1. All Fingers and Thumbs

    All Fingers and Thumbs - Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekHeavy metal is pretty awesome stuff, and for once I’m not talking about the music genre. When it comes to weight and pressure, very little lives up to the skills of a good metal dildo. They’re cool, hard and completely rigid, and they weigh more inch for inch than glass or any other sex toy material.

    Metal sex toys tend to be quite beautiful and intricately cast with sweeping curves and a high-polished finish. This week's Awesome Sex Toy is no exception and it even comes with its own padded flight case. If you love simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation, you’ll love the Metal Worx Double Trouble Metal Dildo.

    When I first took this dildo out of the case, I was a bit confused. I couldn’t work out how you’d insert it both vaginally and anally at the same time and there was also something strangely familiar about the shape. I sat it on my desk and watched it for a while, rocking it on its upward curve by intermittently knocking the finger loop.

    Seeing it rock back and forth on the curve, I immediately knew what this dildo emulates - the classic two finger vaginal plunge with clitoral thumb stimulation. Brilliant!

    Metal Worx Double Trouble Metal DildoTake a closer look at the shape and you’ll see that the upwardly-curving vaginal dildo is shaped similarly to the index and middle finger and the clitoral stimulator has the shape of a thumb. The clever angles assure that rocking this metal dildo will stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris in rhythm, leading to one sensational foreplay-style orgasm.

    The flight case is a great bonus not to be overlooked as it provides discreet storage for a number of toys if you remove the foam. When locked up it looks just like my make-up cases, allowing it to inconspicuously blend in with the rest of the random boxes in my bedroom.

    A flight-ready metal hand with just the necessary digits to make you super happy? Awesome!

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