1. Take Our Quick Best Sex of Your Life Survey - We-Vibe 3 Up For Grabs!

    We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator When did you have the best sex of your life, and who did you share it with? Perhaps it was with your first love, your spouse, maybe even a cheeky fling with that Adonis from the beach you met on holiday?

    Whenever, wherever and whoever gave you the best sex of your life, we want to know about it! Our new survey is on a mission to find out not only who it was you shared your most powerful sexual encounter with, but what made it so unforgettable. Did you climax at the same time? Or perhaps it was the thrill of getting caught?

    Even if you’re still waiting to experience a fireworks moment, we want to know about the best you’ve had so far and whether you’d be up for it again. To spill the beans simply fill in the Best Sex of Your Life survey (below).

    Everyone who enters could be in with a chance to win the luxury couple’s toy We-Vibe 3 worth £80.00.

    Competition now closed!

    Comments (42)

    • Abots: August 31, 2012 11:58
      I answered with "Your first love" but she is also my current partner.
    • Beth: August 31, 2012 12:04
      I have been with my current boyfriend just over a year and find every time with him amazing! We are still able to explore new ways to pleasure each other either on our own or with the help of some toys or other props (like chocolate) from lovehoney) to increase our pleasure even more!
    • Mogwai: August 31, 2012 12:10
      Hmph. No virgin option so can't take part :(
    • susan glover: August 31, 2012 12:12
      I've been with my husband for 21 years & we've been married for 10 years. I've only ever had sex with my husband & its still Fantastic :-)
    • Nymeria: August 31, 2012 12:15
      I was about to put "Other" until I read this "If you're lucky enough that your first love is also your current partner, then please select 'current partner'." *Puts hand up* ;P

      I wish I could have selected more for the reasons of why it was the best sex ever. It was my first and only partner but it's pretty amazing. The "feel so much love for the partner" comes on top though but I feel confident and sexy enough to add sex toys and lingerie. I love exploring and experimenting with him. =)

    • Amanda James: August 31, 2012 13:10
      My own 50 shades before it was trendy!
    • Abots: August 31, 2012 13:10
      Where does it say that Nymeria? I've answered it wrong now if that's true haha
    • Sandra bishop. (Badgirlbites): August 31, 2012 13:17
      I was only 13 when I first set eyes on my current hubby.This is probably gonna sound real bad lol coz he was dating my eldest sister and she thought it was real cute that I had an instant crush on her boyfriend.their relationship only lasted a few months but my crush continued,I slept with his picture that he gave me under my pillow for ages and ages but I never saw him again.years later my parents and I moved from Harefield to Ruislip it was only a 15min bus ride.Anyway one evening I was standing at the bus stop when a car stopped and rolled the window down and said "hi want a lift"well I nearly died of shock lol,and so it began.We went on a date and I was so nervous I hardly spoke to make matters worse he was 12yrs older than me and with age comes experience,so I kept knocking the drinks back to calm myself.To cut it short he drove me back and said do I want a coffee ,but instead I got so much more it was amazing he made me feel so precious and he took things real slow he obviously new I was a virgin,and he made my first time real special.He is what I call a real gent he treats women with respect.I Love you big bear x x x
    • mark: August 31, 2012 19:48
      I've been with my wife 20 years, married 8 of those years, she still turns me on and can surprise me every now and again with something new that really spices up our sex life.
    • Jenny (JenKat): September 01, 2012 15:27
      Before very recently, I would have said the best sex I had was with someone else, but since me and my long term partner got back together, the sex has really improved, and I managed to achieve a clitoral and g-spot orgasm at the same time. It was amaaaaaazing!
      Great questionnaire, and someone is going to be very lucky winning the wii vibe 3!!!
    • Nymeria: September 01, 2012 17:32
      "Where does it say that Nymeria? I've answered it wrong now if that's true haha"

      When you hover over the question- it comes up in a little quote. =)

    • jodie stanley: September 03, 2012 10:07
      Best love of my life took me years to find and not giving them up.
    • Chris L: September 03, 2012 18:42
      After a Divorce and feeling rock bottom , this woman friend brought me back to life !
      We have both moved on but are still good friends !!
    • Richard: September 03, 2012 18:59
      Hi, yes of course, you don't both have to orgasam, but it is normally mind blowing if you do both orgasam & if you can control it as the man then it's incredible.. Almost teasing yourself & your partner..
    • Karen: September 03, 2012 19:09
      He is the man of my dreams and it took me 36 years to finally understand what true love is and that true love is well worth the wait. I love and adore him in every aspect. And I cherish every single day that we have together. X
    • Patricia: September 03, 2012 19:48
      I lived a long time before I encountered the wonderful sex I had never experienced before, even though I had been married twice!
    • Patricia: September 03, 2012 19:49
      I lived a long time before I encountered the wonderful sex I had never experienced before, even though I had been married twice!
    • David Walters: September 03, 2012 19:59
      Married for 29 years to a woman who didn't like sex, I really thank the Ladies that rekindled my love of making love.
    • KLE650: September 03, 2012 20:10
      The original We Vibe V1 did an amazing job. To the point of partners first squirting exp. Many more followed. V3 must deliver more.
    • Kev: September 03, 2012 20:24
      A good mixture of love and excitement works for me
    • julz: September 03, 2012 22:01
      Always keep an open mind and try new things to keep it alive
    • Charlotte: September 04, 2012 08:50
      I don't think it matters if either one or both doesn't orgasm if your in a long term relationship because you have plenty more times to orgasm when having great sex. But it's very disappointing if your having great sex on a one night stand and you can't orgasm because your left horny and very disapointed.
    • Michelle Saunders: September 04, 2012 12:21
      I've always loved being pushed , to try something different , new or just that bit further than before.
      It's good to try as much as possible and have found that friends with benifits or strangers allow me to do that
    • paul a master: September 04, 2012 15:48
      as a now married couple we know its important not to take either for granted we have a slightly unusual dynamic as we have a master n slave relationship but sex is equally important in this especially for my partner i think thats whywe have been together for 7yrs now
    • Chris: September 04, 2012 17:16
      They say life begins at forty but my wife and I say at fifty it goes in to overdrive. your never too old to keep trying new things even after 33Yrs married.
    • Neil: September 05, 2012 09:51
      It was quite rushed for fear of being caught. But it was the mention of doing it how we did the day before that made it sooo good. A whole day of thinking about it drove us both wild... sadly the car is sold now, but has fond memories! :)
    • Karina: September 05, 2012 09:57
      I've been with my fiance' for over 3 years now he is my first love and i have loved every minute being with him. Getting married next year cant wait!
    • Steve: September 05, 2012 10:17
      After 17 years we still have the most mind blowing sex in the world. A new toy woukdn't hurt though ;).
    • alfred lloyd: September 05, 2012 10:53
      after 57 years lost my love of my life to lung cancer.I was the only person to have sex with her,and miss her more than anyone for mind blowing sex.
    • Fi (Chamelian): September 05, 2012 13:21
      I realise now I have never had great sex until current partner and always thought that it was linked - for women at least to love - I now feel that it is about comfort. I dearly love my partner - the 1st after a tricky unexpected divorce - but more than love he makes me feel comfortable and sexy in the bedroom even if I feel like a bag of nails - something I had never experienced before - that and the mind blowing orgasms. A wonderful man:-) x
    • Gillian: September 05, 2012 13:43
      Having fantastic sex, role play, extended foreplay and taking it to unexplored levels, is exciting. Doing all of this with a partner you have strong sexual and emotional feelings for, is a mind blowing experience, to be able to trust and learn to adapt to a two way level of control. I love my life right now equally I love my partner to. X
    • Marc: September 05, 2012 14:28
      Away from each other for 3 weeks and we were dying for it!
    • Andy: September 05, 2012 16:04
      It's a difficult question to answer in some ways. The best long term sex is definitely with my current partner. The most memorable single experience was with a friend who was leaving the next day. It was just a bit unusual and very memorable which involved a fantasy I'd had for years, turns out she had too but hadn't found anyone to act it out... It opened my mind and because of this experience I'm still having great sex and experimenting to this day with my beautiful partner :-).
    • jinty: September 05, 2012 22:49
      only see my partner 4 times a month and the sex is the best ive had.
    • Charlie: September 05, 2012 22:50
      Married for years, recently taken a lover...wish I'd done it years ago
    • lee: September 06, 2012 09:35
      Toys and lingerie from lovehoney certainly change the game and add new levels. Had some amazing times with my current princess but also with ex's and some friends.
      Friends with benifits is the best as there is no pressure or awkwardness. U both know ur in it for the sexual fun. Love my current girl to bits now tho and were even more experimental. Well, I am, she's too tied up to try :p
    • Janey: September 06, 2012 15:30
      Married 18 years last month & we are having THE best sex of our lives......put it this way......50 shades didn't teach me anything.....just wish we had his play room lol!
    • Simone: September 06, 2012 18:43
      I met my partner when I was 18 and had a brief fling before I went back to college and nearly ten years later we got back together I couldnt imagine being without him now the sex is amazing whether its gentle and intimate or a bit more 50 shades I've never felt so close to anyone in my life! :)
    • jodie stanley: September 06, 2012 22:46
      Best love of my life took me years to find and not giving them up.
    • Adam: September 10, 2012 16:54
      Fingers crossed
    • Jon Beaven: September 12, 2012 14:23
      It was with my wife it was wow wow wow
    • Marie Woodburn: September 15, 2012 06:26
      My current partner, we had the best sex before children. Look forward to them leaving home so we can pick up where we left off.