1. Is This A Strap On I See Before Me?

    Sometimes all a sex toy has to do is defy convention to be truly awesome and that’s why this week's Awesome Sex Toy is the RodeoH Strap-on Harness Underwear.

    I don’t know who first thought “I know, I’ll create a strap-on that looks like something straight out of a pony play scene”, but I would be willing to bet that they had at least one or two horse-hair-embellished butt plugs knocking about in their bedside drawer.

    The RodeoH strap on is different. Part underpants, part strap-on, this alternative harness redefines what it means to partake in strap-on sex.

    Made from comfortable stretchy cotton, this harness fits exactly like a regular pair of pants but has the functionality of a traditional leather and metal strap-on harness… just without the bulky chastity belt aesthetic.

    RodeoH Generation Strap On Harness UnderpantsThe elasticated waist and soft cotton form offers a skintight fit which complements your body, allowing you to bend into all kinds of shapes without causing inhibition. This makes it easier to forget you’re wearing a harness, allowing you to concentrate on pleasure instead. You’re also free to collapse into post-coital bliss without the traditional red chaffing marks on your hip bones and thighs. A definite bonus.

    If you prefer not to look like a fetish club attendee during strap-on sex you’ll appreciate the understated look of this harness. When teamed with a realistic dildo they have a deliciously masculine feel but wearing them with a non-anatomical dong looks comfortable and neutral.

    If you’re worried about the gusset ruining your fun, you needn’t fear. These panties are just begging to be pulled to one side and doing so won’t affect the practicality of the harness. You can also team them with a bullet vibrator, just nestle it in the crotch.

    A revolutionary strap-on harness that breaks down boundaries and redefines the look and feel of strap-on sex? Awesome!

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    • BashfulBabe: May 02, 2012 14:58
      I love my pair, and am devastated that I haven't had the chance to get more use out of them yet (shall have to harass the boy a little!). They really are stupidly comfortable, and I'm all for the versatility of being able to use different sized attachments with them, as well as the option of a double-ender, since the panel behind the o-ring can be tugged to the side to allow a toy straight through and the position adjusted to get it in line wherever you prefer because nothing except the o-ring is solid enough to dig in even if they're worn out of position.
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