1. I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ring...

    I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ring

    It has started. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and a certain TV advert for a famous fizzy drinks company has aired (the definitive festive-season starter for some). I can practically hear those sleigh bells ringing, which is why I've chosen the Spartacus Nipple Clamps with Bells as Lovehoney's Toy with me Tuesday entry this week. Bonus points if you can guess what instrument the music is for.

    If you want to see more fun and creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up on Ness's blog, or follow the #ToyWithMeTuesday hashtag on twitter.

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    • Lovehoney Rachel: November 27, 2012 09:32
      Bells perchance?
    • buzzvibe: November 27, 2012 16:33
    • Nymeria: November 28, 2012 00:51
      I love this! So adorable and goes together so well! It reminded me of the "Ring Bell for Sex" item but not that obvious.

      Kudos to the brains behind the operation. =)

      As for the music sheets.. I have no idea. >.< A flute?

    • Lou22: November 28, 2012 08:32
      Love this they look really cute. Guessing that's bell music? x
    • Penny: November 29, 2012 01:13
      Fun idea and image! Those clamps would definitely help me get into the Christmas spirit :)
    • Lovehoney - Alice: November 29, 2012 09:29
      Thanks for the feedback so far - I think this is one of my favourites >.<

      And... no, not bells and not flute music.

      *evil cackle*

    • darren: November 29, 2012 13:05
      bass guitar?
    • Lovehoney - Gemma: November 29, 2012 13:36
      Nope, it's not the bass ;)
    • Ness: December 04, 2012 10:31
      I forgot to say how much I love this photo =)

      Really must get out some musical instruments this year. I'm not a big fan for Christmas songs, but love music... also anything electrical can be hocked up to my music operated vibe - orgasms may help condition the Christmas vibe into me ^_~

    • Denise: December 04, 2012 13:05
      Its for guitar i believe?
    • Ness: December 05, 2012 12:31
      It's a 4 string instrument by the look of things. So it could be a violin, madeline, cello, or bass guitar.

      I'm gonna go for the violin, but I'm probably wrong... must dust out my sheet music.

    • Lovehoney - Alice: December 10, 2012 10:33
      Glad you all like the picture, it's one of my favourites :-) This is actually a piece of music from a book called 'A Dulcimer Christmas' and it is indeed for a four-stringed dulcimer. I believe you may be able to use it for other stringed instruments though...
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