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  1. What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?

    What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?At Lovehoney we use technology called heatmapping to show us the most popular areas of pages. Heatmapping places little coloured areas across a page, corresponding to how frequently they are clicked. Using this information, we can see how the layout of a page or list can be improved.

    So for example, a heatmap of the left-hand navigation on our homepage looks something like the picture on the left.

    However, recently, I was running a heatmap of our Sexy Lingerie page, and noticed something odd. People clicking on the pictures were clicking in, let’s say, rather specific areas of the image. It looked to me that the most popular areas of the image were either the boobs or crotch (see right).

    Now, this could have just been a function of the type of lingerie being modelled - so I decided to test it!

    To test it, I took some of our most popular underwear, and started heatmapping on the product page themselves. So when visitors click the image to see a bigger version, what are they most interested in, eh?

    What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Lingerie? What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys? What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Lingerie?

    Is anyone noticing a theme? That one on the right's rather special.

    What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?Is it the same on other products, I wondered?

    When I first ran the test on the Men’s Underwear, there was, well, a similar pattern (do you think they know something we don’t?).

    So I thought I’d try a heatmap on a sex toy

    What Do People Click On When They're Shopping For Sex Toys?The Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager image has lots of things to click on, and we have a promotion currently going on this product so it’s getting lots of pageviews.

    You’d think it would be all-orifice, all the time. I even had a great “someone found the clitoris!” joke lined up. But you’d be wrong! It turns out; customers looking at Fleshlights are more interested in the canal’s internal texture than the orifice.

    Male Sex Toy designers, take note!

    Comments (6)

    • Lovehoney Hella: March 28, 2012 08:04
      This is awesome, Matt! I'd love to see if clothes stores return similar heat maps. x
    • BashfulBabe: March 30, 2012 18:13
      Wow, sexy tech there!
      I know I have a habit of clicking on pics on the bit I want to see, purely because of so many places (clothes stores mostly) that zoom on the clicked portion, but it's fun to see how so many get clicky.

      Although I do now have an urge to go click in odd places just to confuse you. ^_^

    • yorkieted: October 17, 2012 15:58
      I suspect that this as much to do with the products being centred (as the focus of the pic) as it has to do with the subconscious lustiness of the shopper/viewer. But then again, we might all just be pervs, lol.
    • hillbright: May 06, 2013 07:10
      To choose the best one from a great array of bullet sex toy or from a wide variety of vibrator sex toy, people tend to click on the products. This is the best option to get the best one from the available products online.
    • Wil: July 28, 2013 23:13
      If I see eg a picture of a woman with a fabulous bum I cannot resist admiring it more closely!

      But also, on a practical level, if I'm choosing underwear, it makes sense to zoom in - after all, that's just the reaction I'm hoping to get from my partner!

    • Kinky&Curvy: March 28, 2014 22:58
      Thats really interesting, I didn't even know it's possible to do such a thing haha but the pic on the right is the butterfly crotchless thong.

      I'm willing to bet, because I did myself, is that they zoomed in to see where it was crotchless, because you can't actually tell from the pic plus all the detail is in the front, maybe try some more basic lingerie and then we'd see exactly what people are looking at haha!! X

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