1. Top Massage Tips

    Top Massage Tips

    Massage is not only thought to be the best method of seduction, it’s a comforting and bonding experience in its own right - whether or not it leads on to more intimate activities. It’s not difficult to give a soothing and sensual massage even if you’re inexperienced. Apply a fragrant oil or lotion, warming it in your hands first, rather than dripping it straight onto the body. Be guided by your partner as to what feels good for them. And for safety, don’t work directly on the spine or dig into muscles too deeply - use a gentle or medium pressure.

    One variation (especially popular with men) is to give feet a treat. Begin by applying massage lotion (there are specialist tingling minty ones for the feet, if you want) then massage your partner’s soles with a deep circular motion, using your thumbs. Start just behind the toes and work backwards to the heel. Then concentrate on the toes themselves - give each one a slow, gentle tug, then wiggle it back and forth. Finish by lightly slapping the soles with the back of your hand, then soothe your beloved to sleep with a stroking motion along the length of their feet.

    It’s also worth getting hold of a feather tickler. Then with a little massage oil drizzled over your partner, watch them writhe with delight as you use the feather to make patterns over their skin. Aromatherapy oils work well too, but make sure you dilute them in a neutral carrier oil first. Mandarin essential oil is reputed to release inhibitions and ylang ylang is said to heighten sexual arousal.

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