1. Revealed: The Hottest Sex Scene by Lily Harlem

    Hired by Lily HarlemIn this scene from Hired Logan 'Phoenix' Taylor, the bad boy of the Orlando Vipers ice hockey team, and Brooke, wannabe nurse and believer of all things astrological and karmic, are having some fun with a box of sex toys they discovered at the luxury tropical villa they're staying in.

    I like this scene because it's not just hot, it's also experimental, they are at ease with each other and she is happy to trust him to take her out of her comfort zone. Brooke was a great character to write with her slightly kooky ideas and thoughts, which is ultimately why Logan falls for her, she couldn't be more different from the 'rink bunnies' who normally chase him.

    I also like the fact that here, despite the intensity of the moment, Brook remembers that they've already been snapped by paparazzi in a compromising position and how much worse this one would look splashed across the front of the sports papers!

    Guest post by Lily Harlem

    Trying an Anal Sex Toy from Hired

    Summoning meditation techniques, I visualized letting him into the darkest part of my physical being, welcoming him, inviting him, and releasing some of the tension.

    He took full advantage and pushed two, long, cool fingers in until I could feel the rest of his hand butted against my ass cheeks.

    I let out a long low groan and clawed at the bed sheet. It shouldn’t feel so damn good but it did. It was wrong and beautiful, painful and blissful all at the same time. A confusing soup of sensations.

    “God, the way you feel, the way you’re stretching around my fingers, Brooke.” His voice was full of approval. “But your ass is too tight to take my dick, that will take time to prepare you.” He eased his fingers sideways into a V, widening my tight hole with a scissoring action. “We would have to work at that for a while.”

    I whimpered as fire whipped through delicate tissue. The heat traveled right through my pelvis and flooded my clit. I quivered with need, my pussy was so engorged it was as if all the blood had rushed there, causing it to throb and tremble.

    Logan pulled his fingers out and I missed his touch like I’d miss my own heartbeat. “But for now, sweetie, you’ll have this,” he murmured.

    I was expecting to feel the wide head of his cock at my sopping vagina. Anticipated him thrusting into my pussy, hard and urgent, sinking to the hilt. But instead I felt the lubed, tapered head of the new sex toy push against my tender anus.

    “Oh god,” I said, dropping my head low. “I don’t know if we should do this, Logan…it’s perverted.”

    “We all have our little perversions, Brooke.” He exerted gentle pressure. “Let’s find out what’s going to work for you, so I can give you the most amazing orgasm of your life.”

    He’d already given me my top three sexual experiences—I didn’t know if even he could beat them. But Logan clearly thought he could. His confidence was awe-inspiring, just like his star sign, the ram, he was ambitious and assertive. He was doing strange fluttery things to every part of my soul and turning everything I’d previously thought I knew about sex on its head. “Take it,” he murmured, pressing the thin toy steadily into me.

    “Take it all.” He made no allowances for my tightness and even as the plug increased in diameter he kept on inserting it, higher and higher, until I was stretched so wide the nip of pain became a sharp stimulant spreading to all the organs in my pelvis. I bucked against it and at the same time pulled it in, hardly knowing what to do with myself and my overpowered, overruled body.

    Logan increased his grip on my hip, effortlessly holding me with his big hand. “Easy, baby, you’ve done the hard part, now take it easy.”

    I let out a deep groan and, through my erotic haze, prayed the stars hadn’t dropped a photographer outside the open door. I could live with the other photo, but this, me with my butt in the air and a long toy sticking out of my ass, that would displace my rhythms and karmas for all eternity.

    About Lily Harlem

    Lily Harlem won the 2009 Lovehoney Award for Erotic Fiction with her first attempt at sexy writing and hasn't looked back since. With nearly thirty published stories, including ten full length novels she now writes full time and relishes being able to spend her days dreaming up dirty tales with colourful characters and happy ever afters.

    This smouldering scene comes from Hired, the first in the Hot Ice series published by US e-book giant Ellora's Cave. This series currently consists of three published novels, Hired, Cross-Checked and Slap Shot. The fourth, Teamwork, is awaiting a release date and the fifth novel has just been completed. Each book can be enjoyed as a stand alone read because the main link is they all feature one (or two!) of the players from fictional ice hockey team The Orlando Vipers.

    Visit Lily Harlem's website, or follow Lily Harlem on Twitter.

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