1. Read the Winners of the Lovehoney Erotic Story Competition - Two FREE Erotic Ebooks

    Earlier this year we ran an Erotic Story Competition, and you have been eagerly waiting to read the winning stories. We are please to announce that Take Your Partner and The Intimate Stranger are now available to download.

    Each collection contains a selection of the winning stories, alongside stories by published authors including Justine Elyot, Kay Jaybee and Lily Harlem (who won Lovehoney's very first erotic story competition!).

    Available to download in the Kindle Store for FREE from 21st-25th December

    If you liked the romantic storytelling of Fifty Shades of Grey, you'll love Take Your Partner. If you prefer your erotica to involve more than two people or more risque situations, check out The Intimate Stranger.

    Or, up until Christmas Day, you download both for free and decide which you prefer!

    If you don't have a Kindle, check out this list of Kindle Apps - you can still read the ebooks on your computer or devices.

    1. Take Your Partner

      Enjoy romance and eroticism together with this anthology of ten short and very hot stories selected and edited by Lovehoney.

      Take Your Partner

      Features 10 short erotic stories:

      1. Take Your Partner by Blacksilk

      Tango is the dance of love, and when our newly single heroine finds herself dancing with the boyish Georgie at her weekly class, she definitely feels some strong emotions. (FF)

      2. Delice de Chocolat by Viva Jones

      For her 35th birthday, Shelley’s friends treat her to a chocolate cooking class with sexy French chef Laurent de Villier. When the heat rises in the kitchen, she receives a different kind of lesson… (MF)

      3. I Promise to… Please by Lily Harlem

      Cassie and Jake have slipped into the routine of boring married sex—but that all changes when Cassie finds a booklet of sexual vouchers. She presents one to Jake in the hope that it will reawaken some of their desire. (MF)

      4. In Control by Hope Willowbrook

      Jenna and Blake’s relationship has come to a standstill. Egged on by her crazy friend Helen, Jenna does some research and experiments with being a dominatrix. (MF)

      5. I Don’t Do This by G C Carmine

      Chris and Jack have been friends for years, but never like this. This heartwarming tale follows them as they take their relationship to a new level. (MM)

      6. Paris by Moonlight by Justine Elyot

      A stranger in a new city spots a gorgeous local who takes her out for a night of very risqué, very public naughtiness. (MF)

      7. I Promise to… Surrender by Lily Harlem

      Working through their sex vouchers, Cassie is delighted to find Jake expressing a more dominant side. When Jake presents her with a voucher, Cassie is fascinated with the idea of going ‘over the knee’. (MF)

      8. The Princess and the G-Spot by Neneh Gordon

      A sexy take on the traditional fairy tale. A disgruntled princess arrives back to her bedchamber to find a gift from a handsome but arrogant suitor, determined to woo her. (MF)

      9. I Promise to… Perform by Lily Harlem

      Emboldened by their recent experimentations, Jake and Cassie act out another sexual fantasy… to the world. (MF)

      10. Robot with Green Eyes by L A Meadows

      In a world where robots are highly developed and used for everyday tasks, Anna is thrilled to finally own one of her own. Little does she realise, this particular robot has a very specific set of skills. (F/Robot)

    2. The Intimate Stranger

      Explore your deepest fantasies with this anthology of ten short and very hot erotic stories that have been selected and edited by Lovehoney.

      The Intimate Stranger

      Features 10 short erotic stories:

      1. The Intimate Stranger by Emma Walton

      Sarah and her husband Todd explore their deepest fantasy—her having blindfolded sex with a complete stranger while he watches. Can Todd resist joining in? (MMF)

      2. The Chair Girl by Kay Jaybee

      Zoe takes part in a contest where she has to sit on the hot seat and have all manner of things done to her, without climaxing, for a big cash prize. (MMMFFFF)

      3. Learning to Share by G C Carmine

      Nathan and Amy are used to their friend Ben tagging along with them constantly, but Amy never imagined he would be willing to tag along in the bedroom. (FMM)

      4. Taking Control by Jacqueline Carr

      Laura’s romantic night away seems to be ruined when she gets stood up at the hotel—until she decides to seduce a handsome guest in the bar. When James finally arrives, he is happy to join in. (FMM)

      5. Curriculum Complete by Tabitha Kitten

      Young builder Joe has fancied his sexy older tutor for the entirety of his IT course, but he waits until after her last evening class to seduce her in the classroom. (MF)

      6. Of Pain and Pleasure by Ms Ragdoll

      When pleasuring yourself is against your Master’s wishes, you must be prepared to bend over and take his punishment. (MF)

      7. Confessions from the Projection Room by Aria Chase

      One quiet night at the local cinema, a new employee decides to seduce her sexy manager Tony in the projection room. Talk about job satisfaction! (MF)

      8. The Lawyer by Kay Jaybee

      Jade dresses as a lawyer to interrogate and prosecute her lover. This sexy roleplay reverses traditional gender roles for a steamy take on pegging. (MF)

      9. What’s Your Pleasure? by Sarai Larsson

      Life as a medieval prostitute is hard, especially when your sexiest client never wants to sleep with you. Fraught with sexual tension, Jessamine eventually gets to live out her fantasy with the Duke. (MF)

      10. Acts of a Certain Nature by Ella James

      Being dominated is fun, but being the one in charge might be even better. Daniel loves to take control over his wife in the raunchy game they play. (MF)

    Comments (15)

    • Louise: December 21, 2012 14:31
      Downloaded! Looking forward to reading them.
    • Kay Jaybee: December 21, 2012 14:37
      Great to be in such good company!! Erotic fiction has never lookes so strong xx
    • Amber Sweet: December 21, 2012 15:15
      I love the book covers! It's a shame you can't see them properly on a Kindle. :(
    • Lovehoney - Alice: December 21, 2012 15:36
      Thanks Amber! I'll let the design team know you like them. It was a brave step to go for something so unconventional. So much erotica released in recent months looks the same.
    • Charity: December 21, 2012 16:13
      I'd love to download these for my Kindle but I'm in the US. Can you help, please, please?
    • Lovehoney - Alice: December 21, 2012 16:38
      Hi Charity - if you click on the URL, then change it to .com does that work for you?
    • Laveila: December 21, 2012 18:59
      Thanks Alice, I needed that tip too. Now I have to wait till getting home, as my Kindle is not connected to network and will be hard getting it connected. Oh the tease of waiting!
    • Charity: December 21, 2012 20:02
      I got the link from Lily Harlem's page. Thanks for the help.
    • Cat Lady: December 23, 2012 12:03
      Please can someone help me? I don't have a kindle but I thought I had just downloaded a free "Kindle app" for the computer (netbook as I'm away from PC for a few weeks). But when I try to "buy" these books on Amazon it brings up an empty menu for where I want them delivered, which of course doesn't work since I don't have a kindle. I'm stuck now! Shame as I particularly want to read the medieval story!
    • chrisie: December 23, 2012 19:23
      didn't know there was a competition or i would have entered
    • Rose Rouge: December 23, 2012 20:03
      Thanks Alice! :)
    • Cherie: December 23, 2012 20:13
      Looking forward to reading both of these books.

      Cat Lady, if you go to Amazon and their help section it should help you set up your computer for the Kindle App. I have one on my computer as i dont have a kindle. it works great on the computer, even if it is not as portable.

    • john: December 23, 2012 22:46
      just downloaded both books and covers look great on kindle fire
    • mike: December 24, 2012 08:43
      When was the competition! If I'd have know I would have entered!

      Thanks for the free downloads anyway. Merry Christmas!

    • H: December 24, 2012 14:23
      I´m sorry but Lovehoney could have made it clear that this only works for UK residents - I´ve just wasted time on downloading the Kindle app onto my PC only to be told by Amazon that the Kindle store is only available to UK customers.
      Please be more informative about this sort of issues in the future, Lovehoney.
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