1. The World (?) Famous Adam's Cock

    Adam's Cock as seen on More Sex Please, We're British

    There’s always speculation at Lovehoney HQ as to who was the willing model for some of our more realistic dildos.

    Following the airing of More Sex Please, We’re British, we have attached a face (and body) to one of our best sellers - Adam’s Cock.

    In the documentary Laura from Customer Care (pictured, with Adam) has a giggle about this fleshy phallus, explaining that her boyfriend is also called Adam. He may not have been the original model for the sex toy, but Mr Laura will be forever associated with this veiny willy.

    Adam and Eve’s 8-Inch Pleasureskin Dildo (£34.99) has been a best seller for 2 years at Lovehoney and in that time we’ve sold over 6,000 to happy customers. The average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5, making it one of our most favoured sex toys ever.

    Adam and Eve Adam's Cock 8 Inch PleasureSkin DildoAdam’s Cock measures up at 8 inches long overall and has a beautifully-crafted pair of bollocks to add to the realism.

    His slightly-larger-than-average proportions make him a favourite with both sex toy beginners and long-time fans and his ultra-realistic shape and feel ensures Adam a place on Lovehoney’s shelves for some time to come.

    A realistic penis made famous by the telly box? Awesome!

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    • Nymeria: May 25, 2012 20:48
      Before I clicked on the "Read more" section I was about to comment on how the dildo was Laura's "Adam" lol. ;P

      Love the pic!