1. A Sex Doll To Snuggle With

    When we think of sex dolls we tend to imagine the basic blow-up doll, but as you can see in the How to Choose a Sex Doll guide there are lots of different types. This week's Awesome Sex Toy is one of our different dolls. The Teddy Babe and Teddy Babe Deluxe are a very special kind of sex doll that was created with more than just sexual pleasure in mind.

    Teddy Babes differ from any other luxury sex doll on the market by virtue of its unique build. Love dolls commonly have vinyl skin or are made from a silicone composition to mimic the feel of flesh and skin but a Teddy Babe has a soft, fluffy touch similar to a soft toy.

    Unlike other sex dolls, Teddy Babes are made for cuddling. They’re filled with stuffing and have a posable wire skeleton, allowing them to be moved and posed in a variety of ways. Every part of their soft and squeezable form is made for loving, something other sex dolls can rarely offer.

    This offers a unique masturbatory experience for the lucky Teddy Babe owner, as the sexual enjoyment experienced feels more comforting and akin to a loving relationship. Incredibly clever! The soft body of the doll is warm to the touch and is just as inviting to squeeze as cherished soft toys, but of course they offer a little something extra.

    Teddy Babes come with a Pussy Velour insert, offering a unique physical pleasure, but they’re also compatible with many pocket vaginas to offer varied experiences. Their near-woman-sized proportions also allow you to dress Teddy Babes in all kinds of outfits.

    A squeezable, warm sex doll that you can cuddle up with? Awesome!