1. Car Sex, James Deen and A Luxury Vibe Giveaway: Lovehoney's Week In Sex News

    FiFi by Je Joue

    After the madness of Christmas, 2013 is finally here.

    The new year is a time for reflection, so we've been looking back at the 2012's Top Sex Trends.

    Between Fifty Shades of Grey and nipple-mania, 2012 was the year of sex.

    If you like to be ahead of the pack, check out our 2013 Sex Predictions for what to look out for the in the coming year.

    Start 2013 in style by nabbing something in the Lovehoney Sale - but hurry, there's not much time left to grab a bargain!

    To help you beat the January blues, we're giving away a luxury Je Joue FiFi vibrator (worth £89.99). Simply comment below before January 11th to enter.

    Read on below for the best of sex writing from across the web, and don't forget to comment to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize.

    • The beginning of a new year is a great time to learn new skills, but resolutions don't have to be boring. After that scene in Fifty Shades of Grey, the exhibitionist nature of car sex has intrigued many - and inspired a fierce debate at Lovehoney HQ about the success of having sex in a parked car. In case you want to try it out for yourself, writer Jason Tochinsky has compiled a foolproof guide to getting it on a vehicle. Let the practice begin! [Jalopnik]
    • Ever envied the life of a porn star? This day-in-the-life profile of porn superstar James Deen may open your eyes. Turns out having sex with hundreds of women may not be the best way to spend the next year. If reading about Deen's assets have piqued your curiosity, you should check out the James Deen Realistic Dildo and Vibrator which are proving to be very popular. [GQ]
    • If your New Year's resolution is to cut down on computer time, you could inadvertly be doing your sex life a massive favour, too. A recent survey suggests that checking your email or tweeting right before bed could decrease the amount of sex you have. So, just to be on the safe side, you may want to power down before bed tonight. [NY Daily News]

    Sex toy videos can be very hit-or-miss, but the instructional video accompanying new masturbator VerSpanken made me giggle - I love the creative use of bananas!

    The winner of the Lovehoney Magic Cock Rings from last week is Tinks18. Congratulations Tinks18, I'll be in touch for your contact details. Remember to comment below for your chance to win one of FiFi rechargeable vibrator from Je Joue (worth £89.99).

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    Comments (62)

    • PPD: January 06, 2013 09:50
      Car sex only works if you're not too tall and don't have leather seats. Oh and if you can find somewhere private to park.

      That video is hilarious! The stick man is so incredibly excited and I love the squeaky sounds when he's using it.

    • silverdrop: January 06, 2013 09:51
      That video is gold! The happy dance when he gets it out of the box is priceless.
    • Imogen: January 06, 2013 11:09
      Haha that video is brilliant! Loved the little noises when he's demonstrating all the different ways to use it :)
    • MissSurly: January 06, 2013 13:21
      Haha, the guy on the VerSpanken box looks like Ted Mosby :p
    • Hazy: January 06, 2013 13:42
      I love that video, it is funny and a breath of fresh air when it comes to user manuals :)
    • Miranda: January 06, 2013 14:40
      Haha, love the look of contempt on the stick man, hilarious video!
    • LilacBunny: January 06, 2013 15:00
      Funny video! Made me laugh when he brought out the toy out of the box and patted it ^_^
    • Fluffbags: January 06, 2013 15:40
      That video is brilliant! hehe "squeak squeak squeak oooooh" lol
    • elginlass: January 06, 2013 15:52
      i think the idea of using a 'stick' man was brill. the music was perfect but for me the 'eye's' have it lol
    • sextoyreviewland: January 06, 2013 15:55
      Ahahaha, that's such an adorable clip! And I love that they included partner play in the positions :)
    • AliMc: January 06, 2013 21:36
      The kneeling and cowgirl position in that video are pretty much the same thing!
    • Lou22: January 06, 2013 21:57
      Great film, love the sound effects :)
      Do enjoy a quickie in the car every so often so long as we can find somewhere private enough!
    • ghostgirl: January 06, 2013 22:33
      Love the video.

      Car sex is great if car is large enough but 6' partner in a supermini sized car isnt comfy

    • Miss-Nomer: January 07, 2013 06:48
      Haha, such a cute little video! And I thought the packaging was adorable when I first saw it. I just love the branding. His happy dance and the way he pats it affectionately made me giggle -- reminds me of me with a new toy.
    • Nicole McGowan: January 07, 2013 12:16
      Seat pushed back, a little bit of tease hovering as you squat over slowly easing your panties to the side ( if your wearing any ). Hands gripping your bum, the not knowing if anyone is watching... Ah, car sex is BOSS !
    • Blacksilk: January 07, 2013 12:17
      You know, I'm really enjoying these little magazine-style round-up posts!
    • grant walker: January 07, 2013 13:06
      very funny video love sound effects
    • Urbanstrumpet: January 07, 2013 13:47
      Hey I just wanna win the vibe!!
    • rag doll: January 07, 2013 14:33
      i really hope the verspanken does NOT make that balloon noise when in use.
      "What IS that noise dear??"
      "Sorry mum, just practicing my balloon modeling "
      "Okay son, just dont go popping any and making a mess!"
    • Nick: January 07, 2013 16:36
      Despite the fantastic video, I'm still to be sold on the issue of male masturbators. Firstly, they're not as to hand, as say your hand, and can't see one comparing to a girl! Secondly, I'd feel pretty odd afterwards looking down and seeing a lump of plastic clamped on!
    • Flash: January 07, 2013 17:51
      Car sex is great, try climbing in the back seat, going commando helps especially if the lady is sporting a dress or skirt.
    • WildThing: January 07, 2013 18:27
      Can't wait for the cummming months already.... :)
    • Gavin: January 07, 2013 18:56
      Car sex is great! But getting strange looks from the farmers wife whose lane you are parked up in is a bit embarrassing! Lol
    • Gem: January 07, 2013 19:42
      Having sex in a car is always Fun but having sex on the bonnet of the parked car down the back of in laws farm is far more fun...
    • Cat Lady: January 07, 2013 20:19
      Good luck everyone!
    • Abots: January 07, 2013 21:39
      That interview with James Deen was a very good read! It's surprising to see how different some people are, I could never just have sex with random people all the time! Strange...

      The video is hilarious, table top hahaha

    • James-Dean Summerfield: January 08, 2013 01:30
      Fingers crossed :) Don't have a car though :P
    • JR: January 08, 2013 20:37
      That vibe looks worth a try. Fingers crossed!
    • LandC: January 08, 2013 21:30
      That video is brilliant. Good fun in many ways.
      Interesting about the use of computers (could probably be phones/tablets etc too). Maybe the timer for electricity to go off needs to be a bit earlier ;)
      Would love the je joue Fifi vibrator. Would be a nice pick-me-up after handing in the 4000 word assignment I have due Friday. Was too busy over the Christmas period having fun to do it so have got to cram it in now :( Lucky it isn't called fufu - would remind me of a song from guide camps, fufu liked to knock field mice on the head. I'm sure Fifi could do some nice damage :P xxx
    • RedCheeks: January 09, 2013 22:03
      Love the James Deen interview! :D not as much as I love my silicone James Deen dildo though :-p
    • SophieM: January 10, 2013 00:24
      Oh my god, that video! First the dance (which I'm guilty of doing when I get a new toy), then the banana, then the smiley face, and then everything else that came afterwards - pardon the pun. That video is brilliant and hilarious!
    • GlesgaeGal: January 10, 2013 10:49
      Haha! That might be the funniest video on YouTube! It's the way he pats the toy lovingly after taking it out of the box!
    • Emmzi: January 10, 2013 11:09
      Awesome giveaway looks good and that video is brilliant lol xD
    • dan: January 10, 2013 11:27
      a luxury vibe would be great for my gf :)
    • amydb69: January 10, 2013 11:46
      omg!!! that video is brilliant lol and car sex is brilliant if you can find that quiet spot x
    • Dave120: January 10, 2013 12:33
      Ha,ha great video,, looks like a fantastic vibe as well
    • Stuart fletcher: January 10, 2013 12:45
      Great vid. Stick man certainly carried quite a package. Any stick girl would certainly be happy to have him.
      As for car sex I would say I have had loads of sex in a car although it was an old vw camper and it did have a fold up bed and curtains. Plus I could make a cuppa after. I miss that old van:(
    • Hayley: January 10, 2013 13:16
      Well I truly didn't know about facebook/twitter before bed and it's connection to lowering sex drive etc. Very interesting and worth a shot!
    • Hannah: January 10, 2013 13:57
      Hahaha I love the video! It's almost sold it to me and I don't even know the price :P What a cutie stick guy
    • rach74: January 10, 2013 14:25
      good luck all x
    • EJ: January 10, 2013 16:11
      Video made me chuckle lol and nice vibe :) good luck everyone :)
    • amiss: January 10, 2013 16:48
      What a great video, made me laugh.Will have to buy one of these for my OH, hw would love it!
    • MissJ: January 10, 2013 19:20
      good luck everyone!
    • SelectZen: January 10, 2013 19:27
      Thought that was really funny :-D
    • maltedmilk: January 10, 2013 23:52
      Haha awesome!

      And I think most of us lurrrrve sex in the car! In ways I think it's easier for some positions. Yay x

    • NymphetamineKiss: January 10, 2013 23:54
      I do love James Deen, so that article was really interesting :) Thanks for linking it up! xx
    • Ness: January 11, 2013 09:56
      I still haven't had sex in a car....

      Also there needs to be more fun silly sex toy videos like that one =)

    • Jo: January 11, 2013 10:06
      The smiley face really made me laugh, there should be more demo videos like this.

      Long time since I indulged in car sex, and now I have a much bigger car...... hmmmmm what time does the hubby get in from work tonight?

    • amydb69: January 11, 2013 10:15
      good luck all! the fifi looks great!!! x
    • dan: January 11, 2013 12:05
      Love it :-) vibe looks awesome as well
    • Tracey: January 11, 2013 13:14
      Lol love the video!!
    • jouster: January 11, 2013 13:20
      Nifty design!
    • Honey: January 11, 2013 13:46
      That made me smile...
    • Seraphim: January 11, 2013 13:51
      That video was awesome - what a way to demonstrate how things work. Although car sex in a house of bikers may be controversial lol
    • claire turner: January 11, 2013 15:30
      best video ive seen in all of 2013 lol, wishing everyone at lovehoney a very naughty new year :)
    • Becky: January 11, 2013 16:41
      Not read Fifty shades or had sex in a car, yet.

      Does the real toy squeak like that? More lube needed. Great video !!

    • rose hip: January 11, 2013 17:35
      oh my. yet another reason to find a man. :-)

      great video.

    • WildThing: January 11, 2013 19:21
      Is it chosen yet, is it picked?

      Anticipation is killing me!!!!

    • Emma: January 11, 2013 20:09
      Can't wait to see who wins :) pretty awesome giveaway
    • Oxybeles: January 11, 2013 20:42
      Sex in the OH's car was awesome until she got an Aygo! No chance in that thing, so I think it is time to christen my car, and enjoy some comfort at the same time! :p
    • William: January 13, 2013 23:45
      Being slightly (or very) geeky here but I don't think the Fi Fi would look out of place in an early star trek bobbing up and down on a piece of string as some kind of terrible space ship!
    • KinkyFuckery: January 14, 2013 21:57
      Funny as hell, I cant to do car sex it should be on everyone bucket list x