1. Possibly The World's Cutest Sex Machine

    Angel of Passion Sex MachineKitsch alert! I haven’t been this excited about the way a sex toy looks since I first clapped eyes on Ran Amano. OK, that was only a few weeks ago, but if you spend as much time as I do staring down the eye end of realistic dildos, you’d cherish these moments too. Let me introduce you to the Angel of Passion Sex Machine, this week's (very) Awesome Sex Toy of the Week.

    This heart-shaped humper is packed full of features to satisfy him and her in one neat package. It might look like plastic pop art but the design is ingeniously practical with adjustable height and thrusting trajectory for the best-possible angles.

    The most shocking part of this sex machine is the speed, it goes like the clappers on the lowest setting, and like a dozen clappers on the highest. This is definitely not a sex toy for the power shy. You can take it down a peg or two by using batteries to power it instead of the mains adaptor, but even then you’re going to be getting it hard and fast.

    There are four premium sex toys included with the sex machine, two realistic vibrators, an anal dildo and a male stroker, allowing you to enjoy a range of sensations alone or with your partner. Geared toward couples, this sex machine offers versatility in the bedroom, allowing you to enhance your sex and foreplay together as well as provide a great way to enjoy a little alone time.

    If you’re looking for a threesome to remember without the emotional upheaval, then Angel of Passion is your one-stop sex machine. Its adjustable positioning allows it to be used during oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex with some thoughtful complementing poses from your and your partner.

    A cutesy sex machine for couples that thrusts faster than a drilldo? Awesome!

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    • Rox: March 15, 2012 10:26
      Quite simply wow! Great how you can change the angle and height with this toy. Will there be a video demonstration of this product in the future? Must try a sex machine one day
    • Blondii: March 16, 2012 22:21
      Is its as powerful as the Rockbox?
      I'd love to see a video too of this; what a great looking sex machine, totally unthreatening and would look so cute sitting in the corner of the bedroom; no one would know what it was.
    • Lovehoney Hella: April 16, 2012 16:53
      We have done a video of this now, it's crazy fast. Should be up in a week or so. xx
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