1. Belladonna's Fist

    Belladonn'a Bitch Fist

    Sex toys are amazing because there are some kinks you just can’t fulfill without them if you’re single.

    Spanking yourself with your hand is never as good as with a paddle, vibrators are often more enjoyable than your own hand and ditto for strokers and male masturbators. And there are definitely some sex acts it’s difficult to perform on your own, like fisting.

    Yeah, I’m sure auto-fisting is doable, but it’s got to be awkward. Try just simulating the motion and it’s ‘Oh, hi, lobster claw arm, you look well sexy’ and ‘Hello, arm cramp’. To enjoy a little solo fisting, or perhaps just a slightly smaller fist than your partner’s, you can’t go wrong with Belladonna’s Bitch Fist (£34.99).

    Doc Johnson Belladonna's Bitch FistIt’s awesome by virtue of its name alone, Bitch Fist. Just rolls off the tongue. But it’s also awesome for being a perfect cast of Belladonna’s own fist and forearm. Measuring up a cool 8 inches insertable with a decent fist circumference of 9.5 inches, it offers realistic proportions which are backed up by the fleshy Sil-a-Gel material it’s made from.

    This fisting sex toy allows you to gain the perfect angles for enjoyment without the arm ache, allowing you to enjoy for solo pleasure or use as a warm up for trying fisting with your partner. It would also make a hilarious NSFW present.

    A slightly comedic sex toy with a great name and great enjoyment potential? Awesome!

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