1. Rabbit Vibrators? I'd Rather Be Happy Than Rampant

    Happy Rabbit - Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekAn ever-changing figurehead for sex toys, rabbit vibrators are constantly receiving tweaks and changes in order to produce the ultimate inside-and-out vibe.

    Twisting, twirling, thrusting and spinning rabbit vibrators have all been created, but this week’s Awesome Sex Toy takes things back to basics. The Happy Rabbit is home to three vibrating motors which operate in sync with one another to create powerful vibrations which are consistent throughout the full length of the toy.

    Motors are housed in the base and tip of the shaft, providing the bulk of the rabbit’s power, while a third motor offers animation to the rabbit stimulator. The most impressive part of this set-up comes from the patterns. Many vibrating sex toys have motors that follow the same patterns at the same time, but Happy Rabbit chooses to operate different motors at different times, offering a sensation that feels more like throbbing than buzzing.

    Lovehoney Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorThe three motors make for incredibly powerful stimulation, which is surprising as the sound output is minimal. This is definitely the quietest rabbit vibrator I’ve had the pleasure of testing. The rechargeable nature of this sex toy makes it especially appealing as our top-selling rabbits have always been battery powered and my days of dealing with AAs are well and truly done. If it doesn’t recharge, I don’t want it. My last rabbit cost me three times its price in batteries during its lifetime.

    Finally, it gets a big on-trend tick for being made of hardy silicone. This stuff isn’t about to melt or turn a strange colour overnight.

    Happy Rabbit comes in three different models - Realistic, G-Spot and Natural. Awesome!