1. Condoms: Wrap Your Mouth Round THIS One!

    CondomsRubber, johnnie, French letter - whatever you call a condom we're pretty sure it racks up fewer Scrabble points than the Danish: svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel (here's how to say it!)

    We all know how important it is to stay protected during sexual activity and in support of World Aids Day, we're taking a closer look at condoms this week.

    We're also giving away ten packs of Billy Boy Endurance Condoms. Simply comment below before Friday afternoon for your chance to win.

    These innovative condoms feature an integrated cock ring at the base to harden your erection, help you last longer and lead you to a more intense orgasm.

    Read on for the best condom related articles from across the web and your chance to win.

    • Adult performer Stoya has spoken out against the controversial Measure B law that just passed in Los Angeles, which forces porn actors to wear condoms while filming vaginal and anal sex scenes. As well as explaining that condoms can give a false sense of security to performers, she explains that mandatory condom use will harm pornography sales, therefore reducing performer fees and making regular testing a work expense that becomes less justifiable for these freelance workers. Do you think porn performers should have to wear condoms? Does it make any difference to your enjoyment of porn? [Guardian]
    • Condoms help protect against pregnancy and STIs, but they also make great water balloons, fashion statements and have even been used live on stage on Broadway and in the West End… [OddStuffMagazine]
    • Need to find a condom machine in a hurry? There's an app for that! Download iCondom to your phone and use GPS to locate the nearest condom vender. User uploaded information tells you where the nearest condom machine is, if it's accessible 24 hours and if it's in working order. Best of all, it's available worldwide! [iCondom]
    • The town of Condom, France had to stand up for itself recently, when a Malaysian condom brand advertised its products as coming from the village in Southwest France. Condom is home to approximately 7,000 residents and reportedly has a condom museum - now there's somewhere we'd like to go on holiday! [Reuters]
    • Our video of the week this Sunday is a fascinating look at the history of condoms.

    Last week's winner of a luxury Thrill Vibrator by We-Vibe is Roxy. Congratulations Roxy, we'll be in touch about your prize. Remember to comment below for your chance to win one of ten packs of Billy Boy Endurance Condoms. See you next Sunday!

    Comments (28)

    • Rik: December 02, 2012 14:43
      Romans used sheep gut as condoms, sheep shagging was invented by drunk Romans who couldn't open the wrapper
    • Jonathan Day: December 02, 2012 15:31
      Would love to win some to help it to last longer!
    • Stu: December 02, 2012 16:03
      Sound like an awesome idea.
    • AliMc: December 02, 2012 16:24
      I'm a little torn on the subject of condom usage in porn. On the one hand it protects the actors and promotes healthy sexual practice but it makes for a boring climax so I don't think it should be mandatory for porn artists who are married to each other and already have bareback sex as then we still get to enjoy the internal cumshots.
    • Sinead: December 02, 2012 17:30
      Oooh last longer you say?? I'll take some of that action!!
    • Gavin: December 02, 2012 20:22
      I can win stuff reading these blogs?! Awesome! Never realised this before. Lovehoney rocks!
    • Dave Flowers: December 03, 2012 12:51
      better safe than sorry, thats my motto
    • Danii Lake: December 03, 2012 13:01
      there's no r in it i don't think, correct me if i'm wrong
    • Miranda: December 03, 2012 13:03
      We used to throw condoms filled with water out of the window in our university halls. The poor passers by always looked so confused as they were soaked from head to toe, although most managed a smirk when they realized it was a condom that had landed on them ;)
    • Rie Luna: December 03, 2012 13:08
      It is spelled: 'Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel'. I'm danish and I know it fo' sure. There's no R between 'byggende' and 'middel' :)

    • MissBoomstick: December 03, 2012 13:16
      they look yummy. NOM!!
    • Lovehoney - Alice: December 03, 2012 14:25
      @Danii Lake & @Rie Luna - we consider ourselves corrected! We weren't doing it for the extra Scrabble point, nope... *whistles innocently*
    • Giuseppe: December 03, 2012 15:17
      Oh it would be great gift for me and my wife! Thanks!
    • josie: December 03, 2012 15:28
      i personally go through fits and starts with condoms. some brands are awful! never tried billy boy ones tho. would love the chance to :P
    • Daniel Ivey: December 03, 2012 16:28
      I would love to win to make our love making last longer and safer :)
    • Nick Hopkins: December 03, 2012 16:53
      A great idea
    • Pixie-Murree: December 03, 2012 17:06
      Always prepared
    • paula lane: December 03, 2012 21:51
      fab blog and giveaway thankyou
    • deadleg21: December 04, 2012 11:26
      hope christmas comes early for me
    • Fluffbags: December 04, 2012 11:38
      I like the idea of a condom and cock ring in one! Would like to see these on lovehoney and give these a try.
    • david: December 04, 2012 16:59
    • Cara Sutra: December 05, 2012 08:20
      I do like the Billy Boy brand, I reviewed them recently. Fun and colourful, with good variety in the range. Love the offer you have on them right now too.
    • kay: December 05, 2012 10:40
      fun colours
    • Isabella: December 05, 2012 15:04
      Only just placed my first order with lovehoney! So glad I found it! Its awesome that there are competitions, too; I would love some of these!
    • Alex rose: December 07, 2012 19:00
      Great, always need a help to stay harder.
    • Sex Shop Online: December 20, 2012 11:14
      Yes, it's really longer in your sexual life for completely satisfied. I will suggest to all woman it's very good product for her specially which are living alone.
    • Jason: December 21, 2012 22:13
      Sounds fab
    • Arnold Guild: April 25, 2019 14:43
      Looking for Teatless Condoms or ones without a reservoir tip.
      Is there any out there.