1. Win A Prize Bundle In Celebration of Lovehoney's 10th Birthday!

    Win A Prize Bundle In Celebration of Lovehoney's 10th Birthday!We're kicking off Lovehoney's 10th birthday celebrations by giving you the chance to win a bundle prize pack. Each bundle is packed full of 10 Lovehoney goodies including some of our best-selling sex toys.

    So that's 10 products, in 10 different gift boxes, for 10 community members - and all for our 10th birthday (phew!).

    To enter, all you need to do is either comment on this post, or pop over to this thread in the Lovehoney Forum and write about your first experience with Lovehoney. It can be about what you bought, joining the forums, customer service. Anything you like! The only rule is that it has to be under 150 words. Be as creative (or as uncreative!) as you like. All 10 winners will be announced on Friday 27th April and will be chosen at random.

    Comments (59)

    • Alan Lawton: April 20, 2012 12:14
      My first experience with lovehoney was a sneaky treat for my fiancée, we love using toys and fancied something new so I opted for the Ice Scream vibrator. WOW, what a difference that made to our sex life, the power and feel was just perfect for her and is good when she uses it on me. Since then we have bought a few things that just keep improving sex for us. It's not just the toys though, LoveHoneys service is second to none, most parcels come within a day or so and returns are simply sorted. Life long customers here and keep the great toys and service coming
    • Kim A: April 20, 2012 13:40
      The first thing I bought from Lovehoney was a set of silicone anal beads by Tracey Cox. I was so happy with them - they were attractive, soft, durable, and felt good. Plus Lovehoney has excellent customer service and loyalty policies! Lovehoney is my go-to sex toy source.
    • Jonathan Day: April 20, 2012 13:45
      Would love to win this to spice up my sex life!!
    • Lucy A: April 20, 2012 13:49
      I bought my first toy - the original Lady Lustfinger - at the tender age of 17. Lovehoney was recommended by a friend... and since then, I've never bought a toy anywhere else! They have the best customer service of any company I've ever used!
    • Donna Sadler: April 20, 2012 13:49
      My first experience of Love Honey was coming across them on twitter (scuse the pun). I love the website and enjoy looking at all the products they have to offer! They interact fantastically with their social networking fans and it would be a pleasure to try some of those products they are offering in the competition and help them celebrate their 10th birthday!! Im buzzing at the thought of it lol xx
    • Ian: April 20, 2012 13:52
      I am from ireland and I ordered a big order for the Mrs for christmas it never arrived and seemed to get lost but lh send out a next day parcel with fed ex in order for me to get it for christmas.
      The Mrs was delighted.

      Thanks LH

    • kayleigh: April 20, 2012 13:52
      the first thing i bought from loovehoney was a corset and sctockings and now am engaged to the person as of that night but top top it off am pretty much addicted to the site now and spend most of my free time looking for new goodies
    • Raymond Darling: April 20, 2012 13:53
      The first thing i bought from love honey was condoms simply because i was very self aware when going into a shop to buy them.

      I have since bought a few different fun toys however i bought a grab bag of womens toys for my other half and although i dont know the name of it she loves one of the vibrators. Its esentially a pink fat vibrator with rabbits ears and a "wow what was that"

    • Melissa: April 20, 2012 13:53
      The first thing I bought from lovehoney was the Basix Realistic Slim 7 Inch Dildo. It was my first ever dildo and I LOVE IT!! My boyfriend, I think though feels a bit useless now. I love prices on lovehoney and the fast delivery!
    • j. ross: April 20, 2012 13:54
      lovehoney was recommended to me and is a great site the only place i but naughty fun gifts frm to send and toys and fun things for me and gf to use. customer service awsome
    • ash walbridge: April 20, 2012 13:57
      Im still to have my first proper experience with lovehoney. I found the website by mistake and have been hooked ever since but with times being tight i havnt been able to buy anything yet. Ive dropped a few hints to my other half but well hes only male. I think im going to have to buy myself something, wrap it up, write it to me from him and hand it to him..... Do you think thats blatent enough for him?? im not so sure!!
    • Francesca: April 20, 2012 13:59
      I first came to LoveHoney as a single woman I bought a jessica rabbit g-spot vibrator and oh the orgasms were mind blowing! Now two and a half years into a relationship LoveHoney is our go-to for spicing up things in the bedroom! Though my partner is an amazing lover! It's always fun to try new things, and I think it's about time for some new editions!
    • Janine: April 20, 2012 13:59
      I can't actually remember my first purchase from Love Honey, I've been buying from there for years and have recommended it to all my friends too. I actually had to buy a bunch of stuff from the site for work too a couple of years ago. I work for a party company and we had a "discreet" enquiry from a customer who was suprising her husband for their anniversary with a weekend in London and wanted their hotel room decorated. She asked us to get a range of "toys" to add to the decorations and... well the end result was much appreciated.
    • Carly: April 20, 2012 14:03
      My first experience with lovehoney was the Corset i purchased absolutely fantastic but unfortunately it didn't fit properly and the customer service department was sooo helpful and efficient and issues me a refund instantly! I have recommended lovehoney to every one of my friends ( most of which were loyal to Ann summers ) and I can proudly say that every single one of them have ordered from you, most of them multiple times!! Keep up the good work Lovehoney and I'll continue to spread the word xx
    • Joanne Bolton: April 20, 2012 14:05
      I am just going to say how much I loved my latest order from love honey, as a very heavily pregnant lady, the massage candles have been amazing and the free ice scream vibe that I received I has been amazing for spicing up sex that was getting difficult as I get bigger, thanks Love Honey
    • Elizabeth: April 20, 2012 14:08
      My first experience of lovehoney was when I joined twitter, I visited the site & loved everything I saw! I immediately bought a toy, it turned up the very next day & I've bought more ever since. Love your,site :-)
    • leigh: April 20, 2012 14:08
      I adore LH, fab service, great range to choose and drool over, and discreet packaging. i recommend to everyone who needs a little spicing up lol :)
    • Amanda Tennyson: April 20, 2012 14:16
      The first thing I bought from lovehoney was some rope restraints to use with the other half. We wanted to take some bondage photos and even though lovehoney wasn't the cheapest site the customer service and returns policy won me over. Ever since then I haven't shopped anywhere else for my sexual needs!
    • Gemma: April 20, 2012 14:30
      First thing I bought from LH was my pink Jessica Rabbit, bloody brilliant thing. Been a regular ever since. Could really do with the prize bundle as im 23 weeks pregnant and would like to experiment more and cheered up despite my raging hormones lol. My other half would be pleased :)
    • Carol: April 20, 2012 14:41
      I'm always in the market for nice saucy lingerie to surprise my lover when he walks in through the door after work! Have bought several sets and toys from lovehoney to enhance our playtimes :D
    • Nitin: April 20, 2012 14:51
      Love your site a very big Happy 10th Birthday!
      A lot of us don't start the day without lovehoney products....
    • Anneka: April 20, 2012 15:00
      First time i used lovehoney was really good, they have amazing customer service and the shipping is awesome allways next day delivery and whats more its FREE!! Plus you get ohPoints which is another bonus as you collect points and get new toys!! Deal or the day is allways worth checking out as i do, you can find real bargins in there.
    • Philip: April 20, 2012 15:04
      My first order was just when I was only 16! Got the 3 for £10 offer, got a bullet, a Lady Lustfiner and some Cherry lube, and loved them! Still have everything but the lube (replaced the lube though) and have never been elsewhere and absolutely love LoveHoney! My favorite shop! ?
    • AnneMarie: April 20, 2012 15:15
      You are taking all my money !! I'm not complaining, neither is my fella ;) I am actually hooked on buying toys and sexy underwear, ever since I was 16 ! Keep all the toys coming my way, I can't get enough ! I even buy toys cos they look pretty, a dozen in 'my secret box' have barley been touched :P I have a favourite, his name is BOB. Battery operated boyfriend. My boyfriend doesn't feel replaced, as he gets such a thrill from using it on me too ! Love LoveHoney ! <3
    • Laura Scott: April 20, 2012 15:18
      I can't remember my first Lovehoney experience as there have been so many since but I'll bet my toy box that it would have been a good one!
    • Rik: April 20, 2012 15:29
      The new lady in my life could do with something to cheer her up, ...Lovehoney, you could make it happen x
    • alan.m: April 20, 2012 15:38
      the first experience was the Tracey Cox Supersex 7 Function Wonder Wand Power Vibrator that rocked both mine and mt partnes world and now we wont shop anywhere else
    • jo: April 20, 2012 15:50
      i was first shown lh by a bf of mine.... he has brought me some great stuff of there, :)
      and its always delivered super fast. ive now joined the forum, i love, love honey xx
    • Emily: April 20, 2012 16:29
      My first experience with lovehoney was when I was 15/16 when a friend of mine told me about the site. I didn't have a lot of money so I bought a £2 blue plastic vibe and a 99p small vibe (that lasted me a good while!). She bought them for me and brought them round for me. I have never looked back! Since then I was hooked on lovehoney, and I still am now 6 years later! From then Lovehoney has helped me feel more confident in trying out new things, and outfits! It also helps that it is great value for money!
    • sarah lamb: April 20, 2012 16:35
      my friend recommended the site to me and they have been amazing .... i had a problem with a 'free' gift i was sent with my first purchase and they sent me a replacement no questions asked ...... amazeballs xxx
    • Tim: April 20, 2012 17:16
      I was first referred to Lovehoney by a friend, who had plenty of ordering experience. The (then) girlfriend and I were just starting to experiment with light beam and my mate was doing a valentines day order, so I added a little something to it myself. We had fun, nothing much more to say about that. Except my mate left the packaging for his stuff on the kitchen table by mistake, and it was found by his deeply religious housemates. Anyway now the girlfriend and I are engaged, and with less than 100 days to the weddng (I'm not countings, but it's hard to ignore with the Olympics being on at the same time , Lovehoney is playing a very big role in keeping the stress at bay...
    • Tim: April 20, 2012 17:24
      I was first referred to Lovehoney by a friend, who had plenty of ordering experience. The (then) girlfriend and I were just starting to experiment with light beam and my mate was doing a valentines day order, so I added a little something to it myself. We had fun, nothing much more to say about that. Except my mate left the packaging for his stuff on the kitchen table by mistake, and it was found by his deeply religious housemates. Anyway now the girlfriend and I are engaged, and with less than 100 days to the weddng (I'm not countings, but it's hard to ignore with the Olympics being on at the same time , Lovehoney is playing a very big role in keeping the stress at bay...
    • Kith: April 20, 2012 17:30
      I found Lovehoney whilst hunting for a good mail order place online. Was impressed with the prices first and then later with the speed of delivery and the customer services.
      Usually with companies the bigger they get the worse the customer services gets. Glad to say this hasn't happened.
      HB! XX
    • Sheena: April 20, 2012 17:38
      I don't remember my first purchase, it was too long ago! I remember being fantastically surprised when it arrived the next day though :) Have only shopped with them ever since.
    • simon collins: April 20, 2012 18:15
      "Many Happy Return's" on reaching your tenth birthday,I have been in the love honey army for years .At the time I thought it was a great idea getting customer's to try and test report back and still do. one gift I received a silicone penis sleeve that cupped the testicles as well,lol it frightened the life out of me as the silicone was that thick .I thought if I do get this on its going to be like a band they put on a lambs tail .we all know what happen's next oooooooooh.still got it and makes me smile every time I see it.keep up the great work cant fault your products or service.love honey TV is essential viewing enjoy your b/d celebrations and hope there many more to celebrate
    • Marnie: April 20, 2012 18:38
      Whilst travelling around Italy, my boyfriend at the time came to visit me for a weekend in Venice. He brought along some goodies for me that he had brought from you guys. It was a pretty enjoyable weekend! :D
    • rag doll: April 20, 2012 21:27
      the first thing i ever brought on Lovehoney was a 10 function remote control love egg. it arrived quickly, in discrete packaging and was just perfect. i couldn't wait to try it out. what's more my boyfriend loved it just as much. I'm so glad i found lovehoney; in fact, i only found it by accident whilst looking for reviews for lubes. and Oh how helpful all those reviews have come to be to me, not only lubes (including silicone lubes for anal) but glass dildos, whips and floggers, kegal balls, magic wands, pussy pumps and corsets and all just as discretely packaged and quick to arrive as that first ever order.
      What's more, the OH! points system kept me coming back for more and i'v even had the chance to test some toys and lingerie.
      despite occasionally using other sites iv always looked on lovehoney first and never been impressed more by any other site. im now addicted and check the deal or the day every day and love looking at new products and imagining the fun i could have with some of the great toys and beautiful lingerie i see on here.

    • Michelle: April 21, 2012 01:33
      My first purchase opened a Pandora's box full of pleasure, beautiful lingerie and amazing toys. I did not expect the amazing value, service, price and speed of delivery, not to mention the OH points and ultra discreet packaging. My first purchase introduced me to my favourite online retailer. Happy Birthday favourite retailer, Lovehoney!
    • Hooch: April 21, 2012 12:29
      Bought on a whim, been buying ever since!
    • Emma: April 21, 2012 13:00
      My first experience with Lovehoney was when I was 16 and couldn’t be bothered to wait for a boyfriend to find out what all the fun was about. I remember spending ages secretly searching the internet before going a little crazy with my debit card. A couple of days later I close the doors and curtains of my bedroom to unwrap and experiment with the Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator, the Waterproof Ladyfinger Mini Vibrator, the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator, the Basic Sex Toys Love Egg, a Buttplug and some lube. It was completely over the top but I never looked back.
    • nick: April 21, 2012 13:58
      both me and my partner are very open minded and enjoy a enjoy adding lovehoney quality products to give our sex life even more kinkyness and excitment. big thanks to all at LH
    • Blondii: April 21, 2012 14:10
      My first buy was more than just receiving my first rabbit Mr Big many years ago (which has led to a huge rabbit habit....) and my first anal toy; it was an introduction to a company with outstanding service and value. An easy to follow female friendly website, an enormous welcoming community where I've met some great people and made some wonderful friends.
      This in turn after seeing the many talented reviewers; led me to running a successful photo review site using my experience as a photographer and writer which enabled me to focus on something else after living with huge health problems.
      As well as most importantly improving sexlife for the both of us, leading to an even happier 30 year relationship which I didn't think was possible!
      Lovehoney you've seriously changed our life for the better. in so many ways!
      Thank you and Happy Birthday!X

    • Emma Louise Garratt: April 21, 2012 14:21
      LoveHoney isn't just an online sex store, it's a community. A place where you can go for help and advice on love, sex and toys. Somewhere for a gossip and a giggle with the Orgasm Army members. To share stories and problems. And of course there is the bonus of collecting Oh Points when you do shop and the wonderful deals of the day where you can grab a bargain.

      Lovehoney has become a part of my life and I love how it has helped to keep my love life fun and happy with the wonderful collection I have purchased over the years and store proudly under my kingsize bed.

      Here's to another 10 years plus


    • Emma Louise Garratt: April 21, 2012 14:24

      My first purchase was back in 2009 if i recall correctly and was a load of toys and goodies.... mostly in shades of pink!

    • Stevensk: April 21, 2012 16:39
      My wife and I are newbies to sex toys I purchased for lovehoney, it was so easy and quick one toy was faulty NO PROBLEM! my email was answered within hrs and a replacement sent, look forward to more purchases and recommendations/advice on toys fromt he 'community'
    • Peter: April 21, 2012 17:52
      My first experience was a little over a year ago. My partner was already a five year veteran of the site and when she told me there was grab bags available I bought one for her as a surprise. She got all kinds of good things in it and since then we have bought eachother numerous gifts off the site and discovered just how delicious Jelly Willys are. Happy Birthday Lovehoney.
    • emma penney: April 22, 2012 10:41
      Happy birthday lovehoney. My toy box has grown significantly since finding u :) x
    • Louise R: April 22, 2012 11:38
      I stumbled across Lovehoney at the end of last year as a complete sex toy novice, curious about trying out some new things. My boyfriend now regularly refers to me as 'a sex toy fiend', and we've had some great times thanks to you and your products. Happy birthday. :)
    • Rachael: April 22, 2012 12:12
      I firstly experienced love honey about 3 years ago when i purchased my first rabbit - the famous jessica rabbit 2.0! It didnt disappoint!! Since then ive been aching for more and bought more and more toys which have all been fantastic! I love everything about lovehoney its simply perfect! From delivery to amazing staff members and quality to pricing!

      A very Pleasurable birthday to you lovehoney xxx

    • matt: April 23, 2012 07:34
      I was at the prime of my contest junkie days and LoveHoney was running a death by orgasms bullet vibe giveaway. I run the app and won a Zombie bullet vibe. It was my first. :D

      Happy 10 years LH! Here's to a lot more to come! :D

    • Emma: April 24, 2012 00:33
      I first used Lovehoney, at the end of last year to purchase a Vibrating Remote Egg. All I can say is wow. The customer service as fantastic and with it coming in a plain box I was relieved when my Boyfriends mum didn’t realise what was inside! I also got some Massage oil and a babydoll, the packaging was great and meant that the Oil didn’t ruin the Silk Babydoll. I ‘ve used Lovehoney since, and have never been let down, I keep forgetting to use the same account for my OH! Points, I Can’t wait to receive my new Package, certainly some exciting things in there!
    • Mark Lloyd: April 24, 2012 10:28
      First experience was a good one as i've been back a few times and wouldn't want to use anyone else.. good customer service and some great offers. Still saving up those Oh! points :)
    • Leah Howells: April 27, 2012 09:52
      My first experience with love honey was about 2 years ago when I was at the tender age of 18 and looking for my first sex toy.
      The Jessica rabbit slimline vibe took my fancy and I haven't looked back since .. Excellent customer service and always happy to help! After about 6 months the vibe stopped working (probably due to how much I had used it) but they still sent me a
      New one! :)
      Deffo the 1 stop shop for all those kinky needs!
      Love honey I love you :)
    • Luxie Ryder: April 27, 2012 10:01
      My first Lovehoney purchase was caused by a vibrator emergency! 'Old Faithful' died one night so, after a suitable period of mourning (an hour?), I placed an order online from LV and my new one arrived first thing the next day. Great service. Brilliant products.
    • donna: April 27, 2012 11:12
      I want to win this so bad, my sex life needs boosting, pls help love honey
    • Loula: April 27, 2012 11:21
      My first experience with lovehoney was my jessica rabbit slimline + a corset, since then i've spent far too much money... it's been well worth it though!
    • Tracey: April 28, 2012 17:48
      Lovehoney is amazing! friendly customer service and awesome products
    • alan lawton: April 28, 2012 21:22
      just wondering if the 10 winners have been announced yet?. not seen anything on this blog or on facebook page
    • Lovehoney - Gem: May 01, 2012 10:17
      The winners were announced Friday on the Lovehoney Forums :-)


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