1. Five tips to help you use your new love balls

    Oriental Ben Wa Jiggle Balls‘What are the silver balls in Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a seriously popular Google question right now, but once you’ve found and bought your balls… what then?

    How do you use these magic love balls to the best effect?

    If you’re struggling to find new and inventive ways to put your jiggle balls to good use, try out these silver balls sex tips:

    1. Be prepared


    Get a little make-up bag that’s big enough to store your Ben Wa balls and a bottle of sex toy cleaner so that you can take them with you. If you’ve had enough of wearing them or need to use the bathroom you’re then able to remove them, clean them and pop them back in or store them without leaving the cubicle.

    Keep a small bottle of lube, like the pocket-sized //d3f650ayx9w00n.cloudfront.net/940/54598-012.jpg (£7.99) in your make up bag too, so you can easily insert them again if you want to.

    2. Wear them in new environments


    Wearing love balls while sitting about really isn’t putting them to great effect, you need to move around to get the maximum benefit. The more you move, the more they stimulate and you can get more Oomph! by popping them in before you’re most active or will be moving the most.

    Having a dance, travelling by bus or doing your yoga class is that much more fun while wearing your love balls, so don’t be afraid to wear them in new places to see if you can liven up the most mundane of tasks. Might be an idea to avoid them while driving on the motorway though, no one needs an orgasm at 70mph.

    3. Use them to perform kegel exercises

    Although they’re designed for pleasure, Ben Wa balls and other love balls are ideal for helping you to tone your pelvic floor, giving you better muscle tone and increasing the strength and duration of your orgasms.

    Take a look at our How to Use Kegel Balls guide to learn how to use your balls for kegel exercises.

    4. Use them as a pre-sex warm up

    Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking PaddleThe arousing effects of jiggle balls can be used as an extension to your foreplay.

    Slip them in an hour before bedtime and allow their gentle movements to slowly arouse you in the lead up to lights out.

    For a truly Ana and Christian experience, why not combine using your silver balls with a little spanking?

    5. Use them to enhance anal sex

    If you enjoy anal play then you’ll love the added sensation a pair of vaginal balls gives you. The sensation of anal penetration is enhanced by the firmness of the balls and the pressure of the anal penetration pushes the balls firmly against your G-spot as the weights massage you into a climactic frenzy.

    These are Lovehoney customer favourite jiggle balls:

    Comments (3)

    • Nymeria: July 22, 2012 18:10
      Some sound and practical advice!

      I think I will be investing in some better quality kegel balls and not because of the books.. I genuinely am interested in keeping my parts in good shape- especially for when I decide to have children.

      I am really enjoying the information on how to use these ball and the guide. Thanks Lovehoney.

    • Fenrir: April 20, 2013 20:40
      Another use is for straight couples who enjoy pegging. The female parter can wear them alongside their usual strap-on, so she too can receive sensations as a result of her own thrusts.
    • Mic: December 07, 2015 00:42
      A question, Can they be safely used for anal usage as well as the vagina?