1. Masturbation Bars, Autumnal Sex and Topless Trampolining: Lovehoney's Week in Sex News

    Have a Sip of Coffee

    There's never a dull moment in the Lovehoney office, but this week has been especially exciting - between our little announcement and some heartwarming customer feedback, we've been kept busy.

    But once again the weekend has rolled around, and as usual this Sunday we've scoured the best of the internet for your lazy morning reading pleasure.

    We've brought you the regular mix of fascinating sexology articles and sex-related surveys, as well as a heads up on new Lovehoney products.

    Sit down with a coffee (the stainless steel butt plug is optional) and enjoy Lovehoney's latest round up of sex news.

    Photo featuring the nJoy Pure Butt Plug by ruffledsheets.

    • The Shibuya district of Tokyo has been in the news this week at the launch of Love Joule, a "love and sex bar dedicated to women". This bar is being marketed as a safe place for young women to come and discuss sexuality and masturbation. While it's unclear whether or not any sexual activity takes place, they certainly have a nice display of Lelo vibrators behind the bar!
    • It's October - time to enjoy all that Autumn has to offer: falling leaves, hot chocolate, and lots of sex. Not convinced? Discover 16 reasons to have sex in Autumn- as if you needed any encouragement. Is your romantic life affected by the changing seasons?
    • Pamela Mann Faux Suspender Tights with Heart TopsExciting new arrivals at Lovehoney this week include this beautiful Sweet Streaks bustier set and baroque-style Roza Ballerina hold ups for a complete medieval-inspired lingerie set. The editorial team have also been lusting after the new selection of Pamela Mann tights (right) that went live recently - at the suggestion of community member on the Product Request thread. If there's an item you really wish was stocked by Lovehoney, hop on the forum and bring it to the attention of our buying team. We love to hear from you, and really do listen!
    • Canadian research suggests that orgasms are more satisfying when achieved during sex, rather than solo masturbation. A previous study claimed that subjects produced up to 400% more prolactin (the hormone that stimulates breast milk production) when they reached orgasm through intercourse in comparison with masturbation. Do you think your orgasms are different in company?
    • Did you know that people earning between £25K and £50K are most likely to bring their partner to orgasm when compared with other salaries? That's according to the GQ sex report - a survey of over 1,000 people by GQ magazine. They also reveal that "From behind" is the top-voted sex position, 63% of participants have had phone sex, and 44% prefer amateur porn to any other kind.
    • Everyone's favourite Irishman, Chris O'Dowd, has teamed up with the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and CoppaFeel to raise awareness about male breast cancer. The hilarious campaign features Chris playing the role of Lars - Health and Safety Officer for the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships.

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    • Chris: October 08, 2012 02:55
      Right, I'll have to try out that fall sex list with my OH! Wish me luck...
    • Lovehoney - Gemma: October 08, 2012 10:46
      Great blog post - the video is genius!
    • Suzan: October 08, 2012 11:05
      great reviews Nicole..keep them coming
    • Nymeria: October 08, 2012 11:51
      Haha @the video! Love it. "Bounces"

      I'm glad that the Pamela Mann tights are well liked- I requested them. I'll be buying them when my size comes in stock. =)