1. A Fleshlight... With Bite

    Succu Dry Vampire Awesome Sex Toy of the WeekI have a soft spot for sex toys that are designed to indulge a specific kink, especially if that kink is a little unusual.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that in this day and age vampire fetishists are all drippy girls with a thing for guys with sparkly skin, but in truth getting jiggy with a bloodsucker is a classic fantasy for guys too.

    If you fancy driving your stake between the eager chops of a ravenous vamp then the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succu Dry (£39.99) is the only way to avoid it being your last great thrill.

    Fleshlight Sex in a Can Vampire Succu DryThere are two solid reasons why this specialist Fleshlight has made it onto the Awesome Sex Toy list. For one, it’s a wicked representation of a vamp’s seductive lips and savage fangs. Secondly, it’s a great way to have the Fleshlight experience at a much lower price. Bonus!

    The Sex in a Can range was designed by Fleshlight as a lower-priced version of their popular housed male masturbators. The dimensions are smaller but you still get that sensational realistic-feel material lavishing its love along its length and at 5.5 inches deep there’s still plenty of scope for pleasure. There’s even an adjustable end cap, allowing you to enjoy the variable suction that is all part and parcel of the Fleshlight experience.

    It’s not just the unusual exterior of this scaled-down Fleshlight that makes it unusual, it also features its own unique texture to tickle your fancy. ‘The Fang’ is a variation on the ‘Speed Bump’ texture with dozens of tiny flesh-like pointed fangs in place of the usual rounded bumps, offering up an intensified stimulation that will leave you feeling sucked dry.

    A voracious vampire vixen who fits in a beer can? Awesome!

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