1. Ball Sack Vibrator

    Ball Sack Vibrator - Awesome Sex Toy of the Week

    Male sex toys tend to fall into three categories: there are ones you put your penis in, ones you put on your penis and ones you put in your ass. Seems fairly logical, doesn’t it? But this week's Awesome Sex Toy defies convention by having nothing to do with your penis or your derriere, no Siree. The Adam and Eve Cyberskin Ball Sack Vibrator (£24.99) is all about your balls, baby.

    This inventive vibrator has been designed to slip over your scrotum to give you a delirious cupped sensation to accompany masturbation, foreplay and other sexual pursuits. It’s made from Cyberskin for a skin-like feel that provides a comfortable cradle for your testes without being overly restrictive or inhibiting.

    The genius comes courtesy of a bullet vibrator which slots into the base of this sack snuggler, transforming it into a whirring, shaking massager for your babymakers. Unlike a cock ring it doesn’t restrict blood flow to the penis, so you won’t experience numbed sensations or prolonged plateau, allowing you to enjoy enhanced pleasure without putting off your climax. Just pop it on as a side dish to your usual pleasure and enjoy the intensified sensations it brings.

    Adam and Eve Cyberskin Ball Sack VibratorThis little ball bag of fun has its benefits for us ladies too. Pop one of these on your fella before doggie-style sex and every cheeky slap you receive from behind is accentuated by the bullet vibe. This additional pleasure for you paired with his intensified enjoyment is sure to make sex with the Ball Sack Vibrator memorable for all of the right reasons.

    A buzzing ball bag bonanza? Awesome!

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    • Stuburns: June 20, 2012 14:36
      Trying my best not to be negative about this product but the balls/scrotum are a tricky little number. Will be intrigued to see the male reviews on this product.
    • DareDevil: June 21, 2012 22:05
      Looks good to me. I find bullet vibes really give an extra ommph to a masturbation session, especially in the ball sack area. Great that there is toy to directly cater for this. The only current review is a little short on detail.
    • pete: December 29, 2013 05:38
      this is a waste of time and money. was it designed by a woman for a man, it has to be it does nothing. it just acts like a ring around the balls, vibrates don't think so,.vibrating cock rings around the scrotum does it better. or a condom cut and bullet vibrators inserted work even better, and very very little cost.
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