1. We, The People, Demand Sex Tips!

    What did you get up to over the weekend? If you happened to be reading The People on Sunday, no doubt you will have spotted us featured in a double spread article by Tracey Cox, titled SEX TIPS: How To Keep Your Relationship Alive.

    The People

    Alongside the colourful Lovehoney logo (standing out deliciously in the centre of the spread!) the piece featured a 24 top tips for keeping the spark in your love life, as well as scrummy picture of Tracey, erotic novel recommendations and how men are using Fifty Shades of Grey to get women into bed. (Hmmm… are they? Discuss.)

    In keeping with Lovehoney’s mission for sexual happiness and wonderfully fulfilled sex lives, Tracey dished out 24 top tips to make sure your relationship doesn’t fall flat, including making time for a dirty weekend once every six weeks, and keeping your nether regions fit and healthy by investing in kegel balls for both pleasure and toning.

    We were all chuffed to see the fantastic coverage in The People, and even more delighted to see classic erotic literature such as Fanny Hill and modern Black Lace novels being brought back to the forefront of literary recommendations. We’re sure the article will help more couples to talk honestly with each other about their sex lives (tip #18 - Be open about what works for you) and keep that fiery passion burning bright!

    My personal favourite? Well, Tracey hits the nail on the head when she gives tip #1: ‘By all means use your head to make your choice for a life partner, but don’t discount your groin’. Lovehoney may give great deals on sex toys (check out our Deal of the Day), but we’d never discount our groins.

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    • Yvette: September 17, 2012 20:10
      Where can I read the full article please?