1. Actually Firing A Bullet Vibrator & The Return Of Your Favourite Sex Toy

    Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator

    The original Lovehoney Pocket Vibrator was a firm customer favourite, with over 400 reviews, a 5 star rating and hordes of satisfied customers. Appearing in the Top Ten Toys for Clitoral Stimulation, Top Ten Toys for Beginners and Top Ten Most Powerful Vibrators, it was ranked as one of our most popular creations.

    We got many dismayed calls and queries when it was discontinued, but while Lovehoney customers were busy mourning the loss of one of our most popular vibrators, we were trying to improve an already top-rated toy.

    After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce the improved version of the Lovehoney Pocket Vibrator.

    With the addition of 4 stimulating heads and costing only £5.99, this vibe gives plenty of bang for your buck!

    To celebrate the re-release of this classic vibrator, we're giving one away!

    Simply comment on this blog post to be in with a chance to win, and don't forget to read the other top sex news stories from this week.

    • Sex columnist Dr. Brooke Magnanti, previously known as Belle de Jour, tests out sex tips from various female magazines with less than favourable results. However, another article we saw this week pointed at new research claiming women's magazines have an empowering effect on female sexuality. How do you weigh up on sex advice from magazines? Would you try out their suggestions? At least you know you can rely on Lovehoney for excellent sex tips!
    • Ever wondered what would happen if you built a giant slingshot, loaded it with a bullet vibrator and fired at a giant vat of jelly? No? Skip ahead to 2:26 in our video of the week below to discover how vibrators class on the D.I.L.D.O. scale (that's Damage, Inflicting, Longitudinal, Destruction and Object).

    • The lucky winners of our frightful Halloween competition from last week are Rose, LandC, Ellie, Chris D, Kelly Murray. Congratulations! Comment below for your chance to win a Lovehoney Pocket Vibrator. Winners announced next Sunday.

    Comments (57)

    • Labyrinth: November 04, 2012 07:33
      oOo i'd love to try a bit of that...
    • AliMc: November 04, 2012 10:53
      Aww I love how the aim on that slingshot is a heart
    • Sarah foran: November 04, 2012 11:01
      Sounds very interesting
    • Kate: November 04, 2012 11:02
      Very interesting video!
    • Lou22: November 04, 2012 11:16
      Ooh vibe looks great! I work with my partner and had no idea that he liked me when we first went out, fortunately he wasn't shy about it :)
    • fizzy: November 04, 2012 11:37
      yes! my favorite toy is back! and looking better then ever!
    • Jen: November 04, 2012 11:43
      Looks good! ;)
    • claudia: November 04, 2012 12:08
      Good for cold, lonely winter evenings :)
    • Rie Luna: November 04, 2012 12:24
      Let me try it out :)
    • Alex: November 04, 2012 13:14
      Yey! Pocket rocket is back!!!!!!!
    • Kelly: November 04, 2012 13:44
      Wow certainly looking forward to giving this a try!
    • Jodiest: November 04, 2012 13:45
      do wonder how the sling shot would work with Lovehoneys rabbit cumming! Out the end ;-)
    • David: November 04, 2012 13:52
      My wife is very pleased with this news ;0)
    • Hayley: November 04, 2012 13:53
      Loved the look of this but never been able to get my hands on one! Fingers crossed!
    • Jen: November 04, 2012 13:53
      Wow. That's a really good deal. I would love to try one out.
    • Jonny: November 04, 2012 14:33
      What a mad video! I much prefer the Lovehoney ones ;-) The OH would not let a brand new pocket vibrator be treated like that.
    • Sue LolaPasha: November 04, 2012 15:34
      I love your blog..
    • Blacksilk: November 04, 2012 15:43
      OK, that guy in the video is awesome. :)
    • Emma: November 04, 2012 16:13
      sounds good to me!
    • Pixie-Murree: November 04, 2012 16:23
      Haha brilliant video!
    • david: November 04, 2012 16:27
      that be a good xmas gift for my gf
    • Alex: November 04, 2012 17:33
      My wife used to have one of these and loved it. It sadly died an I know she would love a new one.
    • Chris: November 04, 2012 17:57
      My mrs would definitely get a "buzz" out of hearing these vibrators are back on the market ;-)
    • HappilyExperimenting: November 04, 2012 18:51
      Wow, what a shot! Bit of a waste of a bullet though if you ask me - I'd keep this one back as reserve! :)

      The interchangable heads look great on the new Pocket Rocket and I'm glad the original head is the 'main' head of the vibrator, so to speak. I would worry about the heads falling off but this is LoveHoney we're talking about - I'm sure this won't be the case. I like the heart on the side of the rocket too - if I remember correctly the old one didn't have that. I may have to get it for myself as a stocking filler this Christmas; someone who owns this definately belongs on the naughty list!

    • Cat Lady: November 04, 2012 19:10
      Would love to try this!
    • Stockie: November 04, 2012 19:43
      The buzz around here is that the classic go-to vib is back, and with better bang for your buck than ever before :D
    • InsatiablyTaken: November 04, 2012 19:55
      Oh gods that video. I want to launch my dildos at unsuspecting jello blocks!
    • PPD: November 04, 2012 20:17
      I already have the original Pocket Rocket but wouldn't mind trying the improved version! I love that the designers chose to put a little red heart on it rather than keep the 'sexy and secure shopping'.

      And the Rocks Off bulllet DOES look like an actual bullet so I guess it was only a matter of time before someone used it as one ;)

    • Yessi: November 04, 2012 21:06
      The bullet looks really good! Great video too.
    • Rumple: November 04, 2012 21:11
      Is the pocket rocket really as good as they say?
    • Kerrie: November 04, 2012 21:35
      Looks like a very fun toy for evenings alone or evening with the OH
    • gem26: November 04, 2012 21:41
      Was looking at something similar the other day! Would love to try it out
    • DanielHawk: November 04, 2012 22:12
      I showed the video to my OH and she said claimed it was a waste of a perfectly good vibrator...
    • Nymeria: November 04, 2012 22:26
      Love the look of the improved version and was a huge fan of the old one. =)
    • Brittany Ingram: November 05, 2012 01:14
      The new add-ons to the vibe look awesome!!! Has been my fav toy in my bag of tricks for some time now, and would love to try out the new heads!
    • boing-boing: November 05, 2012 11:00
      Ha! I'd be happy to judge the merit of all my future purchases on their 'shootability'!
    • darren: November 05, 2012 12:15
      my gf broke her last rocket- cant get a battery to stay in the compartment now. shame as they are pretty handy! And no, men and women cannot ever 'just be friends' :) it just cannot happen!
    • rach74: November 05, 2012 14:02
      oh yes my old one of these died and nothing matches up to it apart from the bullets
    • RedCheeks: November 05, 2012 17:34
      You can't beat the classic pocket vibe :p
    • Imogen: November 05, 2012 18:41
      I've heard so many great things about this vibrator, glad to see it's back!
    • WildThing: November 05, 2012 19:03
      I am quite sure my OH would LOVE one of these - the little knobbly lids look positively pulsating - Well done Lovehoney for getting this back on the market!
    • sarah: November 05, 2012 19:41
      looks good
    • innocent: November 05, 2012 20:59
      that looks lovely - an improvement on the original
    • SelectZen: November 05, 2012 21:02
      Simple and straightforward, a classic :-)
    • la83: November 06, 2012 08:27
      Hmmm, just nice size to stick in my pocket, when going out for a long walk.
    • Jo Y: November 06, 2012 11:57
      Sounds interesting!
    • jenny: November 06, 2012 16:14
      sounds good :)
    • stephen B: November 07, 2012 12:26
      Gf would love this
    • maltedmilk: November 08, 2012 01:29
      Ah lovely news! All my favourite products seem to get discontinued!
    • Jane saunders: November 08, 2012 13:26
      I think my other half would really enjoy the feelings from this as much as I would. It's lovely to be able to stimulate and be stimulated by each other and our toys. This would be a very welcome addition.
    • steve: November 08, 2012 21:58
      Wow, would be interested to try
    • Jamie Nicholls: November 09, 2012 14:52
      Hellllooooooo, my best friend is back! Would love to try the new improved version of my best friends :)) xx
    • Kirstie Vaughan: November 10, 2012 02:26
      I want, I want, I want .... please :)
    • Honey Rider: November 11, 2012 01:11
      hahaahahahah i love that video!
    • liz: November 13, 2012 00:37
      definitely intrigued by this
    • sophy19: November 15, 2012 22:03
      oohhh... ;) deffo want to give it a go :)
    • Nyx83: November 16, 2012 12:58
      That's one i've got to try!
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