1. Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Him

    Put his pleasure at the top of your Christmas shopping list when you pick up a best-selling sex toy for men, the gift that truly keeps on giving.

    Using sex toys is all about discovering new sensations and experimenting with different techniques to increase enjoyment and improve sexual satisfaction. Add variety to your bedroom antics by transforming masturbation, foreplay and penetrative sex for the better with an erotic Christmas gift.

    Male sex toys aren’t just a great enhancement to his sex life, they’re fun for you to use together. A luxury male masturbator from TENGA or Fleshlight adds a new edge to foreplay, helping you to give a hand shandy to remember without the arm ache.

    Better-than-real sensations come in different packages: some are anatomical, while others look more like a piece of art or a high-tech gizmo, ensuring you’re never put off by the look of a toy during play.

    Vibrating cock rings prolong your shared pleasure by restricting his blood flow, engoring his penis for a thicker, fuller look and feel. The vibrations give you both additional stimulation, but while his approach to climax is delayed, yours is escalated, improving your chances of sharing a more intense orgasmic moment together.

    Try toys that stimulate his glans and frenulum like the Cobra Libre Male Vibrator, or opt for full-length stimulation by giving him an erotic massage with a stroker from Lovehoney.

    For he who dares, anal toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers add a whole new level of orgasmic potential into the mix, escalating his erotic response to dizzying new heights and intensifying his climaxes.

    1. Lovehoney Sexy Christmas Pack for Him
    2. 1. Lovehoney Sexy Christmas Pack for Him


      If you can’t wait to start exploring with male sex toys, this bumper pack includes three best-selling male sex toys and a bottle of lube, all pre-wrapped in a Lovehoney gift box. Saving yourself 39% on the RRP of the items combined, it's a fantastic introduction to the spectrum of male toys.

      "Overall this box is well worth the money! A bargain - buy it!" - MattH, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre Luxury Male Vibrator
    2. 2. Fun Factory Cobra Libre Male Vibrator


      Vibrations are just as fun for him as they are for you - especially when focussed around the super-sensitive tip of his penis. This luxury vibrator for men is sleek, sophisticated and rechargeable just like any other gadget he loves to play with.

      "All of a sudden I could feel everything was much more sensitive and myself building up. From this point it didn't take me long to climax and all I can say is WOW!" - Tommy07, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Lovehoney Thrust Realistic Male Masturbator
    2. 3. Lovehoney Thrust Realistic Male Masturbator


      With an incorporated case to keep the inner sleeve clean and safe from prying eyes, this anatomical male masturbator offers a realistic look and feel in a compact package to revitalise his stroke.

      "The combination of the soft, fleshy SimSkin material and the textured bumps on the inside deliver lovely sensations that will leave you very satisfied. Add a bullet (or two!) to the internal pockets and the Thrust will blow your mind." - Satoshi, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Lovehoney Intense Double Stroker
    2. 4. Lovehoney Intense Double Stroker


      Each double stroker in the Lovehoney range (choose from Extreme, Intense or Wild) has two erotic textures to give him twice the satisfaction. Switch between the textures during play by turning the sleeve inside out and you’ll give him a world of sensation that no mere hand can muster.

      "It gave him a super intense orgasm much quicker than if I was just using my hand on him" - rose189, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator
    2. 5. Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator


      Discreetly packaged in its own case and renowned for lavishing your man with some of the most realistic and intense sensations a stroker can hope to bestow, this luxury male masturbator has a place in every man’s life.

      "Once unwrapped I had to try it out straight away and WOW, it really is like the real thing, adjust the suction using the end cap and it's like the best blowjob you've ever had." - Polar Bear, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator
    2. 6. TENGA 3D Spiral Masturbator


      TENGA have been creating superior sex toys for men since 2005 and this artistic stroker offers the intense feeling of their best-selling TENGA Eggs, but for his full length instead of just his glans.

      "As soon as I slid it on the sensation was astounding, so soft but so intense. Amazing feeling." - Robnsoph, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Tracey Cox Supersex Sensation Stroker
    2. 7. Tracey Cox Supersex Sensation Stroker


      Clear Cyberskin gives you a transparent view of every stroke, offering both of you an added visual thrill when you bring one of sexpert Tracey Cox’s strokers into the bedroom.

      "I have to say I'm really pleased. Although, we've only used it once it seemed to work wonders (doing exactly as is advertised). My boyfriend said it was amazing!" - Beth, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight
    2. 8. Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight


      Give premature ejaculation a pleasurable brush-off with STU, the male masturbator that helps train him to hold off his orgasm, so you’ll both enjoy longer-lasting lovemaking.

      "Entering it for the first time you can not believe how real it feels, and it has certainly allowed me to go on for longer the more I use it, which is the whole idea." - Jarica, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager
    2. 9. Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager


      Small but perfectly formed, this petite anal toy enhances his pleasure during masturbation, foreplay and sex, and can even give him hands-free orgasms without the need to stimulate the penis at all!

      "Tried it alone first, then while I was with my wife the second time. With a little help from her, I hit the magic "super O" three times before finishing with a bang. Now I am finally on par with her multiple Os." - tester72479, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring
    2. 10. Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Love Ring


      This might look like a man’s toy, but it’s actually a cleverly-disguised couple’s sex toy. He wears it to delay his orgasm but you’ll both enjoy extra sensation thanks to the vibrating clitoral stimulator.

      "Our sex life was great before and has now stepped up a gear to somewhere I don't know. I would strongly recommend this for all couples" - SexJunkies, Lovehoney customer.

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