1. Is Social Media More Thrilling Than Sex?

    The Thrill by We-Vibe Dual Action Vibrator for Women

    Over 83% of 18-29 year olds are doing it, most people spend over 7 hours at it a month and in October 2012 alone, we spent a massive 6.7 billion hours immersed. What are we talking about? Why, social media, of course! [Hubspot]

    It's true, even at Lovehoney we get a thrill from Twitter, Facebook sends us into a frenzy and Tumblr is tantalising. So this week, we've been thinking about the similarities between sex and social media.

    And to celebrate the Thrill we get from sharing, we've decided to give away a newly released Thrill by We-Vibe (worth £94.99) with a Twitter-style competition! This sexy vibe is already getting rave reviews and is set to be a Lovehoney favourite.

    To be in with a chance to win, simply comment below and tell us in 140 characters or less why you would love aThrill by We-Vibe.

    • A Chicago-based study of 250 undergraduate students has found that checking Twitter and Facebook is more tempting than sex. According to the young people surveyed, they were more likely to succumb to the temptation of checking social media sites - and the more they tried to resist the urge to check Twitter, the more they want to. Which begs the question - would you really choose social media over sex? [Jezebel]
    • Think "liking" your friends activity on Facebook isn't enough anymore? Do you want to give them physical reassurance about their online activity? No? Us neither. That's why we're baffled by the "Like-A-Hug", a new "social media vest" that synchronises to your Facebook account and inflates to hug you every time a friend likes your activity on Facebook. Unbelievably, you can even deflate the jacket to send a hug back. Would you buy the "Like-A-Hug" vest? [Daily Mail]
    • Facebook's new couple page is causing controversy, but some relationship experts are saying it could be good for your relationship. Relationship expert Debra Macleod thinks that broadcasting your relationship online strengthens ties. She points out, "I think people need to be more defensive and be more public in the fact that they're with somebody". Do you agree with putting your relationship on Facebook? [CTV]
    • Did you know that Charlie Sheen tweets during sex? To get you in the mood for our Twitter-style competition, our video of the week is #rofl.

    The winner of the Hot Ménage competition from last week is Christa Palmer. Congratulations Christa, enjoy your book! Make sure to check back weekly for more exciting competitions. For your chance to win the Thrill by We-Vibe this week, simply comment below and tell us in 140 characters or less why you would love to win.

    Comments (64)

    • Emma: November 25, 2012 08:01
      I would choose social media over sex - but only because I have never experienced the latter! If I could still play with my toys whilst tweeting, I'd be happy :)

      However if I had to choose between the Thrill and Twitter, I'd definately go for our one-handed power tool!! The colour is just gorgeous and I'm impressed that the makers of the Thrill have designed it in the shape of my initial - e. If it's as powerful as a we-vibe I'd be proud to own one. I'd take my hat off to them - if my hands weren't all over my keyboard!

    • AliMc: November 25, 2012 12:45
      I absolutely adore my We-Vibe Tango and would love to be able to experience such Thrill-ing power against my G-Spot!
    • Hazy: November 25, 2012 15:21
      The We-Wibe Thrill looks refined and perfect for a night in on my own. I love it!
    • Rumple: November 25, 2012 15:35
      The We Vibe Thrill intrigues me. It looks like a handheld vaccume cleaner but sounds amazing. I would never be able to afford this without a lotto win so i have it on my testers list and fingers crossed!
    • 77/83: November 25, 2012 16:14
      Wow, that tweet sex video is really, really bad. I hope they don't get paid for that.
    • Elaine MacKillican: November 25, 2012 16:17
      Sex is always better and always will be.
    • jade: November 25, 2012 16:31
      I would love to win a We-vibe because I'm single haha.
    • dan: November 25, 2012 16:35
      Looks weird and wonderful, would love to add this to the toy box :)
    • Kellymichelle: November 25, 2012 17:40
      I'd love a we-vibe thrill because I'm looking for a new toy, something a bit different to add to my toy box.
    • Brittany: November 25, 2012 18:04
      No way would I ever choose social media over sex! I consider one of those fun, and the other a necessity :) And I love the look of the We-Vibe Thrill, it's so sleek and powerful looking and I've never used a toy like that before.
    • Heather: November 25, 2012 18:18
      I would love a we-vibe thrill as I am moving in with my boyfriend and would make for a great home warming night.
    • Roxy: November 25, 2012 19:15
      Scot Mills #real or no real, "you can't focus on series tasks till 15 minutes after Facebook/twitter use" ...now, the thrill by we-vibe seems a much better use of time ;)
    • claudia: November 25, 2012 19:26
      I would love to get this we-vibe because I'll find a better half soon - I hope - and that would make the beginning of this relationship much better :)
    • Pixie-Murree: November 25, 2012 19:58
      I would love a We-Vibe Thrill! I have the We-Vibe 3 for couples sex but I'd love to be able to use something similar for solo play as it is so hard to find a good toy for internal and external use without going to a rabbit which to be honest is quite noisy!
    • Pixie-Murree: November 25, 2012 20:00
      Oops read words not letters there! Try again:
      I'd love to get the same experience from the 3 with a toy designed for solo play
    • Nymeria: November 25, 2012 20:16
      I'd love to experiment with the new Thrill we vibe because it's so modern and luxurious looking. I have no doubt that my OH will be impressed by it looks and would love to try it out with me. =)

      It'll also be the first we-vibe style toy we'd have tried.

    • WildThing: November 25, 2012 20:31
      Who WOULDN'T want a grip handled motorbike of love! I'd love one to grab my OH, grab the handle and leave her grabbing the sheets as we ride off into the sunset of pleasure!
    • jodie: November 25, 2012 22:12
      I personally wouldn't chose social media over sex, but if the 'thrill by we-vibe was in our sex toy draw, I could Twitter as my partner used it on me. Let women use technology and the men do some work for a change!
    • True: November 25, 2012 22:38
      I would love to win because it would be nice to have this sexy little hand mixer to use on myself after so much holiday baking.
    • PPD: November 25, 2012 23:18
      Wow not sure how I can compete with everything that's been said so far.

      I'd love the We-Vibe Thrill because orgasms are more important than sleep. The shape is interesting and I don’t own anything We-Vibe branded yet.

    • Wolf Simpson: November 26, 2012 00:42
      I love social media, I get so much out of it. But it'll never will replace sex of any form, I can be pleasured or pleasure myself anywhere private & not have to worry that I have a signal or offend everyone. Its one of the times going solo is quite pleasurable. ;-)
    • Lou22: November 26, 2012 08:18
      I don't personally use Facebook or twitter, Lh is the only forum im on and as much as i enjoy it it could never replace sex.
      Would love to try the thrill with my oh, just so intrigued by it and would be our first of the we vibe toys :)
    • Boing-Boing: November 26, 2012 11:17
      Social media over sex?! Where do they find these weird people? Social media is most definitely bottom of the pile when it comes to time with the other half!

      We'd love a chance to get our hands on the Thrill. Our collection is distinctly lacking in any We-Vibe products and it's leaving us hankering for more! We need this in our lives!!

    • Silverdrop: November 26, 2012 12:32
      #Thrill me-thrill me-Slip inside & rumble till I will be-will be-moaning in excitement & ecstasy-ecstasy-make me tell you I'm in love w/ you
    • rose hip: November 26, 2012 12:33
      140 words and a mouse can only get you so far with #sexual happiness.
    • Stuart fletcher: November 26, 2012 12:48
      I would or my wife would love this to complete the set. I think the we-vibe is certainly trending at our house!
    • gunther: November 26, 2012 13:13
      I think the researchers have got the wrong end of the stick. I have a daughter in Uni and my wife works in one. University students today have been brought up with mobile phones, internet chat and facebook, they are scared to death that they "miss something" or are rejected by their net community. They would be much better switching off all devices and getting laid in time honoured student tradition.
    • Melissa: November 26, 2012 15:13
      How on earth can social media take over sex, i can see how it would help with sex lives. For meeting new people who want no strings sex or for people who dont have confindence in them self (for chatting up face to face). but give me sex over a night on facebook everyday .
    • ted: November 26, 2012 15:23
      I'd love the We-Vibe Thrill to enjoy with my sexy wife. We love trying & reviewing new toys; the dual clit & g-spot action sounds amazing.
    • Charlie Pringle: November 26, 2012 18:14
      I probably spend more time on social media, but if I had to choose... Sex, sex, sex, sex. Facebook doesn’t produce orgasms.

      That is such a pretty vibe. Can has?

    • RedCheeks: November 26, 2012 19:09
      Social media can definitely be addictive but too much time online just gets me down, I'll take toys over it any day :)
    • SelectZen: November 26, 2012 21:09
      I would love to win to give it as a wedding aniversery gift to my wife.
    • Corrie Austin: November 26, 2012 23:37
      I would choose sex over social media any day! Though social media is addicting, its very boring a lot of the time. Why be bored when you can have sex or use the thrill.
      It looks amazing! And i'm sure it is thrilling.
    • KinkCouple: November 27, 2012 18:45
      Unlike a good sextoy, social media sites will be a bygone fad in years to come. I'm sure theThrill by We-Vibe must feel as good as it looks.
    • Michael: November 27, 2012 19:38
      If i was to win this toy! Well! It would get a lot of use! Im trying to spice up my sex life a little by changing the rules ;) im experimenting a lot... And well this toy would help get the girls and me going for anything. And social media or a sex toy well social media dos not get you screaming with joy :)
    • theresa j: November 28, 2012 05:38
      I would totally love to win this toy just so that I can have my first couples toy. It would be awesome to have a product that is getting such good reviews.
    • jennifer k: November 28, 2012 18:46
      Now I love my social media, but nothings better then sex!!! This toy looks fantastic and would make a great new addition to my collection, i can only imagine how happy hubby would be
    • gem: November 28, 2012 20:40
      twitter what’s twitter...? I am 26 and spend more time with my sex toys than twitting away on a social media site... and I could spend more time with my sex toys if I got my paws on this beaut Please and thank you!
    • Cat Lady: November 29, 2012 12:51
      We Vibe looks different and interesting
    • Clit Vibrator: November 29, 2012 13:32
      In today's time Sex and Social Media are very similar thing. Most of Social media sites are used for online dating, Adult chating, Online Video sharing etc. So they have a huge market and million of peoples use it every day.
    • Agneta: November 29, 2012 13:35
      It looks intimidating...I love it, I want it!!!
    • mark: November 29, 2012 15:43
      social networking....more like anti social networking. I wonder some times whether those that are hooked on tweeting, 'facebooking' will in years to come ever be able to hold a face to face conversation.
      As for the Thrill by We-Vibe, as a sensual 'pleasurer' would love to get my hands on that to see what Thrills it could give to my wife - after all We-Vibe has a terrific reputation.
    • amy: November 29, 2012 16:19
      OMG i cant believe how any one could find twitter facebook etc. more pleasureable than sex or sex toys i personally rather have my sex toys or the real thing any day over any social networking sites xx
    • Laveila: November 29, 2012 19:02
      I am tempted by this toy, I love the idea of dual stimulation, already love my We Vibe Tango, so I expect that this toy would deliver my favorite power strenght
    • Midnight Boudoir (Blondii): November 29, 2012 23:08
      I personally hate the idea of the new couples page, I feel its invading privacy and its up to the individual person and couple ONLY as to whether they want to share what they are doing.Faceook is getting far too controlling over who we speak to .
      I LOVE the new thrill its so much like my dustbuster what a gorgeous erotic looking product, fingers crossed...drool!
    • Jan: November 29, 2012 23:10
      I would absolutely love to drive my girlfriend wild with desire with the Thrill by We-Vibe!
    • maltedmilk: November 30, 2012 00:32
      "I would love a Thrill by We-Vibe"
      ...because my boyfriend just noticed it from over my shoulder and exclaimed;
      "Woahhhhh!! It looks like a f*cking phazer gun or something!!"
      I think he approves! :)

      I would love to give the company a try, their ideas seem very innovative!

    • Blacksilk: November 30, 2012 13:10
      Cos I had a We-Vibe 3 but couldn't use it, bah, and so I want the solo version. I love the Tango, so imagine that but with G-spotting! Wow!
    • Alice: November 30, 2012 13:14
      I would love this! It's my boyfriends birthday on New Years Eve...would definitely make the celebration go of with a bang!
    • Jamie: November 30, 2012 13:35
      I think this might be the one to convert my oh-so-judgemental OH that vibes are the way forward!
    • Dan: November 30, 2012 13:43
      I'd love to win a We-Vibe so I can Re-Vive my lover's Deee-light!
    • Hayley: November 30, 2012 22:04
      Checking Facebook is more tempting than sex? ...Well sex toys are more tempting than food when funds are short. Fact. But my funds can never stretch to a Thrill we Vibe so I hope someone takes pity on me and picks me!
    • Ashleigh Philp: November 30, 2012 22:39
      I've wanted a We-vibe for ages! This one looks amazing, and i'd love to surprise my girlfriend with it :)
    • Charlotte: November 30, 2012 22:41
      There aren't many sex toys for lesbians and finding something new to use in the bedroom is difficult. This would be perfect!
    • acecaz123: November 30, 2012 22:45
      I'd love a wee vibe thrill,
      'cause my sex life do'nt fulfill.
      We vibes are really great,
      I'd love my own to rate!
      I know this is getting cheesy,
      but pick me, please, please, pleasey!!!

    • Sinead: November 30, 2012 22:55
      I would love this Thrill(er) as my boyfriend is off on his first Afghan tour in January and I'll be flying solo for six months!!!
    • deadleg21: December 01, 2012 00:11
      It looks like a lot of fun, but on a student budget i just cant get it...but maybe if i win it :P
    • sarah louise wells: December 01, 2012 08:27
      please help me, I've now got a lap top and it comes to bed with me. I
    • Elizabeth Williams: December 01, 2012 23:52
      I'd love to win this and get #social with my partner
    • steve: December 03, 2012 22:43

      this would so blow away out the other half if I got hold of this

    • Stacey: December 05, 2012 17:09
      I would love a We-Vibe Thrill because I'm flying solo and this is just the love honey I need to keep my motor running!
    • EL JEFE: December 18, 2012 00:20
      I would love to present my partner with a gift of a Thrill by We-Vibe. and watch her use it naked in front of a blazing fire . I love nothing better than to pleasure her and it would please me to see the enjoyment she would get from the Thrill by We-Vibe. I would also enjoy helping her to use it and joining her on the rug.
    • Lynn Fancy: December 20, 2012 01:03
      O.M.G-Spot! I'd ? 2 win a We-Vibe Thrill Social Media better than sex? I'd rather orgasm than send a text!

      (107 characters)

    • Dee: December 21, 2012 15:52
      Don't know how anyone would rather social media to sex. An orgasm a day will keep the doctor away or at the very least will be so enjoyable!!