1. Out With The Old

    Sex Toy Recycling

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2013! We felt this Toy with me Tuesday was a great time to remind everyone of the Rabbit Amnesty - Lovehoney's sex toy recycling scheme. It's an easy concept: send us your old sex toys, and we recycle them, give you Oh! Points and make a donation to the World Land Trust on your behalf. Happy bunnies all round!

    If you want to see more fun and creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up on Ness's blog, or follow the #ToyWithMeTuesday hashtag on twitter.

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    • True Pleasures: January 02, 2013 00:35
      Love it! I remember when there were some sex toy recycling programs. I don't think there are many anymore. It's too bad, too, because so many toys get thrown out.
    • Penny: January 04, 2013 02:39
      That sounds like a cool program!
    • Zombiecpl: January 04, 2013 11:07
      I have a rabbit that I can forward to rabbit amnesty, great reminder. good shot too!
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