1. The History of the Official Lovehoney Depth Probe

    Hella Rouge Shows Off Her Depth ProbeIn the days of yore, when I first joined Lovehoney, there were a few creases to iron out in the content department. For a start, I was the entire content department. As the only writer I had to churn out as many words as possible, most of which revolved around new product descriptions.

    Once Alice, Lucy and Gemma joined the ranks, time was freed up and we were all able to turn our attentions to new exploits. My pet project became sex dolls. I desperately wanted to revamp our dolls and I set to work getting every single one out of the warehouse to size up and re-explain.

    During my rewrites I found plenty of problems, but none were as persistently infuriating as trying to take the internal dimensions with a floppy tape measure. After what must have been several irritating complaints, I came in one morning to find a special present on my desk. That present was The Official Lovehoney Depth Probe, a new take on the Singapore Stinger (£14.99) crafted by Alice’s very own Kirstie-Allsop-esque hands.

    Fetish Fantasy Singapore Stinger StickThe Official Lovehoney Depth Probe completely transformed my sex doll probing experience. I once had to poke, shimmy and wiggle a flaccid tape, in all of its belligerence, until it reluctantly gave me the information I needed. The modified spanking cane slipped inside easily and was lovingly inch marked by Alice, ensuring that now no matter how tight the gap, I got the right stats.

    It did befall a little accident when it was stuck in a drawer during a tidy up and now has a bit of tape keeping it in one piece, but it’s no less effective for it. In all of my time at Lovehoney the Depth Probe has proven itself to be one of the most awesome sex toys of all as without it, I’d have no idea how deep the Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy is or how far inside Brandy Big Boobs you can thrust. Sometimes it’s just a simple adaptation that makes a sex toy like the Singapore Stinger truly awesome.

    [Note from Hella - Please don’t create your own LHDP for use on your lover, but feel free to go to town with one on your Fleshlight.]

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    • Mat Hunt: May 09, 2012 15:27
      Is it in metric or inches? How was it calibrated?
    • Lovehoney Hella: May 09, 2012 17:46
      Hehehe. I believe that the inch marks were calibrated using a trusty tape measure. Alice is one of those people who couldn't help but do it perfectly, trust me on that. :)
    • Nymeria: May 10, 2012 15:45

      I loved this! One of favourite blog posts to date. I keep reading it as the DEATH probe though. >.< Alice is very talented!

      Btw Hella, you look every bit of a dominatrix with it! x

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