1. The Biggest Sex Trends Of 2012

    Lovehoney Magic Cock Rings (6 Pack)2012 has been an exciting year in the world of sex.

    From the explosion of bedroom bondage, courtesy of Fifty Shades of Grey, to Magic Wand vibrators, here at Lovehoney we've noticed lots of new trends this year.

    Before we welcome 2013, we've decided to give a look back at the noticeable trends this past year.

    To help you ring in the new year, we're giving away a set of Lovehoney Magic Love Rings to one reader.

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    Read on for a recap of the top toy trends of 2012, and keep an eye on the blog in the coming days for Lovehoney's 2013 predictions…

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

    I refuse to believe that there's anyone in the UK who's still oblivious to the best-selling book of all time. In 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey dominated the bestsellers lists and captured the attention of the population.

    Wherever you went, people were talking about the books, raving about Christian Grey, and wishing for the Ana Steele experience. Erotica suddenly went from being something you hid under your pillow to an acceptable choice of reading material for the bus to work. With a movie in the works and whispers of another addition to the book franchise, we think Fifty Shades mania is here to stay.


    Naughty Love Heart Nipple TasselsThis was the year when the world went nipple crazy. Whether it was suckers, tassles or clamps, all of a sudden everyone wanted something to stimulate and/or decorate. Sleek pasties like the Coquette Darque Rhinestone Heart Pasties were a popular choice for hiding visible nipple under tight clothing, while the Naughty Love Heart Nipple Tassels (pictured, right) were a Christmas lingerie favourite.

    For nipple stimulation, the Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set proved popular - our customers loved that they allow you to progress slowly with pain and pleasure.

    Male Sex Toys

    2012 was the year when we seemed to realise that sex toys weren't just for women. Between Fleshlights, TENGA eggs and cock rings, we saw an upsurge in men buying pleasure products for themselves - and rightly so! Vibrating cock rings, like the Lovehoney Oh! Multispeed Vibrating Love Ring were especially popular.

    Toy With Me Tuesday

    We-Vibe Thrill

    A meme created by blogger and Lovehoney forum member Nymphomaniac Ness, Toy With Me Tuesday invites sex bloggers and sex toy enthusiasts to submit creative pictures of sex toys every Tuesday.

    After 27 weeks, it's still going strong and better than ever. Check out Lovehoney's entries this year or follow the @ToyTuesday.

    Fifty Shades of Grey: The Official Collection

    Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

    In October, Lovehoney annouced an official range of Fifty Shades of Grey toys, in collaboration with author E L James. The collection of elegantly packaged sex toys and bondage accessories proved to be a hot Christmas favourite, with both the silver and silicone pleasure balls becoming bestsellers within days of being released.

    Magic Wands

    Lovehoney Magic Wand Deluxe Mains Powered Massager

    2012 was the year of power, and lots of it! Magic Wands saw a massive increase in popularity as people demanded powerful toys. Known for being easily the most powerful vibrators on the market, the unisex pleasure tool can be used for a romantic back massage, or a more intimate erotic massage.

    The Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand (pictured, left) proved to be incredibly popular in 2012, and with dozens of 5 star ratings, it's not difficult to see why.

    Jiggle Balls

    Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

    Another effect of Fifty Shades of Grey was a worldwide run on kegel balls. Jiggle balls, ben wa balls, silver balls, toner balls, geisha balls - call them what you want, women all over the world wanted them, and wanted them NOW. Here at Lovehoney, we were amazed and delighted to see a 1400% year-on-year increase in kegel ball sales - making the Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls instant bestsellers, outselling every other product in her range.


    Partly due to Fifty Shades of Grey, bondage items like spankers, blindfolds and nipple clamps saw a massive surge in demand. Suddenly we weren't afraid to talk about BDSM - and luckily Lovehoney's own Hella was on hand with tips about using a blindfold for better sex, bondage for beginners, and spanking techniques to make sure the new generation of bondage dabblers know a flogger from a cane.

    Comments (16)

    • WildThing: December 30, 2012 09:27
      This year was FAB! Since joining Lovehoney my sex life has improved no end and my OH has no complaints!

      Let's hope 2013 is equally amazing! Thank you Lovehoney!

    • Jamie Nicholls: December 30, 2012 10:43
      What a year in the world of SEX!! Fifty shades of grey has changed my world, first the book and now the toys :)) lovely jubbly. Can wait for the new year and to see the newest toys Lovehoney will provide me :)

      Merry xmas and a happy new year to all!

    • Tinks18: December 30, 2012 12:08
      This year was one of the best for experimenting and just going with the flow! The 50 shades books showed women that its normal to enjoy a bit of BDSM without being 'weird'! Now that is sexual liberation for me!
    • Kat: December 30, 2012 12:48
      Having discovered lovehoney in the last couple of months, the itty bitty butt plug is my favourite
    • PPD: December 30, 2012 15:26
      I'm pretty sure the popularity of the Magic Wand has someting to do with a certain forum member - I know he's bought about 6!

      I agree with pretty much everything though - 2012 is the year I discovered sex toys in general, but I think 50 shades has a lot to do with the popularity of most of them, such as kegel balls and nipple clamps/suckers. I am determined to get myself some nipple clamps in 2013!

    • rag doll: December 30, 2012 19:08
      i think ive managed to cover all those mentioned other than a TWMT entry although sadly my magic wand is not mains power. i wonder what we will be celebrating this time next year.
    • Fluffbags: December 30, 2012 19:16
      At 30 I thought my experimenting days were mainly over. This year I really discovered Lovehoney and the forums and competitions and have become a regular shopper. I am totally skint but have the biggest smile on my face and have expanded my collection from 3 or 4 toys to three drawers full. I also have the Lovehoney deluxe wand and oh boy! I love my wand. Its been a great year and I have no intention of stopping experimenting in 2013. Now I must go check out the "whats new" section....
    • Lou22: December 30, 2012 19:35
      Definitely tried out more new toys than ever in the past year, here's hoping for some fun new things for 2013 :)
    • Kellymichelle: December 30, 2012 19:40
      Sex toys have definitely been what's kept the economy going this year.

      Very much looking forward to 2013 and whatever trends it brings

    • SophieM: December 31, 2012 00:37
      Fifty Shades has definitely changed me and introduced me to new things.

      It has introduced me to the beauty of erotic fiction; before when I'd read a standard romance / rom com novel I used to feel like I'd read a good book, now I'm just not satisfied unless there's something erotic and sexy involved!

      It was Fifty Shades that actually introduced me to Lovehoney too after I'd heard about the pleasure range that is sold here. I'm now left wanting to try loads of toys - mainly vibes though - but unfortunately money's a little tight at the mo so my one and only bullet is keeping me going.

      Looking forward to what 2013 will bring!

    • HappilyExperimenting: December 31, 2012 03:11
      I'm going to agree with PPD in the idea that a certain forum member is responsible for half the magic wand sales this year! ;)

      On a more serious note 2012 (Valentine's Day, to be precise) was the year I discovered sex toys, lingerie and bedroom hush-hush topics in general. Since then I have ploughed through erotic literature, tried my hand at modelling some lingerie and played with many, many sex toys. This year was amazing and has opened my eyes to the world of sex - because even though I don't get any I can still pleasure myself, something I didn't really know till a while back.

      LoveHoney has had a revamp - for the better! Oh! Points are easier to spend (and obtain due to my spending sprees!) and there are more competitions and offers than ever! The forums have become sexier, although I can't say whether this is a good or bad thing... And more sex toys are being bought every day!

      Overall 2012 has been a year of sexual awakenings for myself (and the rest of the nation!) and I hope this continues on to 2013.

      PS Do not send me the love rings; I'm single. I'm sure other couples would appreciate them much more :)

    • fizzy: December 31, 2012 19:48
      I've certainly explored a wider range of toys this year thanks to Lovehoney. i look forward to try even more toys in 2013!
    • David Wilson: January 01, 2013 00:09
      Having bought my wife '50 Shades' and a few 'toys' things are now looking up
    • Ness: January 02, 2013 14:32
      Thank you for mentioning Toy with me Tuesday, and taking part throughout 2012, you've helped keep it running. =)

      Great article, and I too noticed the increase of wands and nipple products.

    • Kirstie Vaughan: January 04, 2013 23:21
      Would love to win these ;)
    • Miranda: January 05, 2013 15:01
      Bring on the baby boom in 2013 ;)