1. Get Busy, Get Burning! Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

    Get Busy, Get Burning! Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

    As sex is an activity that involves many different muscle groups, getting down and dirty can be both pleasurable and practical when it comes to helping control calories. After all, who’s going to complain about a little burn when you’re in the throes of passion?

    On average we burn around 4 calories per minute during sex, which equates to around 240 calories an hour. Obviously the more vigorous you are, the more calories you’ll use, and the secret is to try as many positions as you can and have a long, hot session between the sheets - having your bedroom as warm as possible will help, too. If the woman is on top, employing a bouncing movement, then she’ll double her calorie expenditure and get a fab bum and thigh workout into the bargain. And don’t stint on the heavy breathing - it’ll increase your heart rate and boost the burn. It’s also thought that women who have an orgasm during sex burn more calories than those who don’t.

    It’s not only full-on intercourse that does the trick, though. Kissing is quite a complex operation, requiring over 30 muscles working in harmony, and burning around 100 calories an hour. And oral sex can use up around 200 calories per hour - not bad when you consider an average ejaculation of sperm contains 5 to 15 calories. It’s all about balance.

    Along with the additional health benefits of regular, satisfying sex - which can include a more youthful and glowing appearance and an improved immune system, sex is known to be a great natural mood improver. So grab your favourite toy, hand or partner… get busy and get burning.

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