1. Sex Machines Are My Bag, Baby

    Sex Bag in the CityLast week I introduced you to the Angel of Passion Sex Machine, a high-powered humping heart with unbelievable shafting speeds.

    This week I’m going to slow it down a few notches and wow you with yet another fantastic sex machine, the Erotic Dream Bag (£350.00).

    At first glance this covert cock thruster looks like a swanky designer weekend bag but inside the you’ll discover a fully functioning sex machine which requires a little assembly for a lot of gain. If you’re looking for a sex machine that isn’t obvious in operation or appearance then this is the sex toy you’ve been waiting for.

    It might not be the most travel-friendly machine (it’s rather weighty), but pop this next to your bedside table and no one will suspect it’s hiding a sexy secret.

    Erotic Dream Bag Thrusting Sex MachineOpen up the bag and you’ll find the components you need to transform the faux leather holdall into a fully fledged fornicator - a 3-part thrusting rod, a power adaptor, a remote control and a lovely realistic dildo. On the side of the bag is a secret panel which opens up to reveal holes for the thrusting rod and power supply.

    In complete contrast to the Angel of Passion, Erotic Dream Bag is more of a ‘make love’ machine than a sex machine, offering sexy thrusts with 10 slow and sensual speeds which start at a grind-worthy 17 thrusts per minute and increase to a heart-pounding 68 thrusts per minute. The remote control allows you to gently build up speed to match your orgasmic incline with near-silent operation that is virtually undetectable from behind closed doors.

    The most awe-worthy aspect of this sex machine is the adaptor for the thrusting rod. It has been created in the image of the Vac-U-Lock plug, making it compatible with the entire range of Vac-U-Lock sex toys.

    A realistic sex machine which is compatible with dozens of sex toys? Awesome!

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    • Midnight Boudoir (blondii): March 27, 2012 22:26
      Oh wow now your talking, this could be the best ever designer bag in the world!
      What more can a girl want!
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