1. Side Effects of Viagra and Erection Enhancers

    Side Effects of Viagra and Erection Enhancers

    Recently I looked at some of the pros and cons of Viagra. This has now given rise, so to speak, to more questions - one of which concerns possible side effects…

    The most common are headaches, stomach upsets, dizziness, facial flushing, nasal congestion and blurred vision. Some users report seeing a ‘bluish tinge’ for several hours, and interestingly, it’s because Viagra can cause colour vision problems that pilots can’t take it less than 12 hours before flying. Only Viagra affects colour vision - Cialis and Levitra work similarly but without this particular side effect. Cialis can occasionally cause muscle aches, however.

    Cialis works faster than Viagra or Levitra, which are both taken about an hour before intercourse, with their effect lasting 4-5 hours. Cialis produces results after only 20 minutes, and it lasts for 36 hours - hence its nickname ‘The Weekend’. You can take it on Friday night and still be up for action - literally - on Sunday morning. (Though I should clear up any misconception that the man taking them will be walking around with a permanent stiffy until the effect wears off. These drugs enable an erection to be produced, rather than producing one that won’t go down.)

    Although hailed as ‘wonder drugs,’ there are alternatives if oral impotence pills aren’t suitable for your man. Alprostadil is a prescription medication introduced into the penis either as an injection (ouch) or as a pessary inserted into the urethra with a special applicator - a system called MUSE. It relaxes the muscles in the erectile tissue, enabling blood to flow more easily and an erection to be produced.

    There are also penis pumps: a cylinder is fitted over the penis and within minutes a manual or motorised pump creates an erection-inducing vacuum, whilst a ring around the base of the penis keeps things firm for about 30 minutes. Pumps might lack spontaneity but they’re inexpensive, available without visiting your GP, and if used carefully, have no side effects.