1. A Boot For Your Booty

    Hella Putting the Boot In

    Bedroom bondage is a great way to add some sauce to your scoop of vanilla, but for some people a light spanking isn’t enough. Traditional spanking paddles offer a wide range of pain thresholds for the methodical spanker, but sometimes the smooth surface doesn’t offer much of a thrill.

    Another aspect of spanking is the visual appeal. The look of a reddened ass, the dappled pattern of a studded paddle all bring a little something extra to the spanking experience for both participants. If you like your spanking heavy handed and love to leave a lasting impression then this week’s awesome sex toy is for you. I give you the Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking Paddle (£22.00).

    This impressive bit of BDSM kit is more than just a pretty face. There’s definitely a novelty appeal to this little gem, and the very look of it is enough to make an unruly sub more inclined to behave themselves, but it’s impressively practical.

    Jack Boot Print Wooden Spanking PaddleThe double-sided design offers smooth, varnished soft wood on one side and the actual sole of a Jack boot on the other, in all of its heavy rubber glory. A well aimed blow makes an impressive impact against the buttocks, leaving behind a perfect red-skin copy of the sole. Now that’s what I call discipline.

    The price tag for such an unusual and visually effective spanker is pretty impressive too. In the hundreds of pounds I’ve spent on whips and paddles over the years, not one has come as close to being as menacing for the anticipating recipient as this little beauty. Of course you can always take it softly, but that’s at your discretion.

    A size 12 boot in your lover’s ass? Awesome!

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