1. Loved Fifty Shades of Grey? Here's 10 Sex Toys To Try...

    The erofic sensation of 2012, Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel that has everyone from placid homemakers to high-powered business types eager for a cheeky BDSM thrill. There’s something incredibly alluring about the sexual tension between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, but a D/s lifestyle, contracts and all, is probably a little heavy for most of us and is an idea reserved for our darkest fantasies.

    Between the timidity of sexual trepidation and the feet-first plunge into absolute sexual servitude is a middle line - bondage. For those of us who are intrigued, titillated and tempted by the relationship Ana and Christian enjoy, bedroom bondage offers an experimental platform to live the life of a master or slave for just a few hours.

    In the story, Christian draws up a contract for Ana to sign, outlining the acts and paraphernalia she consents to. Some of the rules are a little heavy handed for normal play, but the sexy list of acts and accessories can form a delicious basis for role play. I’ve picked 10 of the sexiest mentions in Ana’s contract to offer inspiration for a filthy tryst inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

    1. Vibrators

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    Vibrators are an incredible tool for increasing sexual pleasure, especially during bedroom bondage. Using a vibrator to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, glans, frenulum or perineum causes your erotic nerve endings to stand to attention with a pleasure that will undoubtedly lead you on the road to orgasm city.

    2. Butt Plugs

    Butt plugs are designed to be inserted and then left in situ, allowing you to indulge in further pleasure hands free. For him they provide gentle prostate stimulation and for her they provide an intensified sensation during vaginal penetration. For both sexes, wearing a butt plug feels enjoyable and will improve the intensity of your orgasm. One to try.

    3. Dildos

    Dildos can be used both anally and vaginally and can form a part of training for bigger toys and body parts or be enjoyed in all of their simplicity. For her, try double penetration to really push her buttons. For him, sensual anal stimulation can induce an explosive prostate orgasm he’ll never forget.

    4. Bondage with Rope

    Rope bondage offers a classic visual and a tight hold, so it’s easy to see the appeal. Beginners can find getting the knots done up (and undone) tricky and may have worries about tying the ropes too tight or in the wrong place. For those unsure about rope bondage, try the Japanese Silk Bondage Rope Ankle Cuffs for size. They have an adjustable fit with no knots required. If you want to go whole hog (tie) try some Bondage Boutique Bondage Rope alongside the comprehensive guidance of Jay Wiseman in his Erotic Bondage Handbook.

    5. Bondage with Tape

    If ropes aren’t really your thing or you’re just starting out with bondage, bondage tape is a great alternative to more complicated restraints. Bondage tape is self adhesive, allowing you to bind wrists, ankles and other body parts together effortlessly - just bind and trim the tape. The Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner’s Bondage Tape includes two 60ft rolls and a sexy guide to bondage to give you a few ideas for play.

    6. Hands Bound in Front

    Binding your lover’s wrists together in front of their body allows for better balance than tying them behind the back, allowing your partner to get into better positions and support themselves with ease. The Tease Me Bow Restraint is incredibly easy to tie, soft on the wrists and looks pretty, making it ideal for bedroom bondage beginners. Once you have your partner’s hands tied, you can indulge them with some sexy play or have them perform for you, decisions decisions!

    7. Whipping

    Whips form a part of sensory play and whipping is used to enhance sensation in the fleshier parts of the body. The Tease Me Satin Heart Riding Crop features a heart-shaped tip that can be traced along the body to tease and smacked on the buttocks and thighs to induce a pleasurable and short-lived sting. The generous length of this riding crop makes it ideal for spanking your lover’s behind while they’re in an on-top sex position.

    8. Spanking

    Nothing awakens the senses like a good spanking and a spanking paddle like the Tease Me Spanking Paddle will make the whole affair much easier on your hands. This satin spanker has a generous paddling surface, allowing you to hit large areas of the thigh and buttocks at the same time for maximum impact. Alternate short, sharp spanks with stroking and caressing to give a real pleasure / pain contrast.

    9. Hot Wax

    If the idea of hot wax play makes you wince, why not try a massage candle? The wax melts at a lower temperature so it doesn’t feel hot when it hits the skin. The melted wax also has the texture of an erotic massage oil, allowing your lover’s initial nervousness about wax play to melt away as they enjoy the moisturising and relaxing sensations of oiled hands running all over their body.

    10. Nipple Clamps

    Nipples are incredibly sensitive erogenous zones for both men and women, so nipple clamps can seem quite an intimidating step. Nipple Suckers offer a softer alternative and work by creating a small vacuum around the bulb of the nipple, causing pleasurable pinching that grows in intensity the longer you wear them. When you’re ready you can move onto a pair of nipple clamps like the Spartacus Jumper Cable Endurance Beaded Nipple Clamps, which include dangling beads that can be tickled with a finger or a bullet vibrator for added sensation.