1. Knuckle Up!

    Knuckle Up - Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekThere’s a lot to be said for the novelty factor when it comes to sex toys. As the writer of many of the Lovehoney product descriptions, I get to see and manhandle a lot of sex toys. Looking back over my previous ASTOTW posts, it’s clear I have a special fondness for quirky design.

    Doc Johnson may be a little late to get Vac-U-Lock aboard the novelty train, but this week’s Awesome Sex Toy makes a great case for fun also being practical. I introduce to you the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Duster Plug (£8.00). RAWK!

    If you’re a fan of the Vac-U-Lock range then you’ll be down with their special plug system. Each harness, handle and machine features one of their standard plugs, allowing you to use their wide range of Vac-U-Lock dildos, vibrators and anal tools with any of their suckers, harnesses and other plug-based paraphernalia.

    Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Knuckle Up Duster PlugThe original Vac-U-Lock handle offers a better way to enjoy insertables by providing more control over the length, but for some people it can be a bit tricky. Firstly, all of that lube makes holding the handle just as slippery as holding the dildo. Secondly, if you have arthritis, carpal tunnel or any number of other annoying conditions affecting the grip in your hands, this smooth and slender handle isn’t ideal.

    Although the Knuckle Plug has an aesthetic that makes Good Charlotte want to hang one from their necks and their chains, these ABS knuckles are also immensely practical. The size makes it ideal for both male and female hands and those four finger loops assure that you’ll get the best-possible grip on your sex toy without having to rely on a tight palm and fingers to do the job. Simply hooking your fingers through the rings and sliding it onto your knuckles will give you decent control with a less-stressful-on-the-wrists fisting motion, taking some of the pressure off of your joints when playing with a partner.

    Novelty Knuckles with surprisingly practical skills? Awesome!

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