1. Hot For Magic Mike? Sexiest Male Stripper Outfits

    1. If it's not Fifty Shades of Grey titillating the nation this summer, it's Magic Mike - a film about a troupe of red-hot male strippers starring Channing Tatum.

      In the interests of sexual happiness (ahem) a group from Lovehoney went to see it. While we weren’t really sure what to expect, one thing was certain: the film was going to be filled with buff ting men grinding, gyrating and pumping in some seriously sexy stripper outfits.

      Magic Mike has given us a lot of fantastic ideas about costumes for men and what is (and isn’t) sexy when it comes to a male stripper outfit. Sexy costumes for men are a tricky thing to get right, but one thing we’ve learned is that sometimes the hottest looks are the simplest and easiest to achieve.

      Here are our top suggestions for sexy male stripper sets.

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    1. Naked Butler / Kinky Waiter

      PPU Underwear Cotton Lycra Thong with Collar and Bow Tie

      The naked butler ranks highly in the female fantasy stakes and it’s a relatively easy look to achieve. You can either go for a complete stripper set solution like the PPU Thong with Collar and Bow Tie (pictured left, £8.00) are create your own look with a posing pouch, thong or costume boxers teamed with a collar and cuffs.

      The finishing touch is a waiting tray that you can use to bring your partner breakfast in bed, champagne or perhaps some massage oils for an erotic massage. Just don’t forget to put your tray down before you start dancing.

    1. Sexy Policeman

      Fever Cop Policeman's CostumeWho doesn’t like a bit of authoritarian dominance? There’s nothing quite like being handcuffed to the bed by the long, hard *ahem* of the law. For a complete look try the Fever Cop Costume (pictured left, £32.00). This full outfit allows you to perform a full striptease but don’t forget the sexy undies to finish the look.

      If you want to open with an eye-popping, raunchy look then dare to bare with skimpy separates, but don’t forget the handcuffs.

    1. Candyman Wet Look Boxer Shorts with Strap Detail

      Wet Look Boxer Shorts - £15.00

    2. Fancy Dress Police Hat

      Police Hat - £4.99

    3. Silver Handcuffs

      Silver Handcuffs - £6.99

    1. Saucy Sailor

      Tap into that primal, wanton urge that comes from months away from your sweetheart at sea and channel your sexual prowess into a sailor fantasy. Avoid looking OTT by keeping the look simple with a hat, some sexy boxers and a length of bondage rope to let her know that you’re ready to put those knot tying expertise to good use.

    1. Salacious Soldier

      Who can resist the sight of a man who fights for his country standing to full attention? Not me, that’s for sure.

    1. Tasty Tarzan

      He Tarzan, me a very happy Jane. This look is simple and animalistic and the only accessories you need to match your jungle-inspired briefs are messy hair and a dominant attitude when it comes to sex. You can enhance the experience even further with a pair of Sportsheets Door Jam Wrist Cuffs to enhance that feeling of dominance.

    1. Fetish Fantasy

      Both chaps and fetish-style straps feature heavily in Magic Mike - especially on Matthew McConaughey who seemed to be sporting a gladiator or cowboy-style ensemble for most of the film.

    1. And finally…

      Don't forget the music to strip to. Forget The Full Monty and its cheesy soundtrack - our personal favourite in-the-mood tunes from Magic Mike are:

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