1. 'Her Majazzle' The Diamond Jubilee Vajazzle

    Her Majazzle Diamante Jubilee Crown JewelsAh, commemorative crap. All those chintzy plates, tea towels and special edition drinks bottles that unassuming folk purchase in the hope that it will one day acquire value. I’m telling you now, it won’t.

    In order for something gain value, it needs to be relatively rare. Mass produced mugs aren’t going to do much for your bank balance as a few thousand people have the same idea. What you want is something unlikely to turn up in 50 years time…

    When it comes to royal memorabilia, Lovehoney has 'previous' in the shape of the Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring. But for the Diamond Jubilee, we've really pulled out all the stops. Her Majazzle - a patriotic vajazzle dubbed "the most outrageous souvenir on offer" by The Sunday Times Magazine - truly is the crowning glory in jubilee ephemera.

    Only 500 of the Her Majazzle Diamante Jubilee Crown Jewels Vajazzle have been made in total, beating most other merchandise for rarity, and its single-use nature means that most of these sticky souvenirs won’t make it past the long Diamond Jubilee weekend.

    A tasteless bit of commemorative tat that may well be worth more than your Granny’s cherished Wills and Kate plate in 50 years? Awesome!

    Her Majazzle - as seen in The Sunday Times Magazine (below), The Huffington Post and The Daily Star.

    Her Majazzle