1. Body-Responsive Jiggle Balls

    Jiggle BallsJiggle balls are the hot topic at the moment thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, but there’s a lot more to kegel exercisers and Ben Wa balls than meets the eye. As well as the better-known weighted balls, there are also sets of pleasure balls that incorporate technology into their design to create all new experiences for the wearer.

    In Fifty Shades, Ana enjoys wearing her balls during a spanking. With every spank her body tightens around the balls, increasing the pressure she feels from those free-roaming weights. Thanks to luxury sex toy makers Swan, the ante has been well and truly upped.

    This week's Awesome Sex Toy is the Swan Clutch Vibrating Jiggle Balls (£70.00), a set of luxury jiggle balls that have replaced the internal roaming weights with vibrating motors which respond to your squeezes. The harder you clench your muscles around Clutch, the stronger it vibrates. Free roaming weights are fun, but they’re left in the dust by this kind of responsive play.

    The Swan Clutch Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Kegel ExerciserClutch might not be what you had in mind for kegel exercises, but they offer an enhancement to other sexual forays unlike any other. Wear them during a spanking and every hit will result in a powerful clenching around the balls that causes the vibrations to thrill you alongside each hit of the paddle.

    Wear them during anal sex and the pressure of the thrusts pushing down on the balls will escalate the power levels as the balls are pushed down hard against your G-spot.

    Clutch is not only rechargeable but also 100% waterproof. The smooth silicone surface also makes for easy insertion and comfortable wear both in and out of the bedroom.

    A set of jiggle balls that offer the powerful sensations that your body asks for? Awesome!

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    • Nymeria: August 24, 2012 14:01
      These look fantastic! I wouldn't have known what they were capable of if I didn't come across this blog post.

      It's just far too expensive.. An amazing and thrilling concept though.

      Is the idea of using any type of kegels with actual vaginal penetration a big no-no? I don't even know if it's possible and might be a little too much but I always wondered if it can actually work. Then again, I wouldn't want anything to get potentially lost either.. o.O

    • Lovehoney Hella: August 26, 2012 23:39
      There are tiny vagina balls that you can wear during penetration. They can be a pain to get out after though, it's best to wait for a while for your body to return to its non-aroused and less-elongated state.

      The idea is that they give additional stimulation for her and make her feel tighter to him.

      The balls won't leave the vagina other than by the way they went in. There's nowhere for them to go.

      You probably wouldn't use something the size of Clutch during penetration but the We-Vibe 2 and 3 are good examples of a g-spot toy that can be used during penetration.

    • Nymeria: August 27, 2012 15:58
      Oh ok, thanks for the info Hella.

      I may think about investing in a We-Vibe some time. I strangely like that knocking effect that the weighted balls have internally rather than full on vibrations.

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