1. Top 10 Toys for Clitoral Stimulation

    Did you know that an estimated 70-80% of women require clitoral stimulation to experience an orgasm? That's massive.

    Whether it’s a super powerful clitoral vibe you need when others have failed to bring you to climax, or something to help you achieve orgasm during sex with your partner, Lovehoney is on hand to help you select the best clitoral stimulator for you.

    Check out 10 of our top 100 clit vibes, and don't forget to add a female orgasm booster to your basket too, to aid arousal and increase your clitoral sensitivity.

    Video: Could this be the best clitoral toy every created? According to reviews, it just might be!
    Learn all about the Womanizer in this special feature vlog with Jess and Annabelle.

    1. 1. Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Voted 'The World's Best Vibrator' by Good Housekeeping Magazine, unrivalled sensuality and stimulation are yours with the Desire Clitoral Vibrator. Delight in its silken silicone form, and surrender to wave upon wave of blissful sensation.

      • Tapered tip crafted to target your clitoris
      • 8 patterns of waves and pulses and 12 levels of intensity
      • Named Best Vibrator by The Sun
      Ideal for:
      • Powerful yet whisper-quiet vibrations
      • Precise stimulation of external pleasure points
      • Solo arousal or foreplay
      What they say:

      "It is quite possible that I've just found my new favourite toy. Calling it a toy feels wrong, as it's really more of a work of art!"

    1. 2. Lovehoney Shine On Sunset Ombre Mini Vibrator

      Lovehoney Shine On Sunset Ombre Mini Vibrator

      Explosive pleasure is about to become as commonplace as cleaning your teeth, thanks to a vibrator no bigger than your brush. This bullet vibrator is lightweight and compact with strong multispeed vibrations.

      • Sleek and shiny with a gleaming ombré design
      • Petite size is the ideal choice for beginners
      • Multispeed vibrations so you can tailor your pleasure
      Ideal for:
      • Fun with a partner or solo adventures
      • A first-time vibe
      • Intense clitoral stimulation
      What they say:

      "This cheeky little devil certainly looks and feels amazing, the design is great and I just loved the colour blend. The base is textured, so making the speed adjustments easy all in all this feels and looks very high end."

    2. 3. Mantric Rechargeable Dual Tip Clitoral Vibrator

      Mantric Rechargeable Dual Tip Clitoral Vibrator

      Made from opulently soft silicone, this toy's firm-yet-flexible tips direct intense stimulation to your external hot spots. With 10 thrilling vibration speeds and patterns to choose from, your experience is totally tailored to your taste.

      • 10 speeds and patterns allow you to customise your play
      • Non-intimidating design for beginners
      • Two tips for intense external stimulation
      Ideal for:
      • Use in the bath or shower
      • Intense clitoral stimulation
      • Palm-sized power
      What they say:

      "Wow oh wow, this little vibrator packs a punch!"

    3. 4. Lovehoney Flash Clitoral Vibrator

      Lovehoney Flash 7 Function USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Let Flash (a-ah) be the saviour of your universe and take you from so-so to whoa-Whoa-WHOA in a jiffy. With its precision tip and 7 function motor, enjoy whisper-quiet powerful vibrations that never miss the spot and deliver galactic orgasms every time.

      • USB rechargeable design
      • 4 speeds and 3 patterns
      • Powerful, whisper-quiet motor
      Ideal for:
      • Precise clitoral stimulation
      • Use on your own or with a partner
      • Travelling around the globe
      What they say:

      "This vibrator never fails to give me a leg-shaking orgasm. Also, you can be very discreet when charging it because it looks just like a USB, which is perfect when you live with parents."

    1. 5. We-Vibe Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      We-Vibe Touch Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

      Let the We-Vibe Touch be big spoon to your bean, its smooth silicone form and concave tip entirely enveloping your clitoris before kick-starting play with its 8 mode vibrations.

      • Ergonomic curve so it fits in your palm
      • 8 different patterns of pulsation
      • USB rechargeable
      Ideal for:
      • Direct simulation
      • Pleasure on the go
      • Aquatic play
      What they say:

      "Honestly, the shape of the product is genius! The fact that is it waterproof so you can bring it with you into the shower is just another awesome bonus."

    2. 6. Womanizer Starlet 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

      Womanizer Starlet 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

      Your new bestie is here, and she's handbag sized. The petite-but-powerful member of the ever-popular Womanizer family, Starlet, combines delicious suction with pulsating vibrations, heralding a new age of female orgasms.

      • 4 escalating levels of intensity
      • Soft silicone cocoons the clitoris
      • USB rechargeable
      Ideal for:
      • Hiding in your handbag
      • Travel-friendly thrills
      • A new kind of clitoral sensation
      What they say:

      "3 minutes out of the 25 years I've been on this planet to discover that I am actually capable of squirting. Who knew?"

    3. 7. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator

      Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator

      Reach new heights of stimulation with this clitoral rabbit vibe. This pocket-sized pleasure-giver is compact and discreet, with ears to add extra tingles to solo and couple's play.

      • 7 vibration patterns and 3 speeds offer varied play
      • Waterproof for wet and wild play
      • Rabbit ears for intense stimulation
      Ideal for:
      • Using alone or during sex
      • Ease of use with one-button control
      • On-the-go fun
      What they say:

      "The vibrations are surprising, strong, and the buzzing rabbit ears really hit the right spot every time and had my other half screaming happily."

    1. 8. Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

      Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

      This collaboration between Lovehoney and Womanizer combines gentle suction with pulsations to lavish your sensitive clitoral nerve-endings with a contactless caress.

      • Provides a touchless, pulsing sensation
      • 6 levels of compelling intensity
      • Waterproof for fun in the bath or shower
      Ideal for:
      • Intense sensations
      • Beginners and couples
      • An alternative to vibrations
      What they say:

      "Everyone with a clit needs this in their lives. I'm not even exaggerating. Haven't had an orgasm ever? Try this. Have but need something different? Try this. It's for everyone."

    2. 9. Tracey Cox Supersex Clitoral Precision Vibrator

      Tracey Cox Supersex Clitoral Precision Vibrator

      The unique design offers deep, rumbly vibrations which reverberate from the cleverly engineered 'ears' all the way to the base - a one stop source for all your orgasmic needs.

      • Powerful clitoral vibrator
      • 3 speeds and 4 patterns
      • Easy to use with single button control
      Ideal for:
      • Precise pinpoint stimulation
      • Deep, rumbly vibrations
      • Solo play, foreplay or use during sex
      What they say:

      " I love using this when I am short on time but still want that all-encompassing orgasm."

    3. 10. Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator

      Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick Vibrator

      A petite, ultra discreet vibrator masquerading as makeup. Simply press the button to access the strong vibrations to have your bean buzzing with bliss.

      • Hide-in-plain-sight design
      • Powerful single speed vibrations
      • Simple one-click operation
      Ideal for:
      • Cheeky gift for a lover or bride to be
      • First-time clitoral vibrator
      • Portability
      What they say:

      "It gave me a wonderful sensation on my clit! So enjoyable I was reluctant to put it back in my handbag!"

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