1. Real-Life Anastasia Steele, Author Nichi Hodgson, Reveals Her Favourite Scene From 'Bound to You'

    Bound to You by Nichi HodgsonFor several years I had been planning a literary novel inspired by my time as a professional dominatrix, a moonlighting I had undertaken to help fund several unpaid media internships. During this time, I had also found myself embroiled in a deleterious BDSM love affair, which almost threatened to ‘unmake’ me.

    Then Fifty Shades broke its fervid wave upon popular literature’s shore, and suddenly the market craved erotica.

    After writing a small piece for Stylist magazine on sexual submission, I was approached, more or less overnight by Hodder & Stoughton, to write a real-life sex memoir chronicling my time as a professional domme and a personal submissive. I signed the contract, and six weeks later, I had spun out 90,000 words, some filthy, some funny, most cathartic, for I was still mourning the loss of the most exquisite and kinky sex I had ever had.

    From using a strap-on on a man, to being spanked to orgasm, Bound to You is the only new erotic book out there exploring the trajectory from dominator to dominated, both psychologically and physically.

    In this scene, Nichi finally gets her dominant due. The night before, Nichi and Sebastian sleep together for the first time; desperately, passionately, but not kinkily. But the next morning, Sebastian gives Nichi what she has been craving.

    Guest blog by Nichi Hodgson

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    Extract from Bound to You

    The next morning I woke in a delicious wooze, the way you do when you’ve fucked into the small hours with someone luscious and still have them in bed with you. I chanced my fingers down Sebastian’s tattooed arm, in part to admire him again, and also to test if he were awake yet. He turned over and smiled at me. ‘Good morning’. He reached out to cup my breast, then looked apologetic for having groped me without asking first. I giggled sleepily and rolled over so that he could hold me properly, sliding my hand up along the chiselled curvature of his chest.

    We dozed for another twenty minutes or so, then suddenly, Sebastian spoke. ‘Nicola.’

    I pushed myself up, hovered over him. ‘What?’

    ‘Your name. It’s Nicola. Or maybe Nicole.’

    ‘You cheated! You must have seen it written somewhere.’

    ‘I didn’t cheat.’ He had guessed it. It was auspicious. It had to be.

    ‘It’s Nichi, actually.’

    I lowered my head to kiss him, and slid my small body up along his much larger one. His morning erection prickled against me, and I wrapped my fingers around it, feeling him swell in my hand. He skated his hand down along my hip and then up in between my thighs. Before long, we were masturbating one another, kissing and clawing at each other with a rampant need all over again.

    As Sebastian played with me, his moved his mouth alternately from my lips to my breasts. My super-sensitive nipples hardened at once under his tongue. He dared to bite them. It made me swoon. The more he bit, the more I moaned, and soon he was nipping and sucking and biting me until I winced in pleasurable discomfort. Abruptly he pulled away. ‘More?’ he asked me.

    I hesitated for a moment. He slid his hand up under the back of my neck and stroked me gently.

    ‘More?’ He repeated the question. Only this time it seemed as though I had less choice in the matter. He asked me still with that low, soft lilt but something in his face had changed.

    He didn’t wait for my reply. He knew he had my permission to do what he had come here for, to do what I had been willing him to do since he crossed the threshold of Violet’s house, what I willed him to do every time he touched me. Without waiting another moment he grabbed my hair with his right hand as if it were a rope, wrapping it round his hand twice in quick succession, then yanked on it, forcing my head to the side, my right cheek down into the pillow. Keeping a firm hold on my hair, he then seized me roughly by the wrists with his left hand, and pulled my arms in the opposite direction to my head, pinning me to the bed in twisted submission. I couldn’t get out of this grip. My heart was racing. Was this a result of our conversation last night? Or had he been planning to do this all along?

    ‘This is what happens, Nichi, when you tell me what you really want,’ he said, then wedged his right knee in between my unsuspecting thighs, prising them apart. Instinctively I went to close them and he whipped his right hand down to give my right thigh the lightest of slaps, then yanked at my hair again. It shocked me. But before I could even catch my breath, he had thrust his cock into me and begun fucking me, rocking his hips against mine at a relentless pace, causing my cries of pleasure to catch in my throat. Every so often I would test his grip, pulling away from the hand that held my hair, twisting my wrists under his fingers. But each time he tightened his hold.

    ‘Oh, you’re not going anywhere. ‘ He laughed, that dark, mesmerising laugh.

    So this is what it felt like to be forced by Sebastian. He was more abrupt than I could have imagined, in the best possible way.

    About Nichi Hodgson

    Nichi HodgsonNichi Hodgson is a 29-old-year journalist, broadcaster, author and sex educator who lives in London.

    She currently writes a monthly sex column for Men’s Health magazine, regularly contributes to the Guardian and the New Statesman on sex and the law, and gender politics, and broadcasts for BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live and Sky News.

    Her first book, Bound To You, a real-life memoir detailing her time as a professional dominatrix and personal submissive, is out now and published by Hodder.

    Nichi also hosts sex salons at Coco de Mer and is available for private consultations and bespoke parties - visit Nichi Hodgson's website for more information.