1. My Top 10 Favourite Sex Toys At Lovehoney

    Win A Prize Bundle In Celebration of Lovehoney's 10th Birthday!Everyone at Lovehoney has their favourite sex toy. Some, like the Customer Care team, need to know exactly how each toy feels in order to better help customers. For the rest of us, we all have something that we’ve seen and liked, or maybe was the first toy we bought when we started working here.

    As the Head of Ecommerce at Lovehoney, my favourite toys are not just the ones I like, but the ones I know customers will like, and just as importantly, buy! So, in honour of our 10th Birthday, I thought I would run down the top 10 toys I love at Lovehoney.

    1. Fun Factory Cobra Libre

    This is my favourite sex toy we stock, I just wish Lovehoney came up with it! Firstly, it’s marketed as a male vibrator, which makes it a lot more appealing for guys looking to buy their first toy. Secondly, the styling make it look like something out of Tron!

    It’s great that Fun Factory took a risk in making a luxury sex toy for men, and that it paid off really well, they’re difficult to keep in stock!

    2. BASIC Sex Toys Slimline Butt Buddy

    Did you know, the Slimline Butt Buddy is the 3rd most popular sex toy on Lovehoney? I try to convince people that the british public are much more into sticking things up their bottoms than they let on - and this is brilliant proof of that.

    Also, as part of our BASIC Sex Toy range for beginners, it’s quite a bargain!

    3. Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack

    Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack

    This is a cheat, I know it’s a cheat, but I had to get the Sexier Life Starter Pack into this list. We first put the pack together back in October 2011 as part of our Sexier Life campaign, which included magazine adverts, tube posters, and indeed, “The Kiss” the TV advert, which was the first advert for a sex toy company to be shown before the 9pm watershed.

    The Sexier Life Starter Pack is the single best way to get into sex toys, as it contains all you need for a fun night in!

    4. Pearl Shine 8 Inch Waterproof Vibrator

    Pearl Shine 8 Inch Waterproof Vibrator

    This, you are probably thinking, is an odd choice. It’s not from a big brand, or is the latest and greatest innovation, it’s a humble rubber vibrator, it’s not even that unusual. But, stick this product in front of people new to buying sex toys on the internet, and the majority of them will buy it. It’s a really great quality vibe, mid-sized and well built, at price low enough so that that it’s an easy starter toy.

    Even if you’re an experienced sex toy buyer, it’s a good addition to any collection.

    5. Lelo Billy Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Lelo Billy Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Ahhh, the Billy, the present of choice to my male friends (yes, I’m the sort of person who buys their friends sex toys for Christmas and birthdays). Lelo Billy is a luxe rechargeable prostate vibe, which certain for straight men, might be a bit intimidating, except for two things:

    • it’s quite masculine and techno looking
    • it’s actually really dinky!

    The angle it’s photographed makes it look like a behemoth but it’s really small.

    6. Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Heart Riding Crop

    Lovehoney Tease Me Satin Heart Riding Crop Whip

    A bit of (light) bondage for a change. I’m a big fan of this riding crop for one reason and one reason only: it’s amazing for using as a pointer in presentations.

    The satin heart at the end makes good, solid and reassuring slapping noise against walls and desks, whilst the cane itself is bendy and can be rested across the shoulders for the perfect El Comandante pose.

    7. TENGA Egg Wavy

    I love the guys at TENGA. The @Tenga_Global twitter account is a constant source of amusement, with its unique Japanese view of the sex toy industry, so I had to choose a TENGA product to go into this list.

    The TENGA Eggs are a great little toy, looking perfectly innocuous until you unwrap the shell (and even then, you’d have to know what to do with it!).

    8. Tracey Cox Supersex Super Bullet Vibrator

    Tracey Cox Supersex Super Size Bullet Vibrator

    Less of a bullet, more like artillery - imagine a bullet vibrator, but in Land of the Giants. The Tracey Cox Super Bullet looks like it could do some serious damage!

    What I like the most about this (apart from the sheer size) are the three different sleeves you can get for it - so you have the choice of transforming your bullet into a silicone vibe with the smooth sleeve, g-spot with the g-spot sleeve or a rabbit ears wonder with the rabbit sleeve. Nifty!

    9. Doc Johnson Fist of Adonis

    It’s a giant rubber arm! There was a video demo unit of the Fist of Adonis going in the Lovehoney Staff Box (where us lovely Lovehoney workers fight over the toys used in our video demonstrations and photoshoots), and so I had to have it to add to the collection of body parts around my desk.

    I’ve turned it into a handy business card holder!

    10. Je Joue Mimi

    For my female friends, I’ve been buying them the Lelo Insignia Alia (the pink one, to be precise) as presents. It’s rechargeable, waterproof and very nice looking. However, this was before the other Matt (Customer Care manager) told me about the Je Joue Mimi - otherwise known as 'Customer Care’s Favourite Vibrator'. So, this year, I’ve switched, and let’s say, I’m very popular!

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    • Nymeria: April 27, 2012 19:05
      Be my friend, Matt! ;P

      I found it amusing that you are able to gift sex toys to your friends; especially the male ones. I would have thought there'd be a bit of an awkwardness but it all sounds good!

      The Cobra Libre was always one that I've wanted to get for my partner but the size puts me off. It does seem stylish and cool though.

      lol@ the first of Adonis. Thanks for the insight into your choice of toys. It's a nice collection. =]

    • Lovehoney Rachel: April 28, 2012 12:23
      In case anyone is wondering, yes he really does use it as a business card holder.
    • Lovehoney Hella: April 28, 2012 21:15
      Urm... you should definitely make better use of that crop, Matt.
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