1. Washing Up

    Toy with me Tuesday Washing Up

    What's that I spy? Why, the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set all prim and clean and ready to go.

    If you want to see more fun and creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up on Ness's blog, or follow the #ToyWithMeTuesday hashtag on twitter.

    Comments (8)

    • Valerie: November 06, 2012 10:46
      What a clever idea!
    • Midnight Boudoir (blondii): November 06, 2012 15:14
      Great shot, love the glass together.
      I can see my Mums face now if I did this lol!
    • Lou22: November 06, 2012 17:18
      They're fantastic, love these sort of pictures. Always best to have your toys clean and ready to go lol :)
    • Little Miss: November 06, 2012 19:55
      I can imaging guest coming round wondering what they are, reminds me of fancy wine bottle stoppers!
    • Blacksilk: November 06, 2012 21:32
      I have a genuine love for the subset of sex toy photos known as "washing the toys". :)

      When it's glass, it's even better.

    • Penny: November 06, 2012 22:04
      Simple and elegant image!
    • True Pleasures: November 06, 2012 22:31
      Beautifully done! And... I mistook the handle of the Pyrex measuring cup for the handle of a glass dildo for a couple of seconds. lol
    • Lovehoney - Alice: November 07, 2012 10:15
      Thanks everyone! I love all washing the toys photos, and once stumbled across a "hanging the strap on harness out to dry" photo which was AWESOME.
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