013 18:44
      Never had sex outdoors, but it might be something we try this year IF we get a summer ;)
    • steve: March 24, 2013 18:46
      You cant beat sand dunes, but you have to be like a meerkat.
    • Holly: March 24, 2013 19:03
      My experience of sex outside wasn't great as a few policemen walked past and killed the mood... luckily they didn't see what was happening... it's be great to try something like this and give total control over to your partner especially in a crowded place...
    • Smurfette: March 24, 2013 19:08
      Outdoor play with my OH is exciting not only in spring but all year round (winter included)!
      Just quietly.... I'd recommended having fun in the rain to one and all.
    • Blackspider: March 24, 2013 19:51
      Love love love outdoor sex, more so if you just about get away as you're about to get caught
    • WildThing: March 24, 2013 21:41
      Sex outside on a swing bed....... Mmmmm, that could be fun in the garden!
    • Fluffbags: March 24, 2013 23:14
      Sat in bed freezing. Temps are at 1 degree. Are you Sure spring has arrived? Did I miss it? haha.
    • Ash: March 24, 2013 23:24
      My outdoor sex experience was in his car at the end of my road - couldn't park outside mine and have the whole famo get an eyeful now! :p It was cold, cramped and I was constantly paranoid that one of my neighbours would walk past! All in all, not a good experience. I'd rather stick to the bedroom ;D
    • rag doll: March 25, 2013 00:00
      when i met my partner we were camping and despite it being summer it was too cold in the tent to even take outdoor clothes off let alone to think of sex outdoors.

      but lelo, seriously your tips about jacket curtains, my mum taught me that one just not for sex. trick is to keep a towel or sarong in the boot.

      as for the law on public independence, does that apply to my plan this weekend to help a friend out with his art work by doing a bit of nude modeling in Epping forest?

      oh and doctorgasum, i think you win review of the month from me at least.

    • Tia: March 25, 2013 01:19
      We've had sex quite a few places outdoors; cinema, car, in the park. I definitely want to try maybe in a swimming pool or on the beach. So many places <3 miss him
    • maltedmilk: March 25, 2013 01:45
      Yessssss sex outside but no not on the beach haha! It sounds erotic but not always able to get to lie where the waves come in. A very warm beach is needed (and I'm now inspired to save for a holiday! ). Sex on a pebble beach is a big no no too unless you like the many circular bruises all down your legs look!

      Soon it will be outdoorsy season again!

      I don't think I've had full sex anywhere particularly weird, just beaches, the green by my house, festivals, messing about though, oral etc a graveyard might be strange to some and possibly disrespectful, oh and on public transport -young and crazy! I can't believe I did that... Xx

    • Martin: March 25, 2013 08:35
      Definitely not the week for outdoor sex, nippy to say the least. That said it may be a good way to keep warm if you choose a good sheltered place.
    • Lovehoney - Alice: March 25, 2013 08:58
      OK, we were definitely being optimistic... but it's good to be prepared! When will this blasted cold weather go away?! We want to be frolicking out in the sunshine!
    • Cat Lady: March 25, 2013 09:51
      Some interesting ideas here!
    • Shannon: March 25, 2013 10:00
      We parked the car on the beach once and decided to have a bit of fun in it. It was amazing until we realized the tide had come in and we were stranded. That was an awkward conversation to the AA man, believe me.
    • Adrian: March 25, 2013 12:18
      My wife and I had a day out with no kids in tow and stopped in a lovely secluded part of the New Forest for a picnic. Before I knew it she was sat astride me pulling down the zipper on my trousers and riding me (she'd deliberately work a skirt and no knickers). We have since enjoyed several drives with her wearing a skirt and no knickers and are always up for finding somewhere discrete for some sexy fun.
    • Hannah: March 25, 2013 13:04
      Sex outside in winter is just not the same! :(
    • Cheeky Chica: March 25, 2013 13:47
      On the terrace by the swimming pool on a warm, summer evening!
    • Lelo&Stich: March 25, 2013 13:52
      I want it.
    • Roxy: March 25, 2013 17:35
      Mmm...I love t the idea of getting it on in privately public places. Last time I went on a hike I took naked pics for my bf when alone....was so thrilling looking down on the world completely naked. Wondering if anyone down below knew you were...but at a safe enough distance to not be recognised/prosecuted :/ ;)
    • Nick: March 25, 2013 18:02
      Not had sex outdoors before but I'm going to the Caribbean on my first properly sunny holiday for many years, would be lovely to have that egg to have some fun outdoors with!
    • Sarah: March 25, 2013 18:23
      My boyfriend and I are heading off on our first holiday together this summer and sex on the beach is top of my wishlist... im sure the love egg could help make the holiday even more amazing!
    • Andy Thompson: March 25, 2013 19:20
      Abroad somewhere hot, nothing worse than getting frostbite on your extremes.
    • Scorpius: March 25, 2013 20:13
      The idea of a Remote Control Love Egg is sooooo exciting - I would love to win this and then surprise my Master with the remote!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Yasmin0147: March 25, 2013 20:42
      Wow theres a lot of risk takers, i wish i was confidant enough to be able to try it outside with my fiancée. Maybe ill put up a tent indoors and pretend like im outdoors, lol, its far too nippy outside for me. :)
    • Wiz: March 25, 2013 20:45
      I can honestly say I've had more than my fair share of outdoor frolics around Europe :D But outside an Italian castle overlooking a town was prob my favourite!
    • J: March 25, 2013 21:03
      Great fun.
      Gotta do it in a church :P.
    • MJ: March 25, 2013 21:17
      Outdoor nookie is def a turn-on, especially when it's unplanned & spur of the moment. My OH & I were at a wedding when we slipped away for a sneaky bit of fun. Had to stop mid way when the mobile rang & it was the kids looking for us! :(
    • sir.nick: March 25, 2013 21:40
      oh i have some catching up to do with the car then!
    • Caroline: March 25, 2013 21:54
      Sex on the beach is the best!
      Just make sure its away from the public and you have a nice big towel or better still picnic rug to lay on!
    • triso: March 26, 2013 00:28
      Summer Breeze
    • Purring Tiger: March 26, 2013 02:25
      Sex outdoors in the summer is lovely, just a shame we don't seem to have any nice hot summers anymore!
    • matt: March 26, 2013 06:34
      Think of all the fun I could have with the control to this toy... The look on her face would be priceless
    • JHenderson: March 26, 2013 07:46
      My poker face is amazing. If they can not see you, you can make a little noise. otherwise a gentle hand over mouth or face in neck is advised.
      But i do enjoy the thrill of almost being caught, there was a time or two in a few parks around london, or the very steamy time in the cinema- lets just say its a good distraction in making sure the popcorn lasts until the movie.
    • RedKitsune: March 26, 2013 08:13
      Never had sex outside, though to be fair it's always freezing here!
    • Rumple: March 26, 2013 15:09
      Sex outside is my favourite things at the moment, if only the snow would stop.
    • Nicole: March 26, 2013 18:30
      I love having sex outdoors, it's so exciting and spontaneous. Just the fact that we both have to have each other now makes it that much more sexy.
      I would love to try having sex in airplane restrooms or on a train.
    • Britney: March 26, 2013 19:05
      We would definitely put this to good use!
      He would have complete control of the remote. To just be walking about and not knowing when he'll turn it on, such a thrill.
    • Brittany: March 26, 2013 22:29
      Love sex outdoors!! Except the beach, I remember when I thought that was sexy and then got sand everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. So now I'm more of a fields and pastures kinda gal ;)
    • johnny: March 27, 2013 01:43
      sex on the beach and in movie theatres!
    • Tina: March 27, 2013 07:47
      It is always fun late at night on a playground with the merry go round. Be careful in the bushes though because the bug bites on the bumm itch really bad!!
    • Chigger: March 27, 2013 12:31
      One of the first places I had sex was in the cinema. Buying premium seating out of view of everyone was the best idea ever.
      We bought a cheap remote egg once and used it while in public and even in class. Having her squirm sitting right next to me and only me knowing why was so hot. Love being in control.
    • alan: March 27, 2013 13:48
      the ultimate thrill !!! my partner an i went out one night all she was wearing under her coat was the Obsessive Flower Fishnet Bodystocking and befor we went out she took also wore her Oriental Ben Wa Jiggle Balls , and while sat outside facing each other i was able to pleasure her by giving them a discrete jiggle ;oP the thought that we might get caught was intense and thinking how much more exciting this could be witht he remote love egg makes me wanna try !! its opened up a whle new sex life !!
    • Dr Drake: March 27, 2013 17:26
      Never had sex outside ... but wouldn't say no if it was offered!
    • Irena: March 27, 2013 18:02
      I can't wait for the summertime and vacation to beggin :) for some fresh air breeze on the beach and my favorite toy along with the boyfriend...
    • Art: March 27, 2013 18:42
      Brrrrrr told cold out there!!
    • chris: March 27, 2013 20:46
      would love to win this, id take my wife out for a meal using this toy to tease her with during desert , then take her outside for some outdoor fun :)
    • Kathryn: March 28, 2013 09:57
      We stayed in a field once and there were a few places that had potential however I chickened out the second I felt the wind. It was far too cold. Hopefully when a bit warmer lol
    • Sophie: March 28, 2013 14:50
      Any outdoor play is just something that can't be done when it's always so cold out! This could probably be the next best thing though. :)
    • Emma: March 28, 2013 17:15
      A mid-thigh coat, not one of those crinkly waterproofs, works best for hiding impromptu handjobs. Just long enough to cover, not so long that the covering itself makes it obvious. Learn from my bitter experience, people. A bright floor-length pink raincoat is NOT SUBTLE.
    • superwolf: March 28, 2013 18:05
      Had some interesting times after dark in Sherwood forest... Surprising amount of dog walkers still about! :p
    • Angeldelight: March 28, 2013 19:28
      Much much to cold at the moment :-(
    • saucey21: March 28, 2013 20:03
      when my hubby and I were first together we used to have sex outside quite a lot. even on an MOD firing range (not in use). haven't done it for a while something i;m keen to do again, but its too cold!!
    • Marianne: March 29, 2013 10:53
      Oh I'm really enthousiasm with the idea, hope I will win !


    • Charlie Pringle: March 29, 2013 12:55
      Never had sex outside... Yet... But my boyfriend is talking about getting a remote controlled vibrator.
    • Hazy: March 29, 2013 15:43
      Sex outside... not in this weather
      I did however see a couple getting it on outside my flat about a year ago. They thought they had a secluded area, behind some trees and away from the road. They overlooked the fact that the area was heavily overlooked by other buildings.
    • Olivia: March 29, 2013 17:55
      I would love to win this and try some fun outside!!!
    • EstherHarshom: March 29, 2013 20:37
      I've never been a big fan of the idea of outdoorsy sex, but that might be because I'm a bit of a screamer. The Boyfriend is big on the idea, though, so I guess we'll see if he gets it as an Easter treat...
    • Linda S: March 30, 2013 00:42
      Oh my what a wonderful prize!! Oh My!!
    • InsatiablyTaken: April 08, 2013 01:10
      Outdoor sex is a lot of fun. I suggest aiming for places where children can't come across you. Start small, your backyard in a tent perhaps. Then ditch the tent. Then find really secluded areas. If you aren't up for full on sex outside foreplay and toys can be a great alternative. A set of kegel balls or an anal plug that only you and your partner know about. A small remote vibe that your partner can control is also fun but check the sound and the range of the toy before venturing out. It might be a fun risk, but if your dinner guests hear buzzing coming out of you I am sure they would not be thrilled.
    • Rebecca: April 09, 2013 19:17
      Brilliant summary video link there, thank you!

    • Ermain: April 30, 2013 02:56
      Twilight outdoors on the beach wind whispering in your hair, over our naked bodies. Pawing over each other body, while the love egg inside her yoni purring away, heightening the moment of estatic heavenly being .......