1. Why You Need To Kiss Someone, RIGHT Now!

    kissy lips lipstick kissWith Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've been thinking about the joys of kissing.

    Philematology (that's the scientific word for snogging) is not only fun, but it also has surprising help benefits - dentists believe kissing stimulates saliva production, preventing a build up of plaque.

    The occasional kiss is also thought to alleviate the symptoms of hayfever, as well as producing endorphins that relieve stress and boost self-esteem.

    To celebrate the joys of kissing, we've rounded up the best kissing-related articles from around the web for your Sunday reading pleasure.

    • Ever wonder why we kiss? The answer may not be as romantic as you thought. The leading theory is that primate mothers would chew food and pass it to their babies by placing their lips over the child's mouth, which soon became a comforting gesture to promote bonding. [DivineCaroline]
    • Ring For A Kiss BellSexpert Julie Peasgood advises starting off your day with a kiss… "Passionate clinches make us feel closest, but even an affectionate peck can be beneficial. In fact one study suggests that people who give their partner a goodbye kiss before going to work, have 20-30% higher incomes than those who don’t!? Psychologists believe a morning kiss generates a more positive outlook on the day ahead - and that goes for everyone, whether we work or not." Talk about a good start to the day!
    • Beware of sending emails with "xxx" at the end - a survey has found that over 50% of inter-office relationships started after an email was signed off with a kiss. Do you end texts and emails with a kiss? [Marie Claire]

    And finally, if this video doesn't make you want to give someone a smooch, we don't know what will…

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    Comments (18)

    • Adventurous Sex Kitten: January 20, 2013 08:42
      A simple idea that adds another angle of excitement to a relationship. Read the reviews which confirm that. Love the idea of timing OH to see how quick and keen he is to get to me!
    • Nymeria: January 20, 2013 13:48
      Aw, I like the Lh ad with "the kiss"..
      I think the "x" sign off is pretty much an affectionate term but I do avoid "xxx"

      I'm not much of a kisser but enjoy kissing (and getting kissed) other erogenous zones like the neck. Feels a bit more intimate.

    • rach74: January 20, 2013 16:32
      you cant beat a good smooch lol
    • ella: January 21, 2013 13:24
      That's so interesting, that couples earn more who kiss each other goodbye in the morning. I wonder if it's a higher or lower percent for those who regularly have sex in the morning.
    • Midnight Boudoir (blondii): January 21, 2013 16:22
      Great video and fascinating facts. Its sad to see couples who earn more kiss more, it shouldn't matter what we earn to how much we want to show affection and love someone. f anything i would have thought the higher pay, more stress, less time to smooch?
      But I think we all need to feel loved and wanted and a simple kiss just confirms it. Its the best way to start and end a day.
      I NEED my kisses in a day, be it a quickie peck or a sexy smooch you just feel loved and wanted.
    • WildThing: January 21, 2013 20:23
      Rightio - off to smooch her now! Doctor's orders!
    • Miki: January 22, 2013 12:22
      Kissing definitely helps you to feel closer, and a good smooch certainly seems to help relax you after a stressful day. Not sure about the income thing though. We kiss all the time and we're totally skint! Ah well...
    • Laters Baby UK: January 22, 2013 12:55
      Wow! If I kissed Mr LBUK like that as he was going out the door he'd be stopping the bus with his trousers not his hand! I agree though nothing like a kiss to start the day. Especially when it's cold like it is now - makes you all tingly & warm inside :)
    • Beth: January 22, 2013 13:03
      You can't beat a good kiss. I end messages with 'x' to friends and family and only use more "x's" to my boyfriend. We are in a long distance relationship at the moment so we often have to make do with kissey noises on the phone, on skype and emotes on texts. Not sure about the kissing for better jobs but as someone who kisses and cuddles at every opportunity that can only be a good thing! But I like to be affectionate to show love.
    • Silverdrops: January 22, 2013 13:44
      The Kiss by Gustav Klimt - most passionate painting EVER.
    • lisa: January 22, 2013 15:22
      I kiss but still get hayfever... :-( xxxx
    • James-Dean Summerfield: January 22, 2013 17:36
      Nothing like a good kiss :) x
    • triso: January 22, 2013 20:52
      kiss cam
    • Naomi: January 23, 2013 02:40
      Yikes! I add three kisses at the end of every tweet, probably have some worldwide secret admirers now. Ha ha!

      Loved the advert :)

      Can't believe that's what kissing originated from! Learned something new!

      Naomi xxx

    • Silverdrops: January 23, 2013 10:55
      Are Lovehoney's competitions open in the UK only? Or worldwide?
    • Nicole Lovehoney: January 23, 2013 12:20
      @ Silverdrops, the prize can be posted to any country Lovehoney delivers to - you can a list of countries here: www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/delivery/

      @ blondii, I was really surprised by the connection between wages and kissing too! Maybe those who earn more have less to worry about?

      @ Naomi, I love that you ended that comment with "xxx" ;)

    • Izy: January 24, 2013 12:41
      Nothing I love more than a kiss and cuddle with my SO!
    • Joe: January 27, 2013 20:47
      Interesting. Could fill my Valentine gift.