1. Prostate Milking

    Prostate Milking

    Prostate milking refers to the centuries old practice of relieving the build-up of semen by prostate massage. You can still drive your man wild today, by stimulating his P-spot, more commonly known as the prostate gland, and considered to be the male equivalent of the female G-Spot.

    Slowly penetrate him as far as you can, with your longest lubed-up finger - his anus should be lubricated with an anal lube well. You should be able to locate a small, firm bump on the uppermost side of his anal passage, ie towards his navel. It has a slightly crinkly texture like a walnut. Press or stroke this P-spot with a rhythmic, beckoning motion (just like for the female G-spot) but be gentle - and make sure it’s your finger pad and not your nail that’s making contact. (It’s important to keep your nails short and smooth for all anal play, in fact).

    Some men can be milked to orgasm through prostate stimulation alone. If his penis is waving around and crying out for attention though, stimulate him with your other hand, or orally, to bring him to a powerful, knee-trembling climax, then withdraw your finger very s-l-o-w-l-y when it’s all over.

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