1. Call Girl Reviews, Sex on TV and Freaky Labia: Lovehoney's Week in Sex News

    Dirty Words - An Infographic of Prostitute ReviewsWelcome to our Week in Sex News - a round up of some of the most interesting stories about sex, sexuality and (of course) sex toys we've found this week, as well as some tit bits from Lovehoney.

    Did you know that Chloe, the most popular name for a call girl, means 'fertility goddess'?

    For more fascinating (and some sordid) research into call girl reviews, check out Dirty Words: A Probing Analysis of 5000 Call Girl Reviews and the follow-up article Life of a Call Girl: Fantasy vs Reality.

    Jon Milward also tells us that a new, large-scale piece of research is due to land in the next few weeks on his blog, and it's going to be very juicy indeed: keep an eye out.

    Here's what else we've been talking about this week…

    Infographic by Jon Millward

    • Is Thursday the best day to have sex? We asked the Lovehoney Facebook page and the answer was a resounding 'no'. This little factoid seems to circulate the media quite regularly - is it just nonsense? Despite scouring LSE's website, we can't seem to find the source, and any article mentioning the research seems to point to vague comments that amount to 'it's all about sex hormones… or something'. Still, it makes us feel better about Thursdays.
    • The vulva is making headlines again and it's great to see so much education and awareness about genital diversity. The latest must-watch video from sex-positive peer educatorLaci Green is on 'Freaky Labia'. She explains: "I talk about how pornography shaped my insecurity with my labia and later learn that I wasn't so abnormal after all."

    Wait! That's not everything

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    Comments (5)

    • Lovehoney - Alice: September 02, 2012 08:10
      Doh! Laci uploaded a new video so the correct video link is here:


      I'll update the post when I'm in tomorrow - enjoy!

    • Tap Sum Bong: September 02, 2012 11:40
      I read about the airline and dildo incident. Personally, I think who ever taped the toy to the case should be hung, drawn, quartered, shot and hung again for good measure.

      I absolutely detest the fact that people cannot or are unwilling to accept others because of what they are like and/or do. AN YE HARM NONE, DO WHAT YE WILL.

      And as for Thursday to have sex?? Give me a break! >.< ANY DAY is good to have sex!

      Especially a Monday. 1st day back at work, ideal way to de-stress and have a bloody good sleep for the Tuesday =)

      Sunday's also a good day as well. You're both relaxed and chilled, and that (in my books) leads to great sexy time.

      And browsing the lingerie.... To Quote George Takei.. Oh MYYYYY!!

      I think there's going to be a large list for Christmas there... =Þ

    • Lovehoney - Alice: September 03, 2012 08:12
      All fixed!
    • WandA: September 03, 2012 23:47
      When I regularly used the forums I always loved the idea of a news round up from the wonderful and weird world of sex.

      Thank you Alice!

    • Lovehoney - Alice: September 06, 2012 14:05
      Thanks WandA - your thread was definitely a source of inspiration. Shame you're not around so much, you'd pretty much write the blog post for us with your updates ;-)