1. Here's A Good Reason To Stay In Bed! Win An Under-The-Bed Restraint Kit

    Paul Schneggenburger Sleep of the Beloved Long Exposures Reveal Movements of Sleeping CouplesDid you know that The Sleep Council have declared March to be National Bed Month? We're definitely on board!

    Bed is synonymous with sex, and for good reason. The centre of romance, the bed remains a hub for kisses, cuddles and of course - sex.

    There’s nothing like a weekend lie-in to encourage quality time with your partner, so take some time in the coming weeks to treat your lover to breakfast in bed in honour of National Bed Month.

    To help you put a kinky twist on your bed, we’re giving away a Bondage Boutique Under The Bed Restraint Kit (£34.99) to one lucky reader. Simply comment below before Friday the March 8th for your chance to win.

    We’ve scoured the web for the best sexy bed-related articles for you to enjoy (hopefully from bed!) on this lazy Sunday morning.

    Image: Paul Schneggenburger

    • Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Under The Bed Restraint GearNot only is your bed a haven for relaxation and romance, it is also a useful piece of kit for enhancing sex positions. Slip some handcuffs or wrist restraints over your bedposts to enjoy some fun bedroom bondage. Under the bed restraints, like the Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Kit we’re giving away this week, are great for beds that don’t have a headboard while Slippery PVC Sheets give your sex life a new lease of life.
    • In the market for a new bed? Your mattress could have a massive effect on your sex life, so make sure you do plenty of research first. We love this in-depth report which compares different types of mattresses (including air, water, latex, spring and memory foam) in terms of suitability for sex. Do you think your bed can have an impact on your sex life? [Mattress Types and Sex Suitability Ratings and Comparison - Sleep Like the Dead]

      While spending more time in bed with your lover is to be encouraged, just make sure your mattress is in good condition first, to prevent any nasty accidents.

    The five winners of Sliquid Swirl bundles from last week are Sophie, WildThing, Gem, Blacksilk and Serena - all have been emailed. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a Bondage Boutique Under The Bed Restraint Kit (worth £34.99)!

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    Comments (60)

    • Hollynys: March 03, 2013 07:30
      I love all things Ikea, modern solid......but I am desperate for some restraints for my Super Kingsize bed. I don't have a headboard for handcuffs or footboard for ties and I'm really missing out....
    • matt: March 03, 2013 09:04
      Hmmm national bed month ok you've got me convinced now all I need is to convince my girlfriend and how better than to tie her to the bed and pleasure her into submission ;)
    • Mark: March 03, 2013 09:51
      Been interested in buying something like this for a while, maybe it's time to finally save some money and do it! Then can stay in bed all year let alone all month
    • Paul Sanderson: March 03, 2013 10:19
      Don't need the Sleep council to stay in bed longer already do some of my favorite things there. Sleep read and have sex.
    • Steve: March 03, 2013 10:29
      Perfect present for my girlfriend and will save me using my neck ties...lol. Love nothing more than to tease and please my girlfriend for hours on end....pick me pick me
    • Kaz: March 03, 2013 10:36
      I'm up for staying in bed all day with my man with it without restraints! Wanted this for ages but keep buying other stuff instead! Fingers crossed (but legs not, obviously!) x
    • AliMc: March 03, 2013 10:36
      I like my mattresses like I like my dildos, firm. My current mattress is nice and firm but the springs are uncomfortable, it needs a soft layer on top. Perhaps memory foam would be better.
    • grant: March 03, 2013 10:43
      we have a memory foam matres and allways think it takes away that bounce you get from a normal matress
    • Nicky: March 03, 2013 10:46
      I love my bed its very hard to get me out of it now i think with restraints this would cement that statement even further hehe
      I miss having a proper headboard and foot board for cuffs this under bed system is a smart and great idea i really want it lol
    • dan: March 03, 2013 11:56
      Been wanting to buy this for ages l, but always find something else instead and just make do with ties, looks ace!
    • Tony: March 03, 2013 11:59
      This would go lovely with ny new bed, the OH and I miss the frame we used to have ;-)
    • KellyMichelle: March 03, 2013 12:33
      Loving the idea of national bed month.
    • Becky: March 03, 2013 12:36
      It's usually hard enough to get me out of my boyfriend's bed as it is..pretty sure it'll be impossible if we had one of these! ;)
    • HGL: March 03, 2013 12:44
      Sounds good to me
    • Mrs Average: March 03, 2013 13:48
      Oh I've always wanted these they're on my wish list. We've just re-decorated our bed room so could now do with a new bed and restraints would be the perfect accesorry.

      We did try making our own restraints out of my OH's old ties and bungees, but it doesn't work that well so we abandoned that idea.

      The trouble is we forgot about them being attatched when the builder came to do the plastering, he helped move the mattress and bed and then said "oh there appears to be some ties and bungees attatched to your bed!"
      I nearly died and just made up some lame excuse about my OH being untidy, who knows what you'll find under the bed, hope he didn't suspect anything.

    • TheonlyMrV: March 03, 2013 13:53
      Bed Restraints, absolute the best, especially if the other half wriggles too much...when the squirty cream and ??? is applied
    • saucey21: March 03, 2013 13:54
      well national bed month. good excuse to spend more time in it. i love having sex in bed so next time i get in, i can dream of all the lovely and sexy things my hubby does to me there.
    • steve: March 03, 2013 14:28
      Just been and started national bed month. Now just need the restraints to keep her in there.
    • Fluffbags: March 03, 2013 14:50
      My bed is synonymous with getting elbowed in the nose, quilt stealing, and snoring, as well as sex hehe
    • JayJay: March 03, 2013 16:38
      Oooh, I just told my partner that I want to try these. Coincidence or what?!
    • Imogen: March 03, 2013 16:53
      Our bed is probably my favourite place in the world, so comfy!
    • Michael: March 03, 2013 19:24
      Here's my comment. Pick me! :)
    • Sinead Waugh: March 03, 2013 21:22
      My bf only comes home for a month every 3 months (he's in the army) so we spend ALOT of time in bed...those restraints would be pretty handy to keep him there though AWOL style ;)
    • @brettstersview: March 03, 2013 21:46
      I for one would love to try this out on my girlfriend...

      The one time I would enjoy her being starfished in my bed! ;-)

    • Scott: March 03, 2013 21:47
      I'd like to restrain my sexy wife on our bed so I can give her as much pleasure as she likes. She loves to do kinky so she'd love this!
    • Dean Hetherington: March 03, 2013 21:49
      The perfect excuse for not getting out of bed on a Monday morning!!
    • Dean: March 03, 2013 22:00
      I have a new mattress :) love to try these out!
    • Greg K: March 03, 2013 22:18
      My bed is a squeaker, but it adds to the thrill when we have to be quiet ;)
    • Sarah: March 03, 2013 22:21
      ...now if only I could stay in bed instead of having to do things, I keep trying to convince the other half, but he just takes the quilt off me
    • Ms_HKM: March 03, 2013 23:03
      We need an excuse to stay in bed? Not me... But this has really reminded me to get a new mattress. Being an adult sucks sometimes :(
    • Jacqui: March 03, 2013 23:06
      Tie me up baby
    • R: March 03, 2013 23:58
      Sounds like fun! I have suggested this to my new man, so would add fervour to the plan.
    • Dani: March 04, 2013 03:35
      This looks like an awesome set. It would be the perfect welcome surprise for DH when he returns from overseas in 4 weeks :-)
    • Kirsty: March 04, 2013 07:25
      Well seeing as it is national bed week, it would be rude not too. Fabulous x
    • Angeldelight: March 04, 2013 08:30
      I love being tied up and at my OH s mercy to do what he likes ,these would be so much fun
    • Gemma: March 04, 2013 09:22
      The things I can could do with man tied to my bed... just the thought makes me smile
    • Littlelotti: March 04, 2013 10:56
      March is national in bed week. Well that's me sold! Boyfriend may take a little bit more convincing, he's always up and about. Think that's there the restraint kit would come in ;) Keep him there for me to play with
    • LandC: March 04, 2013 12:50
      I'd say my oh and I sleep like somewhere between the second and the eighth picture. We are close and intertwine, but mainly when one is awake and makes a conscious decision to do so (while making an unconscious decision to wake the other up!) We have a spring mattress with a memory foam topper. The thing that makes it difficult is the metal on the bed hitting the radiator as we move!...oh and of course me making noise!
    • KerbertXela: March 04, 2013 14:11
      I could do with something to keep my girlfriend on her side of the bed!
    • AmethystQueen: March 04, 2013 18:15
      Hmmm...I've wanted these for a while! Just the thing to introduce a bit of kink to my vanilla hubby.
    • Nat: March 04, 2013 20:47
      i broke ours :(
    • claire turner: March 04, 2013 22:04
      ooo likey likey, this would be a great addition to my kinky cupboard :)
    • triso: March 04, 2013 23:29
      ooo very nice
    • James-Dean Summerfield: March 05, 2013 09:26
      Wish i could get a weekend lie-in, I'm always working!
    • claudia: March 05, 2013 13:44
      Must have!!!
      The sun is shining, the spring is coming and I wanna fall in love!
    • Hannah: March 05, 2013 15:39
      My ex used to tie me to the bed with tights, socks, anything that was lying around really! Would be brilliant to have a proper restraint kit.
    • Bed Monster: March 05, 2013 20:19
      Pffft! I already worship my Bed every day of every month. That restraint kit looks pretty good though.
    • russ: March 05, 2013 23:00
      Im with Hollynys above except i won't be eating Ikeas Almond cakes.... but could do with restraints for a big bed
    • bed lover: March 05, 2013 23:46
      i love staying curled up in my bed so any excuse to tay in bed longer i love and this looks like it would help me do that and help keep my wife with me there.
    • johnny: March 05, 2013 23:50
      Nice! Hope I win!
    • Ger: March 06, 2013 01:06
      Useful for hotel visits with oh to stop him watching match of the day
    • Mrs JoJo ( @josephine_kk ): March 06, 2013 03:06
      It's hard enough getting a man into my bed but with this, I could keep him there mwahahahahaha (joke)
    • Tiana: March 06, 2013 03:17
      Bf and i are always looking to try new things
    • Miranda: March 06, 2013 17:17
      I just love long days in bed! ;)
    • Alison: March 07, 2013 01:51
      OMG....restrain me....new to this site. First order arrived this morning. Pity it wasnt one of these bondage beauties, but it could as well have been. That delivery...came (no pun intended lol) at 10AM....n im STILL in bed! well lets just say, ive been that busy trying my new toys that,,,,i need that KIT to stop these vibrations from tossing me out the bed! :))
    • mark: March 07, 2013 13:15
      wanted to try something like this for a while, be 10 times sexier n kinkier than ties, scarfs n socks.
    • Geoff Edgcombe: March 07, 2013 15:53
      Under-bed restraints? Shut up and take my money....
    • kayleigh: March 07, 2013 22:23
      I have this item on my wishlist! I've dropped some pretty obvious hints to the other half for my birthday but who knows whether he has picked them up!

      We love spending Sunday morning in bed, just snuggled up or being intimate. In fact I made breakfast last weekend and for us then we went back to bed! His king size bed is perfect, and i totally recommend getting a mattress topper as it just adds that extra comfy factor.

      In fact, time to head to bed now ;)

    • Hooch: March 11, 2013 21:41
      Been eying these up for so long!
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