1. The Most Fertile Day Of The Year - Are You Ready?

    The Most Fertile Day Of The Year - Are You Ready?After that news this week, it feels like the country has gone baby-crazy.

    The news of the Royal Baby comes at the right time of year, as December is the month with the highest number of conceptions. There's something about festive cheer and long nights that inspires babymaking, which is why so many people have birthdays in September.

    In fact, the most fertile day of the year is coming up in just a few days, with December 11thbeing the day when most conceptions take place. [The Daily Beast]

    Whether or not you're planning on conceiving a baby, we think it's a good idea to celebrate this special day with some good, old-fashioned practice. To ensure you have a great night, we're giving away a luxury Lelo Tiani couple's vibrator (worth £104.99)! Comment below before December 14th for your chance to win.

    • There was a widespread belief in Medieval times that female orgasm was essential for conception. While we now know that it's possible to get pregnant without a female orgasm, there's still evidence to suggest that a woman's orgasm helps conception process. Whethor or not it's true, it's certainly more fun! [Baby Fertile]
    • Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesFifty Shades of Grey has changed the sex lives of millions of people internationally, and caused a worldwide baby boom. Data released of the most popular names in 2012 show that parents are taking inspiration from the books when it comes to names - there are 10% more baby Anastasias, while the name Grey has risen in popularity by 20%. [Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey]
    • Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark have discovered that parents may live longer than those without children. The study of more than 21,000 couples found that those with children generally lived longer and were four times less likely to suffer from circulatory diseases and cancer or be in a fatal accident. [The Telegraph]
    • Our video of the week is an amazing view of the moment of conception - complete with Fat Boy Slim soundtrack.

    The 10 winners of the Billy Boy Endurance Condoms competition from last week are: Isabella, Dave Flowers, Dannii Lake, Giuseppe, Sinead, Nick Hopkins, Gavin, Miss Boomstick, Kay and deadleg21. Congratulations folks, I'll be in touch for your contact details. Remember to comment below for your chance to win a luxury Lelo couple's vibrator.

    See you next Sunday!

    Comments (45)

    • gem: December 09, 2012 08:19
      christmas is all about giving I gave my OH half a good night he gave me my son! Maybe this december should be about him pleasing me and what better way to give him the hint than with a toy we can both enjoy!
    • missterrycleavage: December 09, 2012 10:19
      Aww, nice story but as a single person it definitely won't be a fertile day for me :-( But in the true spirit of Christmas would be great to win the Lelo & give it to some very good friends of mine who are actually trying for a baby, maybe the toy would help them laugh & relax a little :)
    • Jonathan Day: December 09, 2012 10:57
      We are trying at the moment and the vibe will make it more fun for both of us!!
    • Imogen: December 09, 2012 10:58
      Wow, that video was pretty amazing!
    • Monkeyboy2109: December 09, 2012 10:58
      Happily married but naturally sterile so I think 'most fertile day' might be a massive overstatement in my case :-D Lelo are a fantastic make of toy and this a is brilliant give away, well done again Lovehoney!
    • Kate: December 09, 2012 11:25
      Loved that film - should be used in schools!
    • Fluffbags: December 09, 2012 13:06
      I must be too busy christmas shopping at this time of year. My two were born in March and November :D
    • AliMc: December 09, 2012 13:18
      I find this sort of stuff so fascinating. I visited a Bodies Revealed exhibition recently and got to see some real foetuses at different stages of development... so incredible!
    • PPD: December 09, 2012 13:22
      I always thought people without children would live longer simply because they wouldn't have gone through all the stress and sleepless nights. But I guess parents have something to live for and want to live as long as possible to see their child grow up.
      That video though - wow, just amazing. I wonder if the fertilization actually happens like that or if it's just someone's interpretation.
    • fizzy: December 09, 2012 17:06
      I'm surprised that the 11th of December is the most fertile day i thought it would be one of the days between Christmas and new year.
    • Kellymichelle: December 09, 2012 17:50
      Just good old fashioned practice for me!
    • Org addict: December 09, 2012 18:08
      Would be great to get a Lelo product, it certainly looks good quality and more importantly fun!
      That would bring the jingle to our festive holiday!
    • maltedmilk: December 09, 2012 18:52
      Oooh dear! 11th December is a family members birthday and we have been worried that he is getting too comfortable with his HORRID girlfriend haha! Fingers crossed he has too many birthday drinks to function!
    • maltedmilk: December 09, 2012 18:55
      Also, I remember that video from my childhood and I wish I didn't watch it again, ew! Haha xx
    • WildThing: December 09, 2012 21:33
      Get jiggy on the 11th then!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!
    • Spontificate: December 10, 2012 08:04
      Practice makes perfect and a lelo I would definitely help with this. Not sure out would help with conception but it would be a whole lot more fun. It's not about the destination it's about the journey.
    • isabel: December 10, 2012 10:09
      Wow, what an amazing video! Children are such a miracle...
    • Nymeria: December 10, 2012 11:56
      Hehe, think some men will probably avoid this date then... ;P

      I find it interesting. I would have thought it would be after christmas too.

    • Emily: December 10, 2012 12:17
      I heard that the most common birthday is on the 19th of September. All of us kids are born in spring/summer so my mum must've been too busy. Can you imagine the surprise on her face if I were to give her that Lelo toy!? I don't want to win it I was just being nosey :) What would I do with a couple's toy?

      4:05-4:15 the moment when it stops being a little sea monkey and turns into a baby. Awww! We should definately show this in schools, reality hits you hard at the end :)

    • deadleg21: December 10, 2012 12:29
      practice makes perfect - why only the 11th :P
    • Parrot: December 10, 2012 12:32
      That video just put me right off my noodles! Very interesting though :) Me and my partner are hoping for a child free christmas this year though that does not mean sex free- that Tiani would certainly help with that!
    • Chris: December 10, 2012 13:19
      The video was terribly impressive - but surely "I See You Baby" would have been a better fit than "Right Here, Right Now"?!

      (I know it was a Groove Armada track but Fatboy Slim remixed it!)

    • Lovehoney Nicole: December 10, 2012 14:24
      Thanks for all the positive comments everyone, I love writing these blog posts and it's great to know you enjoy reading them! Remember to check back every Sunday, we have some really exciting prizes to give away in the coming weeks :)
    • Parrot: December 10, 2012 15:32
      @ Lovehoney Nicole

      Good Job! You do make them very interesting, I had a big conversation in the office about Christmas conceiving, looking forward to the next blog too :)

    • Pixie-Murree: December 10, 2012 16:09
      Nothing like a snugly 'cuddle' on the cold winter nights!
    • stephanie clark: December 10, 2012 23:00
      Im out that nite...oh dear...better not get 2 drunk...make a mistake!!x
    • Cristina: December 10, 2012 23:37
      Girls gone fertile! There is nothing better than this end-of-the-year happiness.

      Happy Fertile Day!

    • JR: December 11, 2012 04:24
      Well that was class :-D
    • Lu: December 11, 2012 06:10
      Too true - it is an amazing video
    • Cat Lady: December 11, 2012 11:39
      I wonder if this applies to immaculate conceptions as well ;-)
    • RACH74: December 11, 2012 11:42
      my sister was born in september, naughty mum and dad lol
    • Blue: December 11, 2012 12:20
      Seems like a good idea to me. All of ours were summer babies so the morning sickness had well and truly kicked in by Christmas. Doesn't stop me getting to this time of year and feeling broody though....
    • yummy mummy 91: December 11, 2012 12:51
      that good news for me an oh then as we are 'trying' for baby number 3 our other 2 were born in march an november
    • Silverdrop: December 11, 2012 13:29
      I will be extra careful then! Luckily abstinence isn't the only way to prevent pregnancy. Oral, anal, pegging, and mutual masturbation (with or without toys) are also pretty effective!
    • LA Pi: December 11, 2012 14:05
      very cool vid
    • amydb69: December 11, 2012 16:58
      i am actually trying to concieve maybe today will be the day hmmmm be a good xmas pressie for us both xxx
    • Ben Winstanley: December 11, 2012 19:26
      A Lelo product around Christmas time? What an excellent idea! The OH would certainly be pleased to see this, maybe not IN her stocking, but whilst she's wearing stockings...
    • Redkitsune: December 12, 2012 07:54
      Fantastic video! From the mitosis to the finished baby - hard to believe that's happened to all of us!
      Also, would love to have a toy that two people could enjoy - after all Christmas is all about giving! x
    • Miranda: December 12, 2012 18:21
      Thinking about it it's highly possible my sister was conceived around this time! She was born mid September so I wouldn't be surprised. I wonder if there is actually any scientific basis to why the 11th seems the most successful.
    • Laura: December 13, 2012 16:32
      I don't want it to be the most fertile day of the year for me for at least the next few years, but if you could help me out with something to make our practice a bit more fun I know we'd both be grateful ;)
    • Chloe: December 13, 2012 18:31
      Now that I think about it about 80% of the people I know have a birthday around this time, and almost nobody in Spring.. We are a couple years of the children talk but would love a LH xmas prezzy to help warm me and the partner up this winter ;)
    • Louise: December 13, 2012 20:01
      Oh, that explains why I know so many people born in September. I was wondering about that - although I'm also wondering why I know an equal number of people born in December.
    • Rose Rouge: December 14, 2012 01:01
      I am too late for this one but I have certainly been getting in some practice.

      Louise, they would probably be conceived in March, so spring or Easter I guess.

    • EL JEFE: December 18, 2012 00:09
      I think that the main reason that people get pregnant at this time is down to the cold weather. It also happens to be near Christmas which means parties, drink and high spirits.Any time of year is great for sex as far as i am concerned, by the fire in winter and almost anywhere in good weather.
    • Anne: December 21, 2012 19:04
      Wouldn't be much use to me, it's for couples :(